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Cosmic bond.

It takes all but a nebula, a cosmic storm of epic proportions falling apart to create a star. A star with eyes that swim with wisdom, blue oceans as old as the universe. 104 more words



You are here
And I am there

As I sink
You rise
Within the

So I pull
And you push… 61 more words


Comets (Haiku)

Comets in evening

Stupendous revolutions

Dancing in heaven.



The night’s cold as the day was bright
I walk the streets alone
always alone
in dimly-lit alleys of the dispossessed.

“I don’t know how it happened… 168 more words

Rosetta's Big Discovery

Rosetta’s spacecraft, created by Europe, recently discovered molecular nitrogen while in orbit around a comet. This discovery is a great achievement because molecular nitrogen existing on comets can answer the question of what the conditions were like when the solar system was born and points to the comet forming in a cooler area of our universe. 142 more words


Comet Lovejoy spotted!

Comet Lovejoy was recently spotted by an astrophotographer named Miguel claro and he obtained some beautiful pictures and even caught a time-lapse of it. The comet was first spotted last August and has an ion blue tail created by ionized gas and it gets its tail from solar wind pushing gases outwards. 61 more words


Small Bodies of the Solar System

The small bodies in the solar system include comets, asteroids, the objects in the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud, small planetary satellites, Triton, Pluto, Charon, and interplanetary dust. 505 more words