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Geek Out! Launching a comic I worked on at Fancon!

I should have been hyping this up more than I have, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, I’m here to say that I will be at Fancon all weekend with… 47 more words

Comics And Graphic Novels

The Headache

I didn’t spend too much time on this one- I just mashed it out quickly before bed!

If I was to do the lame thing and go; “I’m really, really quick. 184 more words



Ironic that she’s naked, right? The title is a complete lie here.

Haha, you know I’m only messing, dear reader! It’s all symbolic anyway. Plus, who can’t resist a naked babe?! 494 more words


Comic Work In Progress!

As I’ve been saying – I’m loving making short stories for Bwillett.

Favoutire panel from the current page I’m working on! If you want to see more comic WIPs, please pledge to my Patreon!

Art Work

[Comic] Beating the system

Comment if this is a something you face on a daily basis!


Dog Cartoons

I draw dog-comics, each character is based off of one of my pets. They have two forms; their animalistic form which they are pets, and their human (ware-dog or ware-cat) form where they can talk, walk upright, and function like normal human beings – it’s a cartoon so its fine (my fiancé never watched cartoons growing up and he questions cartoon logic the most). 1,449 more words

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