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Heavengrad is a surreal utopian-dystopian city where people bleed money and strippers are revered as priestesses. The wealthy bankers are all undead, and a revolution is brewing against them. 75 more words


Pizza Cabina

No need to race, because at Pizza Cabina, everybody is a winner!


Catman the first!

I recently released Catman #4 as a zine, which made people giggle. Here’s the very first Catman comic, which came from a conversation with my dad. 48 more words


Comic Mnemonics: Spanish Verbs: A fun, easy way to remember Spanish verbs Review | Learn Spanish

Learn Spanis. Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.4 out of 5 stars. French for Kids. Discover what thousands of kids already know about memorizing verbs… illustrations and funny phrases work!Maybe you use a mnemonic to remember the number of days in each month (“thirty days hath September…”), which way to set your clock at Daylight Savings Time (“spring forward, fall back”), or the order of planets in the solar system (“my very educated mother just served us new potatoes”). 88 more words