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The Uncanny X-Men: Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire [#475-486] (2006-2007)

By far the most unexpected of stories to appear in my quest to collect and read the mid-oughts Cosmic Marvel stuff (basically Thanos –> The Thanos Imperative… 751 more words


Marvel's Empire Strikes Back First Issue

I was happy to add this first issue of Marvel’s The Empire Strikes Back from 1980. The UK copy came with a free sheet of Kraft Dairylea action transfers – which was unused and included with the issue I picked up. 240 more words


Silent War (2007)

I developed an affection for the Inhumans a while ago, largely, I think, on an appreciation of the Kirbyesque aesthetics of, particularly, Black Bolt. There’s also something appealing in the stoic limitations Blackagar suffers as a result of his powers. 692 more words


Son of M (2006)

Though I’ve not watched the films he most caught on in,¹ I wonder a bit if Pietro now has a decent following, considering I heard much about his celluloid appearances. 619 more words


Silver Surfer, Vol. 5 (2003-2004)

From my perspective, the Surfer has largely “always been there.” Years of reading and re-reading (until I carelessly destroyed it from reading and carrying) The Origin of Marvel Comics  678 more words


Marvel Legacy - Did It Fail?

So Legacy has been out and I guess you can say it doesn’t suck…..as much as what came before. Kind of a miracle if you ask me. 2,985 more words