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Stories Worth Telling: Black Panther and the Rise of Diversity in Popular Culture

Patricia Ng | March 28, 2018

No matter what you say about the Marvel cinematic franchise, they are making some bold moves. Rather than simply making films about popular superheroes, they have now moved on to lesser-known characters, especially those belonging to minority groups. 854 more words

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Jason David Frank As Lord Drakkon

In a real  treat to Power Rangers fans everywhere Jason David Frank reprises his role as Tommy in this trailer for the next major story arc in the on going Power Rangers series. 87 more words

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Grace’s little secret and all of Finster’s monsters have been exposed to the world and the Rangers have some hard choices to make. With Lord Drakkon revealed to be alive and under Grace’s care the Rangers undoubtedly feel betrayed. 87 more words

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JUDAS #4 of 4

Warning this is going to be very spoiler heavy….

We are coming to the end of Jeff Loveness’s tale and it continues to move and even inspire me. 454 more words

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Jessica Jones - Who is the Whizzer?

A friend of mine texted me last night laughing at the new speedster named in Jessica Jones Season 2, yes folks I am going to be talking about THE WHIZZER! 221 more words


JUDAS #3 (OF 4)

Judas has been quite the interesting ride. It has taken us to some serious lows and continues to ask us what of free will? 

If we are all part of God’s plan then surely all the bad we do is ok, right? 177 more words

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