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My Batgirl(s)

Strong feelings about Batgirl? Me?

If the above images aren’t clear, I’m a bit of a Batgirl fan. I own multiple Batgirls. I’m writing my thesis on her, and my friends and family have become experts at finding Batgirl merchandise to offload onto me when I’m having a bad day. 1,155 more words


Kenny the Cop, Episode 12

No better cure for a case of the Mondays than another episode of Kenny!

Kenny the Cop, Episode 12: Random Events, Part I is the start of another three-parter. 51 more words


July 24, 2016: More thoughts on "We Were Family"! The Dark Matter SDCC Fallout!

It’s been ┬ábusy week for Dark Matter. ┬áMore reviews, reactions, and interviews! Tomorrow, we role into my behind-the-scenes insights into “Episode 17: We Were Family”! 234 more words

Harley Quinn Wears Classic Suit in Suicide Squad

Yesterday DC released 9 minutes of B-Roll footage for their upcoming movie Suicide Squad and in this footage we get two good looks at Harley Quinn and a costume that seems very much liker her original costume from Batman The Animated Series where the character first appeared. 38 more words

Movies And TV

the Killing Joke?

Just read about the added content that has been inserted into the animated feature based on Alan Moore and Brian Bollands The Killing Joke.

After the Arkham Asylum/Suicide Squad themed animated feature i gave up on DC-Comics animated features[1]. 121 more words


paging Doctor Holmes

A new trailer for Doctor Strange was released into our reality. It certainly contains more action and reveals the sides everyone’s one, and while the world rearranging sequences do look impressive, and must be even moreso when seen on a bigger screen, it still feels like they are just playing with a VR Lego playset. 7 more words


New Doctor Strange Trailer Released

So after Marvel told us they would not release any SDCC footage (and I penned a long article berating them for it), they decided to release the trailer for their upcoming movie Doctor Strange. 65 more words

Movies And TV