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Upcoming Comedy & Music Events for February and beyond at the Neon Entertainment Venue, Newport

If you like Live Music and Comedy then you should definitely check out the newly refurbished Art Deco Neon Venue in Newport. The old Odeon Cinema in Newport, which has been derelict for many years has recently been refurbished as an Entertainment and Events Venue in Newport and with it’s 3,500 capacity it is now […]



Day 16. White Chicks (2004). Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans.

White Chicks (2004) score: 36%

It’s hard to fathom how much worse the Wayans brothers’ output can get. Actually, scratch that. It’s quite easy.

With White Chicks, you start to wonder if the first Scary Movie was as funny as you remember. 63 more words

Locky Morris: Ridiculous Beginnings

Strewn about the hallway is a trail of debris; lights, brooms, boxes, and other obstacles in a semi-organised sprawl. It’s like someone tried making a shop out of the bits in their attic, sifting through the junk, arranging it into small, improvised displays. 1,490 more words

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Invite List of the Men's March

To begin with, organizers would disagree about who to invite. Percolating through social media spontaneity, the Men’s March would draw folks who (apparently unable to cope with the emotions they felt at the sight of women moving forward in a linear direction expressing a desire to not be assaulted) would want to band together and reclaim their long-lost manhood. 506 more words


Sandals Resort opens Pacific Trash Vortex location

In an effort to capture the current climate of humanity, Sandals Resort has opened an all-inclusive resort located in the floating mass of assorted trash just off the coast of California. 296 more words


How I almost owned a Police Station when I was 6

Yup, you read right. The year was… (well I was six). Anyway, this was the era where video game graphics were improving in leaps and bounds (If you were born in the 2000s you never really faced what I am about to describe but bear with me). 415 more words


Detroiters (Comedy Central)

Detroiters (Comedy Central) – Premieres 7th February

After taking over his fathers advertisement agency, Tim along with his best friend Sam, aim to move on from producing low budget adverts to challenge the big agencies in promoting the companies of Detroit even though they barely have a clue to what they’re doing. 36 more words