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[Review] The Loved Ones

‘Okay, this film is extreme. There’s a line and this is crossing it … it’s not quite Matilda.’ Kenny Park 2017.

Of course we don’t have the same opinion as our friend above, we just wanted to give you a feel of what ‘normal’ people, who don’t watch horrors as a bedtime movie, feel about this film. 515 more words


The 10 worst things about being married

I’ve been married six months now, so I’m pretty much an expert on it. In honor of this milestone and the impending Valentine’s day holiday, here are the worst things so far: 331 more words


I'm not speaking to my cat right now.

Well, one of them. This furry weirdo:

Both of my cats have always believed in being close. Mostly, this is fantastic; they snuggle on the couch, curl up with us for naps, and are there to say WHY HELLO FABULOUS HUMANS! 244 more words


Procrastination, Re-emergence of Space Buns, and a Zest for Life

I see you’ve come back for more. Or maybe you’re new here. I doubt it, but here’s hoping! As of now I can think of maybe three people who MIGHT read this in its entirety, and I’m ok with that. 960 more words