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Late but here!

Bad Ole’ Hank issue 4 is here, a few days late because I was sick, but everything is back on track now. The new episode of Bad Ole’ Hank is in the series section here and has the release date for the newest addition to the Hokken family of stories, Piritz! 21 more words


If Hammy Ran the World: Day One

Yes, that’s toilet paper. Leaves are really hard to roll around a stick.

Comic Commentary

Ravens defensive depth chart changes after Week 2

The Baltimore Ravens have released their second depth chart of the preseason. While we can look at how players performed in games, we aren’t the coaching staff and don’t get the luxury of seeing every aspect of practice, training and having the full knowledge of what the players are trying to do in games. 408 more words

Baltimore Ravens

'Sects Monday 08/21/2017

*Eclipses are the gateway drug to staring at things you shouldn’t stare at… One day you’re staring at an eclipse, the next day you’re staring into the normal Sun… and before you know it, you feel compelled to stare into the fire… at light bulbs… and all manner of too-bright things. 10 more words

Comic Strip

Laughter: The Universal Language – #28

Sometimes I find hilarious stories on Quora.com. It’s a question-and-answer site where you can find real gems mixed in with sillier stuff. It’s worth wading through, as you’ll see with today’s little tale I “borrowed” from them. 303 more words



I have finished inking the Rookie, so feel free to review or comment on these pieces of art. remember, your review just might make it onto the final print copy! 25 more words