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Talking teeth, onion gum, imitation bullet holes and other novelty ads

There seemed to be no shortage of these cheap novelty items advertised in American comic books between the 1960s and 1980s. As a child I would stare at these ads with a begrudging fascination, knowing that even if they were available to order in the UK my mum would have surely said something like: “You’re not spending your pocket money on that cheap rubbish!” 103 more words


Weight Loss Chewing Gum: 3 Insane Old-Timey Comic Book Ads

Advertisements in old-school comic books were a perfect mixture of crazy and irresponsible.  For instance, they would routinely try to convince kids to sell salve in exchange for a rifle, and most kids would sign up before even asking what “salve” was.  1,000 more words


Memory Lane: Cheap Junk You Could Order through Comic Books

Ah! The treasures to be found in comic books! At least they looked like treasures, if you were ten years old in 1959.

This video shows you what some of those things turned out to be when you finally got them. 146 more words