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Live Friday Nights: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

This song is pretty much the song that made me want to do this prompt. I can’t stop watching it. Any time I feel like I need to hear some live music, this is the first song I go to. 201 more words


I have to say your vulnerability is really freaking me out right now. Is it real?

One of the most emotionally simmering connections I’ve seen on screen, is the one between reluctant undercover agent Billy and psychiatrist Madolyn. Vera Farmiga who plays Madolyn only has a small part to play, but she’s a terrific actress and really makes you feel she’s a real woman, intelligent, highly educated and sensitive, with many layers, she pulls this off with only a look or a glance or the right kind of move or tone of voice. 85 more words

Very Personal

I am now officially a cashier!! Today was my first day on registers and I rocked it! Everybody seemed pleased with me and I have some amazing coworkers. 85 more words

Wondering Why

Wondering why
the music, I listen to
being 50 year’s old
as if, I too were that old?
If being,
Comfortably Numb
is the explanation for… 19 more words


Why Expertise Matters


I am an expert — a card-carrying, credential-bearing expert.

Of course, there are only a few hundred people on the planet who care about the thing I’m an expert on: … 579 more words

Comfortably Numb: A Digital Side Effect

We would love to credit and link to the original creator of this piece, but we do not know who it is.

This beautiful animation uses retro animation styles to look at the crisis of principles facing our digital age, creates an amazing work of art. 353 more words