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The Puma Blues

The Puma Blues was a comic book written by Stephen Murphy and drawn by Michael Zulli. It ran from June 1986 to the beginning of… 157 more words


TRUMP V PIGS 08/28/2015

Trump may have some fans, but he sure isn’t going to get this group’s vote. Thank you to one of the greatest of all time, Friz Freleng (hope I spelled that right).  15 more words


491: candy bowl

they can’t eat the candy if i already ate the candy

The Darkius Rising- part 14 (The Siren Queen)

Using his teleportation spell to quickly teleport the scholars from the College of Winterhold, Cauldron and the rest were now at the inn in Windhelm; Candlehearth Hall. 991 more words


28th August

Superficially observing the late 50s and early 60s European art scene, there’s a real likelihood that someone today looking back will fall into a growing despair of the geometric, of the detached, of this kind of impersonal art solely for the elite and the stuck-up. 1,284 more words