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Has Rick and Morty become a Victim of their own Success?

What up my Glib Globs!

I was introduced to Rick and Morty late by my kid brother and immediately I got hooked! I binged watched Season 1 and 2 and was having withdrawals whilst waiting for Season 3 butt…… 657 more words

IndyFringe: Drankspeare

By John Lyle Belden

Just the concept is enough to drive ticket sales: Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” done as a comedy and a drinking game — with the cast drinking as well. 136 more words


IndyFringe: Terror on the High Seas

By Wendy Carson

In-laws. We all have dealt with them or heard horror stories from friends about theirs at some point in time. Now, imagine being stuck on a 10-day cruise with them, in Alaska of all places. 235 more words


IndyFringe: What's a Wedding Got to do With It

By Wendy Carson

This is the journey of a man — one who abhors the very idea of the institution of marriage and all it stands for — taking the plunge and actually getting married. 147 more words


IndyFringe: The Immaculate Big Bang

By Wendy Carson

An irreverent night of comedy covering science, religion, relationships, philosophy and family, “The Immaculate Big Bang” by comedian Bill Santiago feels like what an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” would be like if it was written by George Carlin. 106 more words


IndyFringe Festival: "Drankspeare"

4.5 stars sober; 5 stars drunk

By EclecticPond Theater Company


Drink! The audience is continually invited to imbibe along with the actors while EclecticPond plays fast and loose with… 138 more words

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