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À bras ouverts - With Open Arms

Χθες το βράδυ πήγα σε θερινό σινεμά μετά από πολύ καιρό. Είδα μια Γαλλική κωμωδία με τίτλο, Βρε καλώς τους, όπου πρωταγωνιστεί ο Christian Clavier… 19 more words


‘Future Man’ Trailer Shows Seth Rogen Is Willing to Use Real Laser Guns!! Check It Out!!

Hulu has released a trailer of sorts for their upcoming sci-fi series Future Man. Executive produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg… 261 more words


The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge - Part 6

Old People Make the Cutest Couples

Myy using the awesome self cleaning litter box.

It was just Wilma now, and two cats. The second boyfriend had been another massive disappointment. 949 more words


46. Ain't No Mountain High Enough

So, we were on our way to Lake Tekapo, stargazing paradise and.. also… a lake, I guess. To be honest we didn’t really know what there was to do here, other than the fact that it was prohibited to have your headlights on after dark in order to stop light pollution – Tekapo being a light reserve and as a result home of New Zealand’s biggest observatory. 1,626 more words


Mammoth Tasks, Or - Why The Mammoth Became Extinct.

Eat grass.
Eat more grass.
Rub tusks on tree trunk.
Eat grass.

Make huge hairy trumpeting noise
With my lovely mammoth trunk –
Attract beautiful lady mammoth… 29 more words


New ‘Preacher’ Trailer Teases the Arrival of Herr Starr and The Grail!! Check It Out!!

Preacher has taken a huge leap forward in Season 2, not only in terms of its story (now that the gang has finally hit the road) but with its style. 342 more words


Edinburgh Festival Spotlight: Act Natural

To find out more about Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 and the spotlights, please see the introductory article.

Next up in our Spotlight feature is Act Natural, which plays… 819 more words