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On Comedy Clubs and Non Sequitirs

I attended a networking breakfast and heard somebody ask, “Have you ever been to a bad comedy club at 1 in the morning?”

Oh, the things you hear at networking meetings that, taken out of context, make absolutely no sense. 179 more words

What I learned onstage at the comedy club

I’m not a comedian. I don’t write jokes and I’m not especially funny. Yet, on a recent weeknight I was onstage before an audience of 150 people at… 357 more words



Me and trey met at an event at my apartment complex. It was a free drink night. It was the first event I attended at my apartment complex. 794 more words


Comedy Club

We stayed for a couple of days with a medical student in Providence, Rhode Island where the main bit of excitement (even more exciting than hearing me singing the Eagles song The Last Resort loudly and incompletely as I couldn’t remember any more of it than – “She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island, where the something, something, something, something in the air” and something about packing “her hopes and dreams like a refugee something, something father something across the sea”) – yes, even more exciting than me repeating that over and over again was that we went to a Comedy Club. 1,523 more words

Jon Sharples


I usually avoid office romances, but when one of our clients, Hot-Rick, asked me out the other women in the office helped convinced me that it was a grey area.   591 more words