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Arcana Famiglia Short #10: Liberta and His Guardian

Yay! A new Arcana Famiglia short after like…two months!

Hopefully I translated Short #10 right. I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out wtf Jolly was talking about. 145 more words


Spoilers: Storm Lover Natsukoi ending

Before I can post about Sylph (yuppers! The posts are all done, both the Color Scans and the Peek Inside posts 8D), I have to first do a “Spoilers” on a series in… 2,104 more words


August Stuff ~

…let’s ignore the fact that we’re almost done with August xD With Arcana Famiglia down, it’s time to restart another project! I was planning on finishing… 284 more words


Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #9: A Family like This

Lol, what kind of zoo is Luca talking about? xD I don’t recall seeing dogs and chickens at our zoo (petting zoo excluded).

And there you have it peeps :3 The last 4-koma in the… 96 more words

Comic Sylph

July 2012 Comic Sylph – Color Scans

Sad days. I was hoping to have this post out before July ended but unfortunately…RL tripped me on the way out *shakes an angry fist at RL* Meh, shit happens right? 574 more words


Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #3 Can’t See the Forest for the Trees


I think I found which character I’m going to like in this series!

If you’re curious about the title, it’s from an old people’s saying ~ Basically it means you’re not paying attention to the whole picture. 36 more words


Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #1 Liberta’s Determination

One of the freebies from the August 2012 Issue of Sylph was a mini booklet on the series Arcana Famiglia. The booklet featured several items like character bios, anime related stuffs, and even a small preview of two… 108 more words