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Green Arrow #2 (2016) Comic Book Review (Warning: possible spoilers ahead)

It seem thing are not looking good for our boisterous bowman but luckily this is a man with a plan. Green Arrow #2 really takes things up a notch with Oliver Queen left for dead off the coast of Seattle and riddled with bloody arrows. 259 more words


Broken World-A Graphic Novel Review

Broken World is a unique tale that is quite unlike anything else I have read this year. With a massive meteorite heading towards Earth, one so big it could cause an extinction level event the human species has banded together and a found a way off world. 373 more words


New Super-Man #1 (2016) Comic Book Review

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, its a plane, no it’s Super-Man fighting for truth, justice and the Chinese way? Kenan Kong (pronounced like “Keh-nahn”, rather than “kee-nen”) is our newest man of steel. 468 more words


Batman #2 Comic Book Review

When we last left ‘Batman’ in this, his title series, he had a well timed assist from a couple of new heroes in his city. As we all know, ‘Batman’ can be a little hostile towards unknown entities (#BatmanvsSuperman) so the stage was well and truly set for a good dose of ‘Batman’ style interrogation! 432 more words


Celebrate Wonder Woman's 75th Anniversary at San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 with panels, signings and more

DC celebrates the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman with a variety of activities commemorating her iconic evolution on and off the page. But who is Wonder Woman?  674 more words


Future Quest #2 Comic Book Review

The quest continues for young ‘Jonny Quest’ as he comes face to face with beings and heroes from other Galaxies. When we last left ‘Jonny’ he was face to face with the prolific ‘Space Ghost’, having just outrun the evil minions of the organisation named ‘F.E.A.R’. 302 more words


Green Lanterns Rebirth #2 (2016) Comic Book Review

For the past 16 years I have been a massive fan of the Green Lanterns series, mostly for what it stood for because out of all the heroes he was truly unique. 807 more words