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The weird story chronicles: a guide

The weird story chronicles: a guide

Starter up!

Jerry, Larry-O-Lolo, and Elephant are doing their normal activities. Fighting each other with baseballs. Dilemma after dilemma the three get into, high jumps, regeneration, climbing mount everest, and bringing their younger siblings into it are all characteristics of these first six comics. 161 more words


Queer Comics

Queer master post

This is a link to a Huffington post which lists many different queer comics you may be interested in! I haven’t viewed them all myself, however they look interesting and this is a good reference for those who may desire more representation in their comics! 36 more words


From Hand Masks to 4 A.M. Wakeups: Martha Stewart on How She's Defied Aging

Martha Stewart kicked off her illustrious career at just 13 years old, as a model. And 62 years later, she still looks youthful.

The lifestyle guru shared exactly what she does to… 408 more words


One Punch Man Season 2 In Production

One Punch Man was to great to watch and were told their will be a second season. Well the team are back at it as production for the second season of the man with too much power has begun. 60 more words


Wondercon 2017

Will you be going to Wondercon this weekend in Anaheim?  Awesome!  The come see Massacre Twins creator Francis and co-writer Josh on the “How to Get Press Coverage” panel on Saturday (April 1) at 10 am.  26 more words