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Shire! Shire! for January

Starting in 2003 I began drawing a comic strip for our monthly SCA newsletter, The Equinox, for the Meridian Shire of Sol Haven. I had zero experience doing something like this, but had some space to fill, and somehow the monster was born and continued to procreate. 25 more words

Castle Life

Good Afternoon.....Day 17

I’ve been visited by UFOs. They’re constantly siphoning gas out of my car.


FLIGHT 555 “Pembajakan Pesawat Dengan Komedi Yang Garing”

Review Flight 555
Score : 2.2/5
Genre : Comedy
Tahun : 2018
Durasi : 103 Menit
Sutradara : Adam Robitel

“Pembajakan Pesawat Dengan Komedi Yang Garing” 228 more words

Hot Review

Otherworld Battle of the Soularis, Episode 16 : Soul Merge Technique

Morning have arrive and Skai with Striker can be seen sneaking around the bushes.

Three weeks has past since the chance meeting with the Akatir family noble, the news about how Bloodline Family Noble from the Campiq Empire fail to get their revenge have been slowly die down. 1,552 more words


The Dognapper (2013)

The Dognapper is a Brazilian RomCom of sorts that is sprawling, directionless, and definitely too long.

Our anti-hero is Deco. He is a nice guy, but emotionally immature and lazy as hell. 523 more words

Why the Big Bang Theory is no longer as popular as it once was before

21 years ago in December, Chuck Lorre brought us the once well loved the Big Bang Theory but what happened?

Penny (who we don’t even know the last name of) and Amy Farrah Fowler happened! 181 more words

The Heart of Hell

Just before midnight, the devil knocked on my door.

I answered it, my stomach rock-hard with nervousness, like a boy on his first date. The winter night was as crisp as an envelope. 1,710 more words

Science Fiction/Fantasy