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Terrible Friend - Moi

(An excerpt from my forthcoming collection of essays)

I’m a terrible friend.

Seriously, I know I am.  I can be witty and a good conversationalist when interested in the topic at hand or engaging because I’m feeling chatty, but if you have your heart set on my being present in person at something, don’t be.  1,130 more words

TV Guide listings for my five favorite shows

Sometimes TV Guide listings can be a little too detailed. (Keep in mind that these are shows I actually like.)

House Hunters:

In this stellar, Emmy-worthy ode to the American Dream, a young couple tours three gigantic homes they can’t afford with a list of demands that reads like… 478 more words


Apathy Levels: Critical

Today I saw this:

and was almost completely unaffected. Just in case my childlike drawing isn’t clear, that’s a man pissing into a urinal with his pants around his ankles. 41 more words


A Cautionary Fairy Tale About Beggars, Gravel and Micro-Economics

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, there lived a filthy and somewhat annoying little beggar named Scruff.

Unlike so many others in his time and place, Scruff was a beggar by choice rather than necessity. 844 more words


Everybody's Mom

The Mating Season of 1951 is Thelma Ritter’s film through and through. She’s an unlikely centerpiece. Small, middle-aged, decidedly dowdy, Ritter was never a Star in the conventional box-office-and-glamour sense. 1,379 more words


Political Pidgeon Poop

As I look at yet another aesthetically challenged individual on an election poster I do find myself wondering if these people realise their pictures are going to be splattered like so much political Pidgeon poop right across the entire North Down electoral area. 438 more words