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Rogue Telekinetic - Crotch Rocketeers

A high pitched whine sounded from behind Jack Davis as he drove to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. The whine increased in volume as he progressed further down the highway. 678 more words



A western Ive been working on inspired by Pretty deadly and the Hatfields and McCoys story. 6 more words


Dogfin Episode 64 - Interview with Soulgate Studios

We would like to introduce you to one of Houston’s local artists, Soulgate Studios. Jon sits down and talks with them about the new comic they are working on “Crafty Monkey” and all he adventures in entails. 36 more words

Main Character

So, this is The main Character of the comic. Will Kala’myr ex-Jedi turned Bounty Hunter, Code Name “Glitch”. Don’t worry he is not a robot. Just his armor. 15 more words


The One You Feed

Greetings Everyone! Here are some sneak preview pages of my upcoming comic “The One You Feed”, my werewolf comic, which will be available in early 2017! 26 more words