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Hey, would you like to buy a monkey?

Forget the soap that turned your enemies’ hands black. Never mind the whooping cushions. Pay no attention to the onion flavored chewing gum. And don’t even bring up the X-Ray specs. 197 more words

Pop Culture

Mysteries Of The Van Dyke

When I was a kid the back cover of every comic book — whether it be Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck, or Superman — had the same set of yellow-colored ads.  437 more words


I Think I'm a Marvel Kid Now, or, DC You's Exciting New Revenue Stream

A few weeks ago I complained about DC Comics’ most recent event, Convergence, feeling more like an overly manufactured corporate initiative than a story. If only I’d known what awaited me and my fellow DC readers in Convergence’s wake. 854 more words

Pony Tricks


Would that we could hop into our time machines, go back to 1965 and pick up a few multiples of this stuff, huh?

Ben Cooper Halloween costumes. Whitman books.

Aurora model kits!