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A Ghost?

To find out, poke the subject.

  • If the subject squeaks, then we have a person.
  • If the subject haunts your dreams, then we have a ghost.
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animal week: the african white backed vulture

Or as the Zoo’s website calls him: Vulture, African White Backed.  In this shot, he is looking right at you, which is hard to catch.   187 more words

Comics And Cartooning

mammoth good advice

Spent the productive part of the day at the county fair, where I saw a cartoon mammoth and read some nicely lettered good advice.

The two were not connected, but I feel the mammoth would agree with the sign’s request, since he seems to be the irritable type. 33 more words


read a complete comic! and more good stuff coming

Thank you, blogskateers, for being so patient while I got some stuff sorted out over the last few days. Now we have good news: a project completed (see below) two fun new projects in the sketchbooks I might be tempted to “sneak peek” sooner or later, and a new piece of fiction which, dog willing and the creek don’t rise, will start running next week.   135 more words

Comics And Cartooning

Types of People

Plenty of overlap exists, of course. For example, your friends count as a mix of types A and C.


drawings of jack, inspired by c.c. beck

This is directly relevant to the Big Fourth of July Weekend Event …  a gallery of drawings of Jack Swann/ aka Foursquare, which show his artistic descent from C.C Beck’s Captain Marvel.   32 more words

Comics And Cartooning