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Asteroids & Comets

An asteroid is a small rocky body which orbits the Sun. They vary in size – some can be as large as 900 miles across, and others can be as small as 6 meters across. 150 more words


Endless Middle

It is time to name the feeling

With which the heart subsides

Into the countryside of happiness

To define the beat that deafens

Space and tails along the comets… 51 more words


What Did We Learn From Landing On A Comet? Philae is the first...

What Did We Learn From Landing On A Comet?

Philae is the first lander to touch down on a comet, but what have we learned since it landed?

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Stalking Spacemen...

Well, I’m not exactly stalking them, but since all the recent publicity about British astronaut Tim Peake arriving at the International Space Station, and the subsequent media frenzy over the first Brit to do a space walk, I’ve become ever so slightly obsessed with sky watching. 151 more words

Sky Live

Below, is a  link to Sky Live where students can virtually see what where the Moon, Sun, Earth, various constellations, comets and the other planets are right now in the sky. 131 more words


Fomalhaut: the Fish's Mouth

Fomalhaut was one of the four year-stars. Since the other three belong to the “fixed” astrological signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, Fomalhaut is assumed to be associated with Aquarius, the fourth fixed sign. 695 more words


Don't Question the Steps, Just Dance!

Today was insular yet interesting, a lovely mix of reaching out, reaching up, and hunkering down.

I took my first biology exam today, and it had me very, very… 1,011 more words

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