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Introducing Nick Attree

Nick Attree (@nick_attree) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (@LAM_Marseille) in France. He works on the MiARD (Multi Instrument Analysis of Rosetta Data) project, using modelling and data from ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft to explore the physical and mechanical properties of comet 67P. 107 more words



A)This is the Orion Nebula, or M42. It’s visible by the naked eye, but the picture was taken with infrared to penetrate dust in the way by the Spitzer Space Telescope. 268 more words


Buckle Up

Summer arrives in style with blazing heat and glorious sunshine. Fashionistas everywhere browse through crowded wardrobes to pick out the most trendy outfit. Day after day, they boast a vivid rainbow of well-constructed attire and accessory combinations. 846 more words

LOOKING UP: Observing asteroids and comets

By Geoff Gaherty

I’m often asked when the next comet or asteroid will come along, and my answer surprises many people: There are always quite a few asteroids and comets in the sky, but they are mostly faint and require a telescope or at least binoculars to spot. 887 more words

Planetary Geology

Science Byte: on asteroids and comets

Asteroids and comets, just two similar varieties of objects hurtling through space, it is no wonder the terms so often get confused. There are, however, major differences between these celestial bodies. 214 more words


Wow! mystery signal from space finally explained

Forty years ago a signal–called the Wow! signal–was obtained from space. Some speculated that it might be from an intelligent alien source. Read Wow! Communications from little green men? 734 more words