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#50 3/24/17

-Congress today

Check tomorrow’s post to find out what this is from!

Yesterday’s shot was from Better Off Ted

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Spirituality is Crap - The Incidental Tangent #Podcast Ep 129

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The podcast where reading articles reminds us of other dumb stuff. Aung, Ashley and Yusef talk about Tomi Lahren’s view on abortion, spirituality vs atheism and religion, gender reassignment surgery not working out so well for a prison inmate, and 4 guys get busy in a public sauna, germany giving reparations for gays prosecuted in WWII etc… 50 more words

The Incidental Tangent Podcast

#50 3/24/2017

-Most people with strong opinions

Check tomorrow’s post to find out what this is from!

Yesterday’s shot was from Deadbeat

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Just a comedy? Production review on an '80s A Midsummer Night's Dream

“Stereotypical high-school-like styling may fit the ’80s TV and pop cultural tradition, yet to some extent turns out to devalue the essence of Shakespearean plays, which is, mercy.” 1,950 more words


A Brother's Chai

I’m still moving house. WiFi is less of a struggle, sitting down and thinking up a blog post is much, much more difficult. Instead, here’s some notes on a story I’m super excited to write this year. 821 more words



Chip happens; with a pun like that how could you expect anything but brilliance from this comedic venture?

The Californian Highway Police, known to the locals as ‘CHiPs’, are perhaps the least appreciated force in LA, but no more will they stand aside and endure throw away insults, as an undercover FBI agent is about to blow their street cred into the stratosphere. 101 more words