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Reach for the good stuff

I don’t have a sweet tooth. Hand me the cheese over chocolate any day. Preferably a big block of it.

However, since breastfeeding I find myself reaching for cakes, chocolate, pizza and anything bad that’s within reach! 117 more words


Poppyseed Matzoh

Happy Saturday!!  Here on Mallorca, Spring seems to have arrived.  It’s warmer out, the tourists have exploded everywhere, and tonight we set the clocks ahead an hour, losing time and sleep.  846 more words

Comfort Food

Yummy Burgers at Five Guys

Happy Saturday! Weekends are made for cheeky treats – and what could be cheekier or treatier than the juiciest burger ever! 223 more words


512 Smash Sausage Kitchen – The comfort of food

We normally avoid Tuesday outings because so many places are closed, which can lead to Out of Sequence Error messages. But one of our tribe has gone, leaving a big hole in the lives of those around him, and in these strange and sad days, normal rules make little sense. 671 more words


Spaghetti Pie!

First saw this idea on Pinterest, but found the best instructions from Lindsay@ a Pinch of Yum!  I get requests for this weekly. “P” loves the fact her “sghetti looks like zaa”, two of her favs in one. 326 more words

Mom & Tina Knows Best!

If you’re looking for some scrumptious and affordable home cooked meals then Mom & Tina’s is the place to be. Their dishes are very comforting and will give you a little taste of home. 359 more words

Philippine EATS

Tomatoes, Olives & Bread for Minestrone Night

Italian: Nessuno conosce che cosa sta cucinando nella vaschetta meglio di chi fa la mescolatura.
English: No one knows what is cooking in the pan better than the one doing the stirring.
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Soups, Stews And Chowders