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I did the music and co-directed this musical motion comic, and we had a blast! It stars Richard Riehle (Legend of Korra, Office Space), Brett Butler (Sealab 2021, Metalocalypse), Tyrone Finch (SNL’s TV Funhouse), and Luke Y. 22 more words


Black and White Ink

I consider myself a bit of a comic book geek/nerd. I LOVE comic books, and yes I know social convention dictates that by the time a man hits forty he should have abandoned childish things been married at least once and have at least one kid, and be rampantly obsessed with tits and pussy. 374 more words

Comic Books

DC Universe Rebirth #1

The first page of DC Universe Rebirth bears the familiar nine-panel grid that every lover of the medium should be intimately familiar with. The last time I saw such a structure utilized was in Morrison’s Multiversity: Pax Americana #1, done with the same intention and achieving the same effect. 863 more words

Comic Books

Review: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #6

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #6 takes a break from the main storyline featuring Hellcat facing off against the Hedy Clarke for the rights to the romance comics featuring her to have its main character and her best friends Ian Soo, Tom Hale, and She-Hulk spend a day at Coney Island. 650 more words


Captain America: Civil War: Film Review

Shall we begin?

Writer: Christopher Markus,  Stephen McFeely Director: Anthony Russo,  Joe Russo Runtime: 2h27m

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There’s really only two ways this film could go down. 1,419 more words


Hail Hydra or the Phrase that Killed an American Super Hero!

It’s New Comic Book Wednesday. A day that fills thousands with joy as each new comic issue offers new adventures for our favorite characters. 1,314 more words

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Dark Hall Mansion & Yuko Shimizu Pay Stunning Tribute To Tim Burton's "Batman Returns"

When Tim Burton’s 1992 dark fantasy, superhero action film, “Batman Returns” hit theaters, it was beyond glorious.  When Michelle Pfieffer strutted out in her Catwoman suit for the first time, we couldn’t take our eyes off her and we LOVED, when Danny DeVito waddled down in the sewers of Gotham, talking to his penguins. 1,740 more words