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Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors by the Flying Karamazov Brothers: Talk about Juggling Lines!

I have always enjoyed William Shakespeare’s plays, but I also don’t believe in taking things too seriously. This rendition of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors… 26 more words

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North Korea: Falling Behind

Looking at the previous post on the country, a question arises: if North Korea was, in some respects, ahead of the South in the early 1970s, to the extent that, in 1970, the Black Panthers could look on it as… 611 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Suspension of Disbelief: Mix-Ups and Mischief in A Comedy of Errors

Some of the instances of mischief and misadventure in the American Shakespeare Center’s performance of A Comedy of Errors were a little far-fetched. Such moments ranged from slapstick fight scenes—including sound effects provided by a backstage band—all the way to one of the actors pretending to defecate in his pants onstage in front of a sold out house. 474 more words

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Step 1: Accepting the Whole Account

I just had a great conversation with my new sponsor after a really weird couple of days (expected housing situation fell through, car failed, locked keys in car, car failure turned out to be just a blown-out tire and everyone laughed… yeah. 297 more words


The Great Axis Stagnation

The post-1990 stagnation in Japan has been much discussed, analyzed, and ballyhooed. Yet, comparatively little attention has been given to the other Axis powers, Germany and Italy, which are nearly equally stagnant (Italy more so, Germany slightly less). 1,012 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Comedy Of Errors with Cowbell

Jazz lovers, comedy lovers and fun lovers unite at the Lowell Davies Festival Theatre for Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Expectations are high for The Old Globe production, directed by Tony nominated Scott Ellis. 704 more words


Hypocrisy, We Hardly Knew Ye

My advice would be to not bite the hand that feeds you.

Comedy Of Errors