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50/50 MOVIE REVIEW (spoilers a-cleanshavenhead) (6/10)

This movie stars Joseph Cancer Gordon Levitt, also starring cancer and Seth Rogen Cancer.

This movie is about cancer.

Joseph’s character ( I don’t remember any of the names because it was so interesting) has cancer, and Seth Rogen is the funny, obviously more hefty guy, because all funny characters who aren’t black have to be either fat or significantly uglier than the lead. 579 more words


30 day asian drama challenge day 3 : your first korean drama? Lovers in paris

30 day asian drama challenge

day 3 : your first korean drama?

My first korean drama is Lovers in paris.

This one stricks the heart of the viewers. 36 more words


***MONDAY OCTOBER 24th, 2016 *** “THE FRONT” ******* directed by Martin Ritt ***** starring Woody Allen, Zero Mostel and Herschel Bernardi

It sort of started with Dalton Trumbo who wrote last weeks film “Roman Holiday” when he was still blacklisted in Hollywood and could not write screenplays under his own name and he had to use some other writer as  a “front.” This week film ” The front”  is  directed by Martin Ritt with a story written by Walter Bernstein and features  one of those rare appearances by Woody Allen as an actor, interpreting a certain character in a role of a film from another director…hmmm…i’m curious about what he brings to the character and also there is a super interesting supporting cast featuring; Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, Andrea Marcovici and Michael Murphy…


Anime Discovery 2016: Kare KANO (His and Her CIRCUMSTANCES) - #161

Hey, you know what I haven’t done in a long while? Well, besides an anime review (even though I did One Punch Man earlier this month)…… 1,343 more words


First Look: Marvel's Luke Cage

Luke Cage is the new Marvel Netflix Original that unsurprisingly crashed Netflix’s streaming service the weekend of its release.  Fans of these Netflix Originals have been clamoring for Luke Cage since they first saw the titular character’s impressive performance in Marvel’s Jessica Jones (note: Jones is a definite must-see Marvel property).   1,106 more words


The Lobster (2016): An Absurdist Love Story

Disturbingly funny and ridiculously glum, The Lobster is exactly the type of film that would never get made in Hollywood. I’ve always been drawn to obscure films and I’m more than happy to sit through their head-scratching weirdness. 698 more words

Film Review

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories (2012-2013) is a dark comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm, based on autobiographical writings of Mikhail Bulgakov. There have been two seasons of four episodes each.  255 more words