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Literally challenged: marching forward

It’s nearly the end of March and I reckon it’s virtually time for an update on that 2015 Reading Challenge. For newcomers, this is my attempt to use a Goodreads list of fifty-two cues to help push me out of my literary comfort zone. 292 more words


A Blink of the Screen, short fiction by Terry Pratchett

I might not have read this collection if my dad hadn’t recommended it then lent me it, which just goes to show something or other. Years ago, near the height of my Pratchett-fandom, I read a couple of pre-Discworld novels (The Dark Side of the Sun, and Strata) and my boat, as it were, remained distinctly unafloat. 454 more words


Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett died last week.

The internet has filled with tributes and retrospectives, people pouring out grief and reminiscences about him. The aforementioned tributes are all far more lyric and effective than I can manage. 877 more words


Lines from a sniffling Discworld reader

This is the danger of being brisk and businesslike and getting straight down to the intended blog post instead of idly browsing the web for half an hour beforehand. 45 more words


The only certainty

Terry Pratchett Mort Corgi 1988 (1987)

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get round to Terry Pratchett. Maybe it’s because the comic fantasy I’ve sampled up to now has elicited a lukewarm response, humour being such a personal thing. 818 more words


Tickling funny bones

The next genre that the creative writing course looked at was Comedy, and as usual I’ll be adding my own take on the discussion in this post.  948 more words


Chapter 18: Flying, Floating, and Filing Insurance Claims

Several days and nights passed without incident, or, rather, as close to without incident as The Lusty Gnome can get. Which really isn’t all that close at all. 1,523 more words