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Bad Seal

This one was inspired by true events, but the less fun version.
In other news, did you know that I now have a Redbubble account where you can order shirts, mugs, and stickers with my designs on them. 17 more words

Ghede: Guerrier Extraordinaire #4: Pages 5-6

Page 5, 7 Panels- Avain’s Dhom, Interior of the “Boom Room”

Panel 1-2: A two-part set of panels cut back to Avain a couple of beats after Ghede’s cry in the last panel of the previous page. 655 more words


A Date with The Silence

This week on the lighter side of Doctor Who, we have a short little comic featuring one of The Silence. For a villain that can be so scary, The Silence can be the subject of some pretty good comedy right. 44 more words


chris the cyclist

Hey pixels, do you remember Chris from his last comic? He’s a very shy pixel, as I am too; and being an introvert person sometimes gives you problems that an extrovert person don’t see or understand. 29 more words


The Thong of Music

 I acknowledge today’s headline makes no sense. It’s just a bad (good) pun that hopefully will be irresistible to click.

#1 Thing I Did Not Know After Writing This Strip for Over 20 Years: Verne has a tattoo on his right butt cheek. 6 more words

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