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Creating the ultimate Bond--James Bond SPECTRE comic strips

Daniel Craig’s modern James Bond inspired by classic comic strip versions of Bond?

According to the foreword in James Bond: Spectre – The Complete Comic Strip Collection… 412 more words


‘Hulk’ Will Be More Verbal In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Its safe to say that Marvel’s next Thor film is early days into pre-production but more details continues to leak by way of the director himself Taika Waititi. 255 more words

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'Hanna Barbera' Comics Get A Makeover By DC

Hanna Barbera cartoons have been touchstone for iterations of generations growing up, from the sitcom-antics of The Flintstones to the Horror-lite mis-adventures of The Mystery Inc. 604 more words

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'Wonder Woman' Will Squash Sexism With Humour

In the new issue of Empire Magazine, it was revealed by Wonder Woman leading lady Gal Gardot, that her Diana Prince has experienced much in her life on the account that she is old, very old. 314 more words

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'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2' Starts Filming "In A Couple Of Weeks"

How long has it been since we’ve seen those lovable rogues, that talking Racoon and a dancing living tree aboard the Milano? Seems like ages doesn’t it, but with Director… 162 more words

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Director ‘Taika Waititi’ Promises That ‘Thor’ Will Be The ‘Best Character’ In ‘Ragnarok’

In the past two Thor films nobody can deny that perhaps the title character has been eclipsed by other characters. From comedic timing of Jane Fosters adorkable side-kick… 351 more words

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‘Simon Kinberg' & ‘Bryan Fuller’ Explain ‘Apocalypses’ Power In The New ‘X-Men Movie’

Apocalypse is easily one of the most recognisable X-Men villains from comics and the cult-classic animated Tv show of the 90’s. But the Ancient Egyptian is also one of the more enigmatic and complicated nemesis that the Mutant team have ever faced. 1,032 more words

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