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Another great comedy night!

Here’s a photo from early in the evening. Check out the spruced up reception area! We had another great show thanks to the great team Starving Artist Prevention. 27 more words

So you wanna be a Retro Game Reviewer?

New video! HUZZAH! If you guys’d check it out, maybe like and share it, it’d really be a huge help; and if you haven’t already remember to subscribe!


Hey Parents!!!! (a study in racial insensitivity)

I’m a parent, so I feel qualified to deliver this rant.  Some parents should never have been allowed to breed. I’m going to attempt to offend as many ethnicities as possible.  704 more words

American Culture


Weight watchers did so much talk about oprah winfrey,she broke the internet when she sat on it.



verizon wants to hire mike tyson to bite peoples ears off,then ask.. “can you hear me now?”



These days new houses are being built,they’re called smart houses,well they are being built with a smart garage that has a charging system to meet todays family needs…there are three super power charging plug in, in the todays smart family garage,a charger for dad’s smart car, a charger for the kids smart phone and a charger for mommy’s 99.9000 voltage vibrator.