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60 Responses for my quiz of politieconomical knowledge

The summary statistics are these:

Mean 7.4 (out of 21)
Standard Error 0.259508445
Median 7
Mode 7
Standard Deviation 2.010143768
Sample Variance 4.040677966
Kurtosis -0.920193616… 230 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Who supports the Tomahawk strikes against Sharyat airbase?

Triple parentheses used as necessary to indicate Jewish ancestry.


Donald Trump

Elderly Americans

Nikki Haley, that foul Indian





(((Jared Kushner))) 129 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Friday Assorted Links

1. How (((wealthy donors))) drive U.S. aggression

2. No comment. (((Yglesias))) throws out some other good tweets. Pleasantly surprised, coming from such a typically hackish writer. 60 more words

Trump: the good and the bad

The good: he’s not Hillary Clinton (a very powerful argument, I must admit).

What we got


End of the TPP

Some weakening of Obamacare… 112 more words

Comedy Of Errors