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It's the pits: Comet observed by spacecraft seems to have sinkholes

NEW YORK – Comets are basically dirty snowballs, but it turns out they can have a very Earth-like feature: sinkholes.

That’s what scientists think after analyzing data from a comet observed by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft. 113 more words


Crash Course Astronomy #21 - Comets

The name of this blog is “Hop on a Comet” and the idea for that title came from thinking about how much I love astronomy and how fun it would be to ride around the solar system on a comet as it journeys around the Sun. 29 more words


Lovecraftian Solar System, Part II: Comets in Lovecraft's Tales

Comet of 1811 (www.gutenberg.org)

In his astronomical writings, H.P. Lovecraft cited a number of instances where he observed comets.  For example, the first comet Lovecraft observed was Borelli’s Comet in August 1903.  1,007 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

Close Up Picture of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Traveling at 135,000 km/hr ( 84,000 miles/hr) through space it is being photographed by European Space Agency’s Rosetta Spacecraft.

For more information on this comet named after its Russian discoverers, see further:    http://ktwop.com/tag/comet-67p-cg/

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A permanent cloud of moon dust could cause trouble for space travel

The moon may be a lot dustier than we previously thought. Scientists from the University of Colorado-Boulder have found evidence (paywall) of a permanent dust cloud surrounding the moon as a result of thousands of tiny collisions of comet dust particles with the moon’s surface. 344 more words