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in the addams family's living room

The Addams are my favorite cartoon/TV family.  And why not.  Gomez and Morticia are radiantly in love, have two intelligent, lively and well behaved kids, a complex and loving extended family, loyal servants, cool pets, and a great house.   373 more words

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comics on parade

Took the Pentax and the 55mm portrait prime into town to photograph the parade and street festivities associated with the famous Popcorn Festival.  This was one of my favorite parade shots. 53 more words

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moab: page 16

Moab ends, as my comics often do, with the characters walking home.  So, The End.  Thank you very much for reading.

For those not previously familiar, I almost always put the indicia and other information on the back covers of my minicomics, underneath a single square panel that either ends the story or comments on it. 160 more words

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moab: page 15

The big payoff.  I’m sure you saw it coming miles back, but I remember being delighted by this  revelation while I was writing the story.  It’s the honest truth– I wrote the framework of a story about moa skeleton coming to life, and a cowboy saddling her up and riding away, without realizing until I reached the typing it out phase that I was writing a story about the Cowboy Who Rides an Ostrich from the Rankin/Bass… 187 more words

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moab: page 14

“Heigh ho, Moab, away!”  Here’s to posting the last three pages all in a row.  Did I know, absolutely know, when I started writing this story that this line was going to appear prominently in the finished piece, as the cowboy rides out of the narrative on his moa?     224 more words

Comics And Cartooning

The Wheels on the Truck

Based on my brother’s adventures in Space Engineers.