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Thursday, 22nd January – Glow Stick Party

There’s a special kind of clarity which comes from finding yourself balanced over a men’s urinal in the dark at midnight because the queue for the ladies’ would invariably lead to bladder leakage/a UTI. 235 more words



Let the competition begin

By Narelle Wood

Impro Melbourne presents two unique improvisation experiences in their double feature SuperScene and Smells Like a Song. 398 more words

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Winter Tablescapes!

Hey you go-getter gals!

Happy winter to you even though its March fucking 2nd! I have to tell you that winter really gets me down in the dumps – can you believe how long its been, and how much snow we have had and how COLD it is and that WE DO THIS EVERY GODDAMN YEAR AND FALL ON OUR ASSES WALKING OUT TO SCRAPE OFF OUR CAR THAT MIGHT NOT START WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT WHY WE LIVE IN THIS GODFORSAKEN CLIMATE ?!   321 more words


Flash Movie Review: Focus

I became more aware of my wallet’s whereabouts after my aunt yelled an expletive at a man who had his hand in her purse. She had taken the subway to go downtown. 431 more words


The Fruits Of My Labor

It’s Monday of the first week of March. Today is my anniversary. A woman beyond loveliness and wonder–who subsequently is emitting adorable yelps of frustration as she combs through her magnificent, albeit apparently temperamental, mane of hair–is accompanying me on an odyssey to a glorious cornucopia of all-that-thoust-shall-consume meat. 87 more words


Israeli prime minister whines to congress...

that it’s not fair that Iran can have Nuclear Weapons just because we do.