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Tickling funny bones

The next genre that the creative writing course looked at was Comedy, and as usual I’ll be adding my own take on the discussion in this post.  948 more words


Chapter 18: Flying, Floating, and Filing Insurance Claims

Several days and nights passed without incident, or, rather, as close to without incident as The Lusty Gnome can get. Which really isn’t all that close at all. 1,523 more words


Chapter 17: The Frowning Clown

Our friend the clown, who was one of the jesters under the employ of Wulfram, High Lord of the Petty Kingdom of Eribrough, had fallen on hard times. 1,519 more words


Monstrous regiment by Terry Pratchett

Pratchett’s novels keep getting more and more serious; ‘Monstrous regiment’ is no exception. Taking the old folk trope of the woman who disguises herself as a man to follow her sweetheart/brother into the army, Pratchett pushes this idea as far as it will go (and then some), on the way examining war, peace, the nature of women’s reactions to these states, gender identity, class and stereotyping. 120 more words

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Epic Fantasy

Chapter 16: Giants All The Way Down

Sulan appreciated the warmth of the tavern. It was biting into his skin and soaking him through to the core. In this same establishment were five people, four of which found it rather odd that the traveler who they had attempted to help on the road now showed up in the Lusty Gnome of all places. 1,760 more words


Chapter 15: I Am Become Worlds, Destroyer of Death

“Who ya think ya are huh?” said Tetracog, borrowing Sulan’s mouth for a little while.

“I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds.”

“Get off your high horse, buddy.” 1,583 more words