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IKEA and ABI: a Confusing Combo

My recent experience made me realize I have not bought anything at IKEA since the pre-ABI era. In the past I was able to assemble an IKEA purchase in record time. 685 more words

Living With ABI

of errors

So like the other
As could not be
Before the always wind-obeying deep

His wished light
I labored of a love to see.
My soul should sue as advocate for thee. 83 more words


Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ’s National Shakespeare Schools Production 2017

Exit followed by Bears and Shrews

How apposite to have the culminating performance of Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ’s National Shakespeare Schools Production (SGCNZ NSSP) at Wellington Zoo, with 40 minutes of scenes being from… 804 more words

New Zealand News

How to actually measure partisan gerrymandering (Part II of a three-part series)

I. NC plan>>>PA plan
In the previous post, I attempted to show the tradeoffs available to a designer of a gerrymander with this graph (see… 1,313 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Explaining partisan gerrymandering

In the United States, both state legislative and congressional districts are designed by politicians. These politicians, especially in the Republican-controlled states (this has only been true since 2010 or so) tend to design districts to give a clear and consistent advantage to their party. 947 more words

Comedy Of Errors

“It was one of those humid days when the atmosphere gets confused. Sitting on the porch, you could feel it: the air wishing it was water.”

My neighbor came by with eclipse glasses so I got to see the partial eclipse we had here. It was so very cool to watch the moon move across the sun and darken the day just a bit.   360 more words