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When Calls the Heart Season 2 Episode 6 Coming Together, Coming Apart Online

You can watch When Calls the Heart Season 2 Episode 6 Coming Together, Coming Apart online. When Calls the Heart season 2 episode 6. When Calls the Heart episodes can be found on our website including the new When Calls the Heart episodes.When Calls the Heart season 2 episode 6 Coming Together,… 104 more words

World Change: The Elite and Their Institutions

On Monday I posted some thoughts about world change in light of the Disneyland inspired Tomorrowland. Fundamentally I said Brad Bird—the mind behind Tomorrowland— 1,057 more words

Culture And Theology

Will Bibi’s coalition be like Don Draper?


JIM WILLIE — THE QUICKENING: Systemic Breakdown, It’s Coming Apart At The Seams


Perpetual Assets

in the first half of the interview we cover the 10 most critical developments of 2015, and it’s only February. Typically any one of these events would be big enough to make annual headlines. 198 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Just A Thought on Change: Who We Are and How We Change as Individuals and a Culture

This is in effect a continuation of my post from yesterday. That is, it is a continuation because the writing of it was provoked by the same Facebook comment thread, however, as with many online back-and-forths, the issues were handled so disjointedly that there is little need to reference yesterdays post in the body of todays, with the exception of center of the discussion revolving on modesty. 1,148 more words

Just A Thought

Out in the Cold (Very Short Story)

Out in the Cold

When winter arrives the darkness lingers longer, and the electricity bill is higher.  Watered-down soup is the daily special until the next payday; or after the bills are paid (they have to be paid).  17 more words


Special Status

There are many joys experienced in marriage and fatherhood, but I’ve found that an incidental one is the social respectability that goes with them.  A man sitting alone on a park bench could be Ted Bundy, but put a wife and kids around him and he becomes Mike Brady.   612 more words