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Batman Mask of the Phantasm (Bruce Timm, 1993)

With the recent event of Batman Day, I decided to revisit one of my all time favourite animated films, Batman Mask of the Phantasm. I originally watched the film out of pure interest and reading about how it is the ‘definitive’ Batman film, which I mostly agree with; however, despite being created by Bruce Timm who’s work on BTAS (Batman the Animated Series) changed the animation industry and the comic book industry, the film does have its faults. 258 more words

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Starbolts #364: Phoenix Rising

The Ice Phoenix has claimed her birthright and hopefully a place among Earth’s mightiest heroes. Where will she go from here? We’ll find out soon enough! 34 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo

(Minor Spoilers)

Before I start going into my thoughts on this film, I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the original Guardians of the Galaxy (James Gunn, 2014) was definitely one of my favourite movies released that year but from a soundtrack perspective, Guardians 2 definitely had the superior soundtrack. 289 more words

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Jessica Chastain Produced Film 'Painkiller Jane' Finds Writer

Last year, Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain announced plans to produce and star in a film adaption of the comic series Painkiller Jane. But not much development has come ever since Chastain expressed her desire to produce the project until now. 150 more words


Personal Project

Personal Project: Comic Book One Shot

My personal project will be creating my own comic book. I am planning on creating 5-7  chapters. This comic book will be based on a story I wrote in my senior year of high school. 112 more words

Week 2 / Personal Project Introduction

First Relative Work

New page for Terminal Velocity #4. Read ’em in order at SmackJeeves http://bit.ly/2eVkg3P or, buy Print Versions at IndyPlanet. http://www.indyplanet.us/brands/griffin-comics/