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Welcome to Chocolate VYBZ!

Hello to all readers across the world. I am Chocolate Hun (an alias because I’m not ready to reveal my actual name – I’ll probably do so if this blog becomes a success *fingers crossed* but for now…). 428 more words


A Promise of Better Things

It’s hard to see through painful things.

When we realize that someone dear to us is about to be taken away from us, it’s like our tears distort our vision of the circumstances. 492 more words


The front door.

Is it strange that I wish there was someone in my life that walked into the front door of my apartment without knocking. Maybe that sounds a little creepy, but to me it means I am not alone. 93 more words


The taxidermist
Told me he’d fix it
To look like Tiddles was eating a biscuit
But I didn’t like the sound of that 107 more words
Poetic Thoughts

Comfort Bresha Meadows with Postcards

Send messages of love and support to Bresha Meadows, a teenage victim of domestic violence who shot and killed her abusive father, and recently accepted a plea deal that will lead to her release. 268 more words

Action Alerts

Prayer in Foster Care - Part One

If the last few days has taught me anything, it’s that I am a passionate person when it comes to my kids. Each one brings out the best and worst of me in ways that I’ve never known were possible and in ways that both amaze and scare me. 713 more words