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Book Review: Bake Sale by Sara Varon

This is a cute little graphic novel set in a world of food items. The main character is a cupcake who owns a bakery. There’s also an eggplant and they are best friends as well as being in a band together. 80 more words

Book Reviews

Suicide Squad, American movie (2016)

I don’t think that I am the only one when I say that I sometimes like a good bad guy even more than a hero. And if I am the only one that says that, well then I guess I must be weirder than I thought. 1,017 more words


Deadpool: Suicide Kings

Είχα την τύχη, πριν λίγες ημέρες, να διαβάσω το Deadpool: Suicide Kings και θέλω να πω δύο λόγια για αυτό το comic. Όχι μόνο γιατί είναι ένα comic που αφορά τον Deadpool αλλά γιατί δείχνει την μαγεία της Marvel και πόσο μικρό φαίνεται το MCU μπροστά στο αντίστοιχο σύμπαν των comics. 30 more words


Comic Analysis - Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

I’ve read a great deal of comics in my life. And with the many I have read, I’ve come across many iconic stories for some of my favorite characters. 647 more words


Reviews from a Lapsed Spider-Fan, #0: Origin Story

Reviews from a Lapsed Spider-Fan is my attempt to reconnect with the world of Spider-Man, by reading / watching / playing / whatever-ing various incarnations of the character, and writing about them. 517 more words


37: Shing!

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Fake progressivism having woke firsts, real or imagined

When clickbait journalism falls over themselves to write about  non-existent “backlash”, making claims that Captain Marvel is  the “first” female leads in a superhero movie: 194 more words