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Read - 18 August 2017

I’ve not been super motivated to read a ton this week but I did wrap up a pair of graphic novels and make a little progress in another book. 297 more words


Nazi Captain America's Final Showdown: Secret Empire Pt 1

The “Nazi” Captain America Gimmick comes to a close

Captain America was revealed to be working for the Fascist/Terroist Organization, Hydra in May of 2016.  Steve Rogers: Captain America 1 contained the reveal. 840 more words


When Heroes Get Weary: The Man of Steel Loses Hope

Spoiler Alert: storylines from the comic books Superman: Peace on Earth, Superman: For Tomorrow, and Kingdom Come are given in detail.

The Christopher Reeve Superman movies helped pave the way for the plethora and popularity of superhero films today. 1,709 more words


So Sayeth the Odinson: Catwoman and Black Cat Juxtaposed

Greetings from the Odinson,

It should come as no surprise that Marvel and DC Comics have been known to, how shall I put this, pay homage to one another?  1,298 more words

So Sayeth The Odinson With Michael Breakfield

Green Lantern gets the Earth One Treatment

DC has been creating comics for the last few years dubbed “Earth One” where characters are given modern origin stories and freed up from their decades of continuity.   183 more words



Hey hey! We’re back! With Episode 15!

This one’s great, we expanded and rebranded our announcements section and talked about six really cool things: Dead Cross (music), Perturbator (music), Sonic Mania (game!), Voltron (animated series), Monsters (comic) and Cloud Atlas (sci-fi movie)…and we return to Westeros for some GOT spoiler talk at the end. 20 more words