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Deadpool Review

“If you can’t love crudeness, how can you truly love mankind?”

Bagi kalian yang tumbuh dengan membaca komik, just like myself, salah satu hal yang paling menggelinjang di dunia pastinya adalah menyaksikan tokoh pahlawan kesukaan masa kecil kita beraksi melawan tokoh-tokoh jahat yang juga kita favoritkan sewaktu masih kanak-kanak. 1,441 more words


2 - Ben Power

The Person:

When this person was described to me, the element that stood out the most was that he always brings the best out in people. 59 more words


The Better Avengers

If you’re not up to date on the latest characters and story arcs in Marvel comic books then you might be surprised to learn that the current line-up for the Avengers looks less like this: 1,194 more words


Superman #1 (3rd series) (2011)

With the arrival of the New 52 came another restart of the numbering of Superman issues. ¬†The previous time this happened was in 1987. ¬†This issue (which is of the first printing) was written by… 26 more words


1 - Natalie Thorn

The Person:

This is my friend who is a loving and caring person but a force to be reckoned with if you stand in her way. 51 more words


Beware! For the most hideous horrors lurk within your comicbook life

I’m still working my way through my collection of Split Lip Comics. (Check out Last Caress and Termites in Your Smile when you get a chance.) And today I’m delving into the seriously disturbing tales in… 384 more words