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Continuity, Again.

Hitting up on jokes from old strips, ha ha. Yup! I’m disorganized and I am trying but it ain’t easy! ha ha


The Dreamcatcher

The following project took two months to complete. It was a gift for my best friend, and one of the hardest secrets I had to keep from her. 90 more words

#1806 - Victory

You do the best you can, but sometimes the students just do not want to engage with the material, no matter how interesting you try to make it.

Sketch A Day

Marvel’s Black Panther Film: Why I’m More Concerned Than Celebratory

I know, some folks (maybe you included) felt this was the best film ever produced, others thought it a watershed moment, and so on. I watched the film, and I surveyed the exuberant reaction by black folks, and even with the multiple unconventional aspects of this film I feel like black folks should be concerned about what this film itself and its reaction means for our community. 1,760 more words