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Ragman Issue #1 (Quick Review)

When I first heard of Ragman I was very interested, but after reading the first issue it now has my attention. I went into this comic not knowing what to expect but as the story progressed I got more and more excited.  120 more words

INKtober - Day 19 - Charmy as Broken Matt Hardy

The greatest gimmick in wrestling history is without a doubt… BROKEN! Matt hardy is a mad genius. I remember watching the Broken Hardys on Impact Wrestling and thinking, “Man, I am glad they are not with the WWE anymore because Vince would have never approved this gimmick”!!! 122 more words

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Beyond Reality

A review of Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Anthology edited by Joamette Gil (P&M Press, 2017)

By Derek Newman-Stille

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Anthology is an incredibly potent collection of narratives that have needed to be told. 236 more words


Superhero Versus The Threat of CisNormativity

A review of Alters Vol 1: The Story of Chalice by Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz (Aftershock, 2017)

By Derek Newman-Stille

I rarely get a chance to see a Trans superhero narrative. 539 more words


A Deafinitive View On... The Hulk

I forget when I first became aware of the giant green goliath that could smash cities to pulp with his fists when he became enraged. There’s no set date, unlike my first baseball game. 493 more words