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Mind MGMT #35 – When it ends, will it have ever existed?

*Warning – you may believe there are spoilers ahead*

Some stories keep you holding on for dear life, some stories you lose from the start but there are some that hold out a hand and guide you through to the very end. 921 more words

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No Mercy Comic Review

No Mercy is a good series that takes a small group of kids and strands them in the desert with a load of problems to overcome.  112 more words


A Movement Takes Hold: We Are Robin #2 (Review)

What happens in the wake of authority disappearing? In most cities, this means that’s the police department is gone and the military or violent vigilante groups fill the void. 657 more words


Thors 2 review

In Secret Wars, Doom’s main police force throughout Battleworld is called the Thor Corps. Thus, it makes perfect sense that there’s a series called Thors. In the first issue, the Thors discovered that a serial killer is travelling through the realms and killing women. 327 more words

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Black Widow 20 review

Last year, among a number of All-New Marvel Now titles, writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Phil Noto began their Black Widow espionage series. Most of the series told one, long tale of the former Soviet agent fighting a secret organization only known as Chaos. 375 more words

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Superman #42 Spoiler Review: Clark Kent just wants to be normal

Superman #42 continues the lead-up to Lois outing Clark’s identity to the world, and we finally start to see the forces in play that made her do that and the forces that made Superman lose some of his powers. 961 more words

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Convergence Tie-Ins (The ones I read anyway)

I want to make this very clear, if the title of this post/article wasn’t enough, that this is about the Convergence tie-ins that I read. Now, I didn’t read all of them, and if you read all FORTY of them, good for you. 2,662 more words