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Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken needs to be flavorful and crunchy. Simple? Apparently not! I’ve always been under the impression that fried chicken basically tastes the same. The sauces vary but mostly they all taste similar. 285 more words


Street Fashion Friday | Oh So Cozy

Hello there, beauties!

It’s quite gloomy (but of course still warm) here in SoCal, so I’ve been getting the comfy & cuddly feels. What does everyone think of when they think of cozy? 217 more words


This Silent Prayer

I hold this

silent prayer

in my heart –

for there are

no words

to express

what is here.



Resting in God's knowledge

Reveling in God’s omniscience:

“God knows instantly and effortlessly all matter and all matters, all mind and every mind, all spirit and all spirits, all being and every being, all creaturehood and all creatures, every plurality and all pluralities, all law and every law, all relations, all causes, all thoughts, all mysteries, all enigmas, all feeling, all desires, every unuttered secret, all thrones and dominions, all personalities, all things visible and invisible in heaven and in earth, motion, space, time, life, death, good, evil, heaven, and hell. 218 more words


Here's What To Do When The Mental Healthcare System Fails You

There are some serious flaws in the mental health care system, and I don’t think I know of anyone who would object to that statement. There are not enough mental health services for all the people who need them. 710 more words

Feeling Troubled?

“Jesus wept.”(NASB)(Jn 11:35)

Many times, we are unsympathetic towards others in the midst of their trouble. Often saying to them “Haven’t you prayed?”, “Don’t worry about it, it’s in God’s hands?”, or “Have Faith?”. 1,091 more words

Jesus Christ

Review: Spirulina Body Scrub

Spirulina Body Scrub by Majestic Pure is organic and made with green algee. The claim is that it enhances your skin’s radiance and reduce inflammation. I cannot speak for my skin’s radiance, however I will say I feel the anti-inflammatory properties do work! 63 more words