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Comedy of Errors

This play by Shakespeare has three more free performances left at the Round Rock Amphitheater. The Comedy of Errors you see here is performed by five actors who move at full speed across the stage and up the staircase in 90 degree temperatures. 16 more words


Why the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is Not a Realigning Election

So far, the transitions between the last four United States political party systems have been as thus:

#1 Third to Fourth Party System -Same very high level of political polarization (almost no swing districts, voting record polarization in Congress, etc.), but different and less stable geographic party bases (Republicans winning Manhattan, Democrats winning Colorado and Nebraska), with soaring geographical party polarization. 464 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Protective Tariffs: Who Places Them on Whom?

I am against protective tariffs. They weaken economic efficiency, give out special benefits to industry, hurt consumers, and reduce freedom. Nevertheless, they have been used by any countries, both large (U.S., Brazil) and small (Mauritius, Tunisia) in the furtherance of industrialization. 423 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Prog @ 33 1/3 June 24th

I would like to thank everyone for tuning in to Prog @ 33 1/3 and to those that hung out with me in the chat room.  173 more words

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The Comedy of Errors

Friends, we are certainly out of the history plays. While I loved the last eight weeks it was refreshing to read such a light (and short) tale. 1,417 more words


Up next - Shakespeare!

In the event I find myself wanting a break from the world of Terminus, Trantor, robots and mentalics, I’ve picked my next List read as well!

Knotches On My Bookshelf

The Hilarity of the Polls

Democracy is Poll-ocracy. So what makes the election day polls so special? Tiny difference in timing can make an enormous difference in general election preferences. Democracy is not simply the tyranny of the four percent who actually decide the election, but the tyranny of the four percent who actually decide the election during a single day. 251 more words

Comedy Of Errors