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I Know Who The Pixelated-Faced Troll Victim Is (Probably)

Do you get into debates on LinkedIn?  I kinda do, but then again I tend to get into debates everywhere I go.  You should see me at the grocery store, what with the whole “paper or plastic” nonsense.   958 more words


Glastonbury 2015? It isn't only the cows that are milked at Worthy Farm...

But at least the dairy cows have good reason to be milked. If they aren’t, they will eventually stop producing milk. Makes sense to me. What makes less sense to me is the cash cows that, much like the dairy cows, obligingly herd themselves into Worthy Farm, and for the duration of the festival delude themselves that they’re doing something that means something. 1,247 more words

Glastonbury 2015

JLB Episode 16 - Time Shifting With A Pizza Funnel


In this episode we discuss an epic fashion tip, Hot Topics, and then Jill snorts constantly. We also share a new commercial with the one and only Chinese Sean Connery and promote the only Russian podcast that is sanctioned by the government. 59 more words


Schooley and Mariconda - Let's Get Frankie!

Over the past year I’ve played a handful of shows with Mike Mariconda. If you know anything about rock n’ roll and didn’t just fall offa the turnip truck and into a pile of cut-sleeve denim vests, you probably know Mike as the guitar player for… 457 more words