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I think most of us are well aware of the basic story behind 300.  The heralded story of the small united Greek Army led by Warrior King Leonidas and his 300 soldiers, who defiantly squared off against the massive Persian Army of Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae.   841 more words

Comics/Graphic Novels

The Wrenchies (Pure Trippiness)

If you are into trippy drug fueled stories that delve into the lamentations of a life gone wrong then The Wrenchies by graphic novelist Farel Dalrymple is quite possibly up your alley.   909 more words

Comics/Graphic Novels

Blacksad (Amarillo)

I had been reading a great deal of good things about a series of film noir graphic novels set in 1950s America called Blacksad by Spanish author and illustrator team Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido.   1,013 more words

Comics/Graphic Novels

Alias: In Which We Meet Jessica Jones

Happy Jessica Jones Week, e’erybody!

As you all know, Netflix’s Jessica Jones series is coming out this Friday, November 20th and I am HYPED!  In preparation for this, I just finished reading  1,045 more words


Daytripper: A White Tower Review

When was the day that the person you were died and a new person began? That’s the question Daytripper asks of its reader and damn if it it doesn’t hold back. 2,491 more words

Book Review

Cognetic (2015) Comic Book Issue 1-3 Review

Humans pride ourselves on our individual nature, it’s one of our greatest strengths and where we draw much of our power from. As an individual we can avoid the problems that being part of the herd offers us, the individual is what makes us truly us. 270 more words