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One-Punch Man V. Superman

So –

This is a debate I’ve been having with friends and people on Twitter since before Saitama was the well-known Class C, going on B, hero he is today. 351 more words


Blue Beetle:Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

Jaime Reyes has finally come back in the DC Rebirth and this time he is teamed up with Ted Kord.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

If you have not read any Blue Beetle comics before, Ted is the second Beetle in the comics and back during the Crisis he died an under appreciated hero who showed the world what he truly was capable of, while after Ted’s death Jaime went onto become the new Blue Beetle and the first to tap into the full potential of the Scarab that they gain their name from. 324 more words


The Hellblazer #1 Comic Book Review

The Hellblazer is back ,he is also a crafty conjurer with a heart of gold and I am loving it. This issue is a strange mix of ;nerd references, magic, naked asses and comments about British culture that most outsiders wouldn’t understand. 251 more words


Suicide Squad #1 Comic Book Review

The ‘Suicide Squad’ has once again been assembled, and this time they are on a mission with an intergalactic agenda. With their lives on the line these unlikely heroes do not hold back and are catapulted straight into the action, in order to carry out yet another mission that the good guys would be unable to stomach. 333 more words


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1 Comic Book Review

Recently the ‘Birds of Prey’ have had a pretty high turnover, some questionable members and a fair dose of fallouts, so I, for one, and happy to see a return to the more familiar line-up. 437 more words


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #2 (OF 6) Comic Book Review

When last we left our valiant heroine had regained her powers but with a twist and was off to confront an old enemy and him new allies. 187 more words


Kong Of Skull Island #2 (OF 6) Comic Book Review

We are back with James Asmus and Carlos Magno and their amazing tale. As you probably know our story follows two rival tribes and their Kongs as they must now make a home among the horrors that inhabit Skull Island. 227 more words