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I’ve recently binge-watched, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and enjoyed it immensely. I love that the cast is mainly female and promotes female strength in times of insane trials and tribulations. 115 more words

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Archie vs. Predator? Okay, I'll Bite.

Ha. Oddball legal issues with one of its former employees a few years back aside, Archie Comics is clearly having a great time cooking up all sorts of alternate universes for its characters to mess around in. 229 more words


JLB Episode 7 - Country Life and The Expansion of Your Face!


In this touching episode we discuss the country life with big shiny belt buckles and tasteful cowboy hats. We also get into how daunting it is tracking down a traveling hobo and of course your favorite hot topics. 41 more words


SAWS? What SAWS? Nothing To See Here (Anymore), Folks...

In such a time as this, it helps to have a translator so that We The People can understand what just happened here.  Thankfully, IPTT is on the job with the PTT™ (Patent Troll Translator), which can be used not only to translate patent troll-speak, but USPTO-speak as well. 683 more words


JLB Episode 5 - Club Life!


In this episode we bring up super hot topics, shout out to our man from Idaho and discuss potatoes, talk about the “club life” and then a quick diet tip. 54 more words


JLB Episode 4 - It's Basically Monday, bitch.


In this episode we basically get down to the basics with hot topics, cookies, relationship advice, babyface, word of the day, and a sweet fashion update. 8 more words


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