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The Charles City volleyball squad had to change it up

The Comets won every single match at their home tournament Saturday and feel all their hard work is finally paying off.


Ammianus Marcellinus, Res Gestae 25.2

That second paragraph, I can’t even.

After this, with three days resolved for an armistice, while everyone tended to his own wounds or of those nearby, a fast—already unendurable—afflicted us, destitute of supplies; and on that account, since the harvests and foodstuffs had been burned, men came into extreme danger, and the pack-animals, too; from that food which the animals of the tribunes and the companions conveyed, and to the lowest plebeian of the soldiers, in the very depths of need, a great part was distributed.  518 more words


Mousai Sans Toi - will you remember

will you remember

will you remember
the beating of your heart
your blood racing like wild horses
to discover a landscape
not littered with the broken shards… 172 more words


blankets in winter

The warmth of fire rests in your eyes

Creating smoke from which my heart begins to rise

Like the edges of scrolls curling in the flame… 82 more words

Writer: Brianna

Episode 16: A Crazy Plan

Five hours in Jump put them outside the Pinchava System. A lucky arrival placed them only two hours from the entrance to the Magnetic Tradeways. Given the time of year, they were fortunate that Kaldus Major still on the closer side of the system to Qualvana’s rotation. 1,461 more words

Yhdessä yksissä tuumin

Monta kertaa on tanssimaailmassa tullut nähtyä tanssijoita, jotka pyrkivät huipulle mahdollisimman nopeasti. Keinoja kaihtamatta jotkut etenee reittä pitkin, jotkut tekevät pikkutarkkaa työtä raivoisasti päästäkseen mahdollisimman korkealle. 342 more words


Rosetta's pictures of comet shaped like a rubber duck reveal new insights into how heavenly bodies formed

BERLIN — When the Rosetta space probe sent back its first close-up pictures of a comet last year, scientists got a bit of a surprise: Instead of the ball of rock and ice they had expected, the comet turned out to have two distinct lobes connected by a “neck.” 375 more words