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December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 - Day 13 of 91!

While I was back in the office, working on this latest script, production on season 3 continued at the Ishida Palace in Kitchener, Ontario Zairon.  In tribute to  202 more words

Dark Matter

Survival – Part 3

Hockey could be violent in the seventies but this incident went a little too far.


The Night Terrors Podcast Review

“In 2014, host of the popular web show ‘The Night Terrors Podcast’ Liam Cunningham disappeared. Not only did he disappear, but everything else did too – his website, his social media and his podcast. 470 more words

Indie Comics

This Guy Drew Every Webcomic Cliche He Came Across This Year

Artist Alex Norris recently shared a gallery with the following message: “I have spent the past few months recording any webcomic cliches I have seen. Here are some comics.” The album was posted to… 156 more words


The Great Convergance: Heroes VS Aliens

Last week, over the course of 4 (well, really 3) days, The CW did please us all, with a large scale, full on ridiculous, and amazing cross over event. 561 more words


December 5, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 - Day 12 of 91!

Commander Delaney Truffault means business!

The Raza’s spooky underbelly.

Media day with Tanavi Patel and Yael Tygiel.

The costumes department has something in the works for the Ishida court. 68 more words

Film And Television