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At First Glance: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

When one story about a young girl with cancer finds success, why not have another? All you have to do is cast the right people, find the right source material and make sure it has a similar, if not more so, charming element. 592 more words


Brett Haley Making I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS Come True

There’s a reason people will go out of their way to help Brett Haley. After only a few minutes, his generous nature is readily apparent, as is his delight in giving credit where he thinks it’s due. 332 more words


Movie review: A Royal Night Out is full of 'saucy innocence'

A Royal Night Out    Julian Jarrold

A pair of incognito princesses roll out the barrel and celebrate VE Day among their unsuspecting subjects in this entertainingly light-hearted fictional romp. 446 more words

Movie Review

My Snobbish Review of 'Margarita With A Straw'

On a sunny afternoon in Manhattan, an unlikely match rejoice a picnic; one,a blind lesbian and another, a disabled lyricist.  The blind girl, Khanum, recounts her coming-out to her orthodox parents… she claims how she wants to be herself, while the disabled girl, Laila, looks in admiration and admits how wonderful that alien feeling of self-acceptance would be. 229 more words


Pilot: “Grace and Frankie”

When you’re associated with a particular network, the stakes and expectations are already pretty high. One wrong move and you may have just convinced a whole lot of people to tune you out. 625 more words


Shira Piven Says WELCOME TO ME

When talking to filmmakers who have directed an actor known for comedy in a dramatic role, I always like to ask them about the particular insights someone with a gift for comedy brings to drama that no one else could. 363 more words