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Sometimes, A Comic-Book Cover Is Too Good

(Source: io9.gizmodo.com)

Yes, that’s Mole Man doing the ol’ trilby hat-tip and courtly creep-bro greeting. Genius like that which you see above is why The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is… 190 more words


Research: Ruling on Cartoons and Children books with Images

By Dr. Bilal Philips

You can acquire this in book format, here.


(Qur’an: Al-Hashr 59:18-19)


These days, images and cartoon characters are very… 3,813 more words


Reviewing The Trailers of Comic Con 2016

With this years Comic Con just happening this past weekend. A good amount of movie trailers shown at this years Comic Con. So here are my general thought on each trailer. 512 more words


The Killing Joke: A Lesson In How To Nail It

I’ve loved Batman and his dark and dirty city for many years now and one thing you see as a DC fan is multiple interpretations of the stories and characters we love so much. 802 more words



Lavender walked up the steps. She held the three bottles of water, two hotdogs, and her game program. She stopped at row 304. Checking her ticket, she saw seat 14. 1,348 more words


Research: Marvel 1

Check out the range of artwork in Marvel comics, old and new. See how initially, there was a regimented way of sticking to the framing system with marginal flexibility. 170 more words