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Cebulski Who?

With the recent announcement of Axel Alonso stepping down as editor in chief at Marvel and the appointment of C.E. Cebulski to the position we decided to have a look at Cebulski’s career thus far in his 15-year tenure at Marvel leading up to this point.

1,000 more words

The True Origin of Captain America

“You must be the puniest nigger I’ve ever seen, boy. What’s your name again?”

“Johnson, Samuel G., Private, Sir.”

Sam Johnson was the most unlikely soldier in his unit, but then again, he would have been an unlikely soldier in any army in the world. 5,492 more words

Short Story

A conversation with a local comic shop

Nearly a decade ago, two friends who had worked in other comic book stores, grew tired of following other’s rules. They wanted to build a store that allowed them to interact with their customers in one-on-one conversations and create a community within a store of their own. 2,435 more words


My Week In Comics: The Button

The only thing I could read this week was the Batman/Flash: The Button. It really just made me even more excited from the Doomsday Clock. No exactly what I was thinking it was going to be but it was still really good. 29 more words


Will the MCU and Marvel Television Just Break-Up Already?

“There are two dates at the end of every relationship, the day you should have broken up and the day you actually do.”  This brilliant wisdom was offered by a lifelong friend of mine back when we were in college and Lauren was absolutely right.  2,071 more words

Comic Books

Hellboy vs Krampus 

I cant wait for this to come out this holiday season.

Im ordering the Mignola cover

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So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson’s Top 5 2-Part Tales from Marvel in the 1980s

Greetings from the Odinson,

This week, the Odinson is adding a new repertoire to his bag of tricks, a new series concentrating on the “2-Part Tale.” These are stories that are too big to be told in a single issue yet not big enough to be a trilogy, six-part epic, or ongoing soap opera.  1,325 more words

So Sayeth The Odinson With Michael Breakfield