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Final Age of Ultron trailer coming soon (Very soon)

A 7 second announcement trailer for the final Age of Ultron trailer hit the web today, and it’s pretty cool.

It reveals that the new trailer will come Thursday the 5th (so Friday the 6th for us Aussies) and we get a couple of new shots from the movie. 215 more words


Spider-Man vs Iron Man in 2017

Kellvin Chavez from Latino Review has apparently been working on this story for some time now and he seems confident in its legitimacy.

The first detail he reveals to us is that the title of the new franchise will be… 333 more words


How Will The DC Cinematic Universe Unfold? - Part 1

Warner Bros. hasn’t had it easy over the last ten years when it’s come to building a successful Cinematic Universe. While Batman Begins was met with praise, the effort with… 1,109 more words


Individual Captain and Falcon

Bruce Timm inspired character pieces made indivdual, today is Captain America and his Buddy Falcon


What is happening tomorrow?

So: David Ayer (director of the up-coming Suicide Squad) Tweeted;

“Something will happen. Tomorrow. #skwad”

Well yeah, David. A lot is going to happen tomorrow. 255 more words


Kraken the ship against the waves

Acrylic on canvas

Over Christmas I was given a bottle of a famous spiced rum brand which features a picture of a giant squid on the box and bottle. 159 more words