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Baby on a plane

Babies have this amazing ability to keep on Crying for like, hours in a row… HOURS… (NON-STOP)… To the extent that your entire nervous system could break down just by hearing… … 27 more words


Pretty Flight Attendant

And last time when he came back, this is what he said… 67 more words

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These Things Happen

Just a silly little comic. The teddy bear thing was a *bit* off color; it may come around a bit later. But here’s a small sketch of a blossoming friendship based on mutual interests. 118 more words


Things My Mom Says

So today after my mom and I finished working we went to the Mall of America, on the way back home from the mall, my mom takes an exit that she usually doesn’t take so she says, “Oh man I’m going to go this way I really hope I don’t get us lost.” so I look at my mom and i give her a smart answer since I had told her to go a different way in the first place, I say, “I told you, you should of gone the way I told you, now were going to get lost and your phones dead and my phone is about to be dead.” so my mom starts telling me how were not going to get lost that it says 494 west up on the billboard and as long as we fallow 494 west we will be fine, I don’t think i’ve told you but my parents are Mexican so all of this is being said in Spanish. 157 more words