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Marvel Secret Wars

Marvel finally got it right!

Over the years, we’ve had a crossover every summer and sometimes one in winter too.

Sadly the more recent ones have been pretty low-grade offerings designed to, well I’m not really sure but they’ve been pretty shit. 499 more words


Arrow: Stephen Amell Faces Stardust Next Week on WWE Raw!!!

It is finally going to happen. After Stephen Amell already announced that he would make his way to WWE Raw to fight Stardust, it was now revealed that this would take place on next week’s episode of WWE Raw. 54 more words


Today's Art (4th August 2015)

Shocking accusations! Daytime television! What else could it be, but page seven of “Diabolical Sigil” my lazy reboot modern re-imagining of my old “Damania” comics from 2012 and 2013 (and, thinking about it, 2011 too)? 31 more words


Awkward Walk

I confess I find it very awkward passing strangers on my walk. I always say ‘hello’, because I’m very relational. But the anticipation of that inevitable point of meeting can be a little nerve-wracking!


A Bird's-Eye View

Quick update to share a first milestone: the rough pencil layout of the next 22-pages of PATHS is complete!

Artist Ignacio Corva is crushing it and I’m blown away by the results, even at this early stage. 35 more words


If you don’t know the answer to this question, you probably aren’t seeing Jay Unplugged in your feed or receiving email updates. Probably because Jay Unplugged has left wordpress.com. 35 more words

Jay Unplugged