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Honest and very human

E Nesbit The Magic World Puffin Classics 1994 (1912)

Not everyone is successful at writing literary fairytales, especially those stories that mix the modern world with traditional wonder tales of magic and enchantment. 919 more words


Malcolm Havard - "In the Mood for Writing'

No – not a cue for a song – but Penkhull author Malcolm Havard talking about writing and mood and his comic fantasy novel, The First Book of Gabriel… 67 more words


Full of life

Terry Pratchett Johnny and the Dead
Corgi Books 1997 (1993)

With hindsight it’s all too possible to read more into this YA novel than the author intended more than a score of years ago. 715 more words


Flash Fiction: Mustn't Bother Mummy

I’m doing Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge again this week, as I have since January, and I’ve had some trouble.  This week’s prompt is a new version of the same subgenre blender that inspired me to write… 1,693 more words


"The Light Fantastic" (Discworld, Book 2) by Terry Pratchett

Grade: B+

I’ve always enjoyed Terry Pratchett’s distinctly British sense of humor, and so when I was in Oxford and saw The Light Fantastic, I felt obliged to give it a try. 418 more words

Book Reviews

Literally challenged: marching forward

It’s nearly the end of March and I reckon it’s virtually time for an update on that 2015 Reading Challenge. For newcomers, this is my attempt to use a Goodreads list of fifty-two cues to help push me out of my literary comfort zone. 292 more words


A Blink of the Screen, short fiction by Terry Pratchett

I might not have read this collection if my dad hadn’t recommended it then lent me it, which just goes to show something or other. Years ago, near the height of my Pratchett-fandom, I read a couple of pre-Discworld novels (The Dark Side of the Sun, and Strata) and my boat, as it were, remained distinctly unafloat. 454 more words