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Batman Wonders to Legends-Chapter 1

Frantically, the frightened jewel thief shoots his .22  blindly into the darkness stretched out in front of him. Feeling bricks blocking his path, from the abandoned building ripping through his shirt into his back, he screams: ” Show yourself!” With all the false confidence he can muster. 1,305 more words

Inspiring, Yet Full Of Whimsy

How worthy are you? 

A short comic about self worth. Ideas inspired by Teal Swan 😊

Judge Dredd (1995)

Director: Danny Cannon.

Starring. Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, Rob Schneider, Jurgen Prochnow, Max Von Sydow, Diana Lane, Joan Chen. USA/UK. 1h 36m.

Long ago in a not so mega city a wee girl used to spend most of her pocket money  on her comic addiction.. 911 more words

Movie Reviews

Real Boy

I hope I am a real boy.

I hope you enjoy my first comic.


Harley Quinn Vol. 4: A Call to Arms

Publisher: DC Comics
Released: June 28th 2016
Received: Own
Issues: Harley Quinn (New 52) 19-26 and Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1

A Call to Arms is probably not the strongest Harley Quinn comic out there, but it’s at least one of the funnier ones. 440 more words