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Life is so simple when we are young, there are the good guys and then there are the bad guys. But as we get older things become a little more confusing. 218 more words

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I try to write reviews of every book that I finish or not. So this year’s ‘new addition’ to this blog is mini reviews. But these might not be published on any regular basis, just every now and then. 501 more words


JUDAS #2 - Continues to ask a lot of hard questions...

From the very start I knew this book was going to be a difficult read. Full confession here I was raised Catholic and very much consider myself Christian, though I am also a dirty liberal. 535 more words

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This series continues to be one of the best adventure stories currently going in comic books. Every issue has gone from good to great. It’s really impressive how Boom Studios have taken what could easily be written off as crap and turned it into something really special. 126 more words

Comics/Graphic Novels

Boom Studios presents JUDAS #1

BOOM Studios, continue to push every boundary they can with their new series detailing the life and death of Judas Iscariot. Complete with gorgeous art work, we find ourselves drawn into this morbid tale, as Judas fresh after his suicide is being guided through hell by a disembodied voice. 301 more words

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This is still one of my favorite comic’s to just pick up and get lost in and this issue was not one to disappoint. In issue 4 Knockout’s conflict between family and derby comes to a head in surprising ways. 88 more words

Comics/Graphic Novels

My favorite thing is monsters by Emil Ferris

It’s supposed to be a graphic novel, but none like I’ve ever seen before!  I have the Crow Graphic novel, I’ve read Nikki Sixx’s autobiography (which I had said looks like one but it was better than that) This is like a hybrid of journal and Graphic Novel, though ‘Graphic’ I would consider being more art than just comic strips like some of these ‘Graphic Novels’ are. 351 more words