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Charles Murray's Account Of The Middlebury College Affair

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The revolution probably won’t be televised:

‘Some were just having a snarky good time as college undergrads have been known to do, dancing in the aisle to the rhythm of the chants.

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Public Debate

Big Daddy Government and His Cuckolding Welfare State

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is becoming the victim of an interloper. As the horrors of the modern West continue to reveal themselves to the thinking man who collaborates with other awakened men online, an interloper of the worst possible design has revealed himself. 994 more words

The Sexes

2017: The Year When the World Economy Starts Coming Apart

Some people would argue that 2016 was the year that the world economy started to come apart, with the passage of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. 3,877 more words

Financial Implications

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27th November 2016 ~ Poetry Challenge ~ Day 27

2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27
By: Robert Lee Brewer ~ November 27, 2016

For today’s prompt, write a falling apart poem. The poem could be about a crumbling house, tree losing its leaves, or a car that’s breaking down. 205 more words


In Coming Together, We Tore Each Other Apart

We used to be some kind of magic. Long before any of this started, there was something about the two of us that made us good together. 459 more words

What’s the case for Hillary Clinton? Why should she be President?

By Charles Krauthammer

“The best darn change maker I ever met in my entire life.” So said Bill Clinton in making the case for his wife at the Democratic National Convention. 1,392 more words