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work in progress: werewolf librarian

Every so often, a nifty bit of penciling comes along that you are sort of afraid of ruining in the inks– I’ve started taking pictures of these sketches and posting them on line to give them a tiny shot at immortality.   104 more words

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three faces of bud

Here are three little faces of Bud, as requested by the person who is developing a new product for us.  Bud, longterm Kekionga resident, junkyard owner and semi-unwilling participant in a “trained by a Master” superhero origin story, is drawn to a model of my own devising, best described as “half conventional Happy Buddha, half retired pro wrestler”.   14 more words

Comics And Cartooning

comics panel of the day

I’ll just leave this here for you.

Anybody have any idea where this comes from?

Comics And Cartooning