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The Atomic Comet: On The Far Side

Following the Terrestrial Thorium line of enquiry to the Far Side of the Moon very rapidly becomes a fascinating journey to the Far Side as the Settled Science turns to dust and this independent observer is led to conclude the once wandering Earth only settled into it’s current steady orbital rhythm after it became entrained with the Moon. 3,004 more words


The Atomic Comet: Sea of Showers

One of the more surprising lines of enquiry into the origins of Terrestrial Thorium is the esoteric narrative of the Thorium enriched KREEP deposits on the Nearside of the Moon. 1,772 more words


Commence the Comet Comments

The 2016 – 2017 Canuck season was… Not great. Bottom of the table, shitty draft lottery draw, and some flimsy depth. The offseason signings of Patrick Weircoch, Michael Del Zotto, Sam Gagner, Thomas Vanek, Alex Burmistrov, and recently the trade for Derrick Pouliot have already started to look like decent moves. 294 more words



Are you ready do you know me, this from emotions never felt, falling asleep on the soft contact of knowing. Finding our purpose bring your flowers. 105 more words


Powerful Double Solar Eruption (CME) - Electric Comet C2017/K2 Prediction - Earth Facing This Week

A powerful double solar flare eruption took place beyond the Sun’s east limb early October 18, 2017. The responsible region is now rotating into Earth view and will be visible in a couple of days. 202 more words

Evolution of the Universe

Create a 15-slide presentation that describes the evolution of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, planets, and other bodies in the universe.


  • Formation

◦Describe the early evolution of these bodies in terms of their formation and atmospheres. 59 more words

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Shooting Star
Have you ever hitched yourself
To a shooting star
Only to find that person was really
A comet flying through space
A cold solid chunk of ice and rock… 42 more words