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in the reading room: a final comics february round-up for 2015

*Week three was another awesome week of comics reading for Sharlene (Olduvai Reads)! She writes about her adventures reading Saga Volume 3Glacial Period… 472 more words

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in the reading room: why yes, more comics

*Started off this week in good fashion by reading the Resistance series by Karen Jablonski, with art by Leland Purvis. This series is set in Vichy France. 759 more words

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Comic Book Review - Batman: Arkham Origins


Writer(s): Adam Beechen, Doug Wagner, Frank Hannah.

Artist(s): Christian Duce, Richard Ortiz, Federico Dallocchio, Vincente Cifuentes, Omar Francia, Victor Drujiniu & Thomas Derenick.

Colours: Santi Casas & David Lopez. 815 more words


in the reading room: another week of comics, of course

*After I finished up my last read, I was in one of those states where I absolutely could not make a decision. (These states are not uncommon.) So I told Annie to pick out a comic from my library pile for me to read next.  724 more words

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in the reading room: a slew of comics for Comics February

Okay, maybe not a slew. Depends on how you define a slew.

*My third read of the month was Jericho Season 4 by Kalinda Vasquez, Dan Shotz, and Robert Levine. 1,460 more words

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in the reading room: who's reading what for Comics February

*Sharlene at Olduvai Reads wrote an awesome huge post talking about how she started reading comics and about some of her favorite comics. Also included are a whole big bunch of recommendations. 561 more words

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