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Rowans Ruin (2015) Issue 1 Comic Book Review

The grass is always greener on the other side or so they say but some people just need to have a change. Rowans Rise is the story of Katie, a young Florida women who trades sunny beaches for the British countryside after she house swaps with another women giving them both relativity cheap vacations. 236 more words


How to Save the World

News flash: economists are slowly destroying the world. As a political science major, it is naturally my belief that I can stop them.

Today, we are in the process of condensing everything into one thing. 481 more words


Falling for Archie Comics' JUGHEAD #1

“So after three months of feeling him out, I decided to break up with Archie. Well, I decided to break up with Archie, the recent reboot of the decades-running comic series from Archie Comics…..” 21 more words


Across the Mediums: The Walking Dead

Novels and movies exchange stories all the time, whether it is a film adaptation of a book or novelization of a blockbuster. These aren’t the only mediums to share with each other however. 896 more words


'End of Chapter One'

I split up ‘The Mildly Extraordinary Adventures of Leslie Lawrence’ into chapters initially because it was easier for me to work out the story and stuff. 46 more words