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Preventative Comics: Will Eisner's 'PS - Preventative Maintenance Monthly'

Almost since I first heard of Will Eisner, I’ve been aware that he spent most of the period between the end of The Spirit and his Section and the first appearance of the legendary… 2,098 more words

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A Strange Death for a Strange Death

I can’t remember how long ago it was that I wrote my last Cerebus post. It was intended as my last word on Dave Sim, and the complicated situation he had manoeuvred himself into in the years after his landmark series. 678 more words

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Denny O'Neill R.I.P.

I’ve just heard the news about the loss of Denny O’Neill from the downthetubes comics web-site. Though there were things in his philosophy that I disagreed with, particularly with his approach to critically review other’s works, and though some of his most famous stories – notably the… 144 more words

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The Killing Ghost - The Spectre in Adventure Comics

Having now read practically the whole of The Spectre’s pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths history, thanks to my More Fun Comics DVD, I want to go back to what was undoubtedly the most controversial part of his career, the infamous ten-issue run by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo in… 7,374 more words

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Happy Birthday...

Not many people know this but today, 4th June, is an anniversary.

DC Comics have been going around lately celebrating certain character’s 80th Anniversaries but I bet they haven’t even thought of this one. 268 more words

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Pack your bags and wing your way over to Crystal Pond, fishing, swimming, camping, decapitation and mass slaughter.
Wish you were here?

Swampline Comics

When Luck was a Lady

Never say ‘complete’. I have further wanderings in the Golden Age to come, with several others of DC’s old titles, but before that, I am going off-reservation a little with a look at the life of Klaus Nordling’s Lady Luck, aka society girl Brenda Banks. 1,787 more words

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