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Emotional Numbing by Millie Tanner, LPC

I wonder how many of the behaviors that we struggle with in our personal lives have roots in emotional numbing?  Eating too much?  Not eating enough? 508 more words


10,000 Mistakes

We most certainly learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.  Having made more than my fair share, I can tell you that those are the learnings and experiences that make you a better leader, better manager, better mentor and a better person. 149 more words


What if the novacaine never wears off?

half of my face is numb
it’s been that way since the morning
tongue frozen like I’m dumb
a silent nerveless forewarning

a life of novacaine… 16 more words


coming out of comfortably numb

I feel like a child again. Learning how to breathe, to paint, to laugh. Taking baby steps toward Life Without Scott. Trying to keep the wonder and magic and compassion and love alive. 174 more words

The Pink Floyd Set

Arnold Layne (Bowie and David Gilmour, live, 2006).
Comfortably Numb (Bowie and David Gilmour, live, 2006).

David Gilmour was touring in the spring of 2006 as a solo artist, as Pink Floyd, the band whose name and leadership he’d assumed since the mid-Eighties, was finally in the grave. 1,243 more words

David Bowie

Between Punches

I was in a shitty apartment there,
and now I’m in a shitty apartment here;

and the year between 
is as wide as an emerald is green, 83 more words