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Why Comedy is better than Philosophy

In Shaping the Future (2005), Horst Hutter describes the philosopher as a kind of cultural physician who administers medicine to sick people living in a sick society. 528 more words

Why I Hate Stand-up Comedy

I have never cared for stand-up comedy and for some reason, comedians have always irritated me to the point of changing channels. However, it is only recently that I really thought about why this is the case. 304 more words


Me & Gunther always wondered… Whatever happened to Hal 9000?

. . . Here’s how our Space Odd-ball-yssey began:

. . . After we installed “the voice” and rebooted our Galaxy androids . 104 more words

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Movie Review: Annie(2014)

2014’s Annie was horrible, so I have read, mostly because people have grown up with Annie(s) on Broadway, in school play, in movie, and on TV.   348 more words


Two by Two Movie in Mayo Movie World

From Friday, 1st May – Find Out More

It’s the end of the world, and a terrible flood is coming, set to wipe out all life as it is known. 168 more words


The Feminist Slut, an open letter 5 (continued) Debbie Reese, Mrs. Bell

The Feminist Slut, an open letter 5 (continued) Debbie Reese, Mrs. Bell

Dear reader,

***Child abuse is wrong. The comments I make about my own experiences, should not be taken as a general acceptance or endorsement for such behavior. 1,763 more words


I am Tom Moody

Hey everyone i went to an animation screening on friday, it was done by Skwigly.com which is an online animation magazine and 6 short animated films got screened and boy was it a fun night. 286 more words