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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews - 3/24/18

Allow me to use this space as a warning to all: don’t get old! Apparently I’ve developed seasonal allergies! Ugh! This sucks! I want my face back! 2,437 more words


Strange Fruit (Comic book)

A black Superman crashes to earth in a small Mississippi town in 1927. This is one of the most beautifully drawn comics I have ever read… and you should definitely check it out given the opportunity. 489 more words


Opinion: Marvel Relaunch leaves "X-23's" Future Uncertain

This spring, Marvel is “relaunching” their comics line, a common practice. The lineup of writers and artists and their assignments may change. New series will be started. 2,291 more words


Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #4

I am so mad that this outfit isn’t DLC content for “Breath of the wild.” I wanted this outfit for link so bad. 

But here is a Linkle. Well, a Link. 


Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 01)

Everybody, you all have to go out and get yourselves a copy of this comic book! Seriously you all will be impressed with this story as much as I am! 727 more words

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