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WaPo Admits the Truth (for the wrong reasons)!

Never thought I’d see this from the U.S. mainstream media. BTW, though leaving Iraq in 2011 had nothing to do with the rise of the Islamic State, nor did leaving Maliki behind, and neither did not backing the rebels, not threatening to kick Turkey out of NATO had everything. 40 more words

Comedy Of Errors

The Art of Losing: A Comedy of Errors

I mentioned in an earlier post that I prefer small towns to big cities on school trips. London is not a small town. London is a city with multiple tube entrances, snaking back alleys, and gated parks planted in the middle of residential communities. 1,269 more words


Slow Down

Over the last week I’ve been racing around running here and running there – trying to get everything done, ASAP. I moved into a new house a week ago and it’s been petal to the metal to get it set-up and livable. 678 more words

Mistaken Identity

“Unwrap her!” Kamalam squeaked.

“No!  Are you mad?  She’ll go straight to the police.  That Inspector Jayram will pack us both off to jail promptly.” 478 more words

Kamalam And Kurukkan

Inspector Jayram Investigates

Inspector Jayram stood at the steps of Kamalam’s house, deep in thought, twirling the ends of his handsome moustache.  He kept it fastidiously trimmed, waxed, and groomed, believing it lent him gravitas, but the heavenward-curling tips also bestowed him with a joviality he didn’t otherwise possess. 458 more words

Kamalam And Kurukkan

Funny bone

“…her nose was stubby and aggressive and her mouth had the coldly forbidding look of the closed door of a subway express when you have just missed the train…” 156 more words



1. If the CIA did the Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, a guy with a background leading any rational person to conclude the CIA and FBI… 228 more words

Comedy Of Errors