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Flint is What Happens When Atlas Shrugs

Back when I was a middle and high school teacher, I often had to write students up for dumb stuff they did in the classroom.  They’d have their phones out during class or they’d be talking when they weren’t supposed to be or whatever.  1,609 more words

Special Status

There are many joys experienced in marriage and fatherhood, but I’ve found that an incidental one is the social respectability that goes with them.  A man sitting alone on a park bench could be Ted Bundy, but put a wife and kids around him and he becomes Mike Brady.   611 more words


on someone's case

To get on someone’s case, you’d sometimes have to get in a basket.


Why "Compromise" Rankles

It goes without saying, and yet I’ve said it many times, but just to be sure, so the reader knows where I’m coming from, I’ll say it again: 2,882 more words

The Partisan Divide

Yeah, about that (purple) cake

I posted a couple comments recently to a blog post entitled Let Them Eat (purple) Cake at The Village Square.

I love and support the ideals of… 1,105 more words


World Change: The Elite and Their Institutions

On Monday I posted some thoughts about world change in light of the Disneyland inspired Tomorrowland. Fundamentally I said Brad Bird—the mind behind Tomorrowland— 1,057 more words


Will Bibi’s coalition be like Don Draper?