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86. Moving Pictures

This is one of the ‘one off’ books by Pratchett. With entirely new characters that don’t quite make the cut for later book (I assume as I haven’t read them all). 779 more words


Saga of the Swamp Thing

The character of Swamp Thing, an elemental creature who shares a connection to all plant life on the planet, first appeared in 1972 but had roots in a comic published a year earlier.  1,127 more words


Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman was the brainchild of the artist Bob Kane and the writer Bill Finger, who collaborated on a new character for Detective Comics in 1938. Their first sketches were a long way from the Batman image most people are familiar with today: the first drawings gave him wings and red tights. 1,386 more words

Urban Fantasy

Book Review – Eric by Terry Pratchett


Eric is fourteen; he is the Discworld’s first-ever demonology hacker. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at it. All he wants is his traditional three wishes granted – nothing fancy: to be immortal, to rule the world, and to have the most beautiful woman on the Discworld fall madly in love with hum; all the usual things. 949 more words


82. Making Money

As you all may have gathered, I’m very fond of Moist Von Lipwig. But my guilty secret is it is that Going Postal was the only novel out of the three he features in, that I had read until recently!  898 more words


80. Going Postal 

Hello! Here we are again with one of my favourite Terry Pratchett novels. You may have noticed that a few things have changed around here. New name. 938 more words


New Cover, Same Sale!

In honor of its new cover, I have decided to extend the Once a Knight, A Tale of the Daze of Chivalry, sale for the for the month of November. 68 more words