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A Gentle Reminder

A met a stranger recently who on hearing my name asked me if the Frank Tubridy who took photographs was any relation of mine.

I responded, with a smile, that he was my father and she said that she had always loved his work and then asked me if he was still alive. 227 more words


Comforting words

Comforting words from my daughters:

Zap was such an angel and angels live in heaven.  Monster will take care of him.  We will think of the happy moments with Zap” – … 20 more words


I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. It may not be a good reason but then again, what we consider good is only a perception, in relation to what we perceive as bad. 60 more words

Random Sregit

Channeling my Inner Dwight

This is a semi fun/serious post about things well meaning people say that are blatantly false and need to be corrected. And since I can’t say it to their face when they say these things because it would be rude, unnecessary and hurtful. 1,292 more words