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Free Comic Book Day 2016 Postmortem #1: New Mutants Volume 1, 71-73

I have read a lot of X-Men comics.  As a child of the ’90s, I was at that ideal age where I was smitten enough with the cartoon that I wanted to learn more about the characters in the comics.  1,046 more words


Review: Dead Vengeance HC

It’s 1940, and a phony body on exhibit in a carnival sideshow suddenly springs to life and shambles away. Not so phony after all: he is John Doe, radio commentator and archenemy of Detroit’s notorious Purple Gang. 187 more words


The Batman 500: "Feat of Clay Part 1"

This is 500 words about a Batman episode. This is the BATMAN 500.

If the Two-Face two-parter is about a good guy that is ruined by his inner demons, The Clayface two-parter is about a bad guy that is…well…also ruined by his inner demons. 494 more words


W Is For We3


It’s been described as a mecha-suited Watership Down or The Incredible Journey on acid. But Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s We3 is a beast of a very different colour. 31 more words