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Introducing GiveAFuck – The App That Cares

It should be clear by now that many governments of the world don’t give a fuck about their own people. If they did, they would provide basic healthcare for everybody, unemployment benefit for those who lose their jobs, and probably some safety measure to stop crazy people from murdering children in their schools. 500 more words


Simon Amstell - What is this?

What is this? is Simon Amstell’s fifth stand up tour in the UK and the set was a very intimate, neurotic, existentialist and funny exploration of beauty, freedom, sexuality and what it is to be in loving relationship yet still aware that we all die so it’s mostly pretty pointless. 724 more words


Livin' the Dream - American Made (2017)

The Tom Cruise that I like.  So this is the biographical story of the pilot Barry Seal (Cruise).  He has a pretty good small time gig running Cuban cigars around customs, but the FBI has been monitoring his activity and has bigger plans for in store for him.   398 more words


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Synopsis: When a helpful family invites two lost couples in for a good ol’ down-home massacre, the prom night teens find themselves all dressed up… with nowhere to escape. 819 more words


Fuck it


God I never thought i would blog. Hank Moody always talked shit about it in Californication……but here I am with you lot, sharing what may or may not be the truth. 354 more words


Happy Death Day - Review


I like seeing an entertaining slasher film becoming the backdrop for another film being about finding out what has been done wrong by oneself. As a matter of fact I was on board with the idea of the film’s protagonist being stuck within a time loop to to continuously die before finding out who was her killer as long as the film knew what it was. 898 more words

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