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Secrets of the Lottery Winner

Secrets of the Lottery Winner CHAPTER 26: A SMALL WORLD

Hubris ran amuck in him; self-importance was a plague to his sensibilities; but he was, in fact, perfectly objective and right to believe unwaveringly: “She’ll remember me.” To Gari, it was inconceivable she would not remember, if only vaguely, a man whose balls she once wanted to snip and post on the doorknob of the American Embassy. 2,944 more words

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Secrets of the Lottery Winner

Secrets of the Lottery Winner


Great plumes of blue smoke clouded the far corner of the Sunset Ballroom. California was the preeminent healthy living state in a union opposed to many evils: fats, carbs, liquor, tobacco, and more. 2,507 more words

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Comedic Adventure On The Way To Pompeii

Our journey to Pompeii from Parma turned into a comedy of errors. There is nothing quite like navigating the train system in a foreign country. After accidentally buying tickets for a slower train that left at the same time as the faster one we initially wanted, we climbed on board to discover the AC and power outlets in our assigned car didn’t work. 429 more words


My Visa Application

Though theatrical comedy is sometimes considered an exaggeration of real life, yet real life sometimes beats theatrical comedy by its pure farcical rendition.
My niece is married and has two children and lives with her family in their own house in London. 1,044 more words

TGIF: R-rated action and Bardic-fun

Summer’s drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of local fun and entertainment to be bad. Here are some ideas.

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