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Murder on the Orient Express --- New Trailer

I posted an item about the new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express back in June, when the first trailer was released. Today we got a new one. 285 more words


Strong Hair Don't Care

Bring on the elements! The most glorious crowns atop our heads are not made of the longest strands… but the strongest. Strong, healthy hair can stand up to the worst abuses, be they caused by nature or our own hand (we see you over there with the blow dryer/flat iron/hair spray). 351 more words


The Disaster Artist --- New Trailer

Last month I wrote an item about The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s new film about Tommy Wiseau and the making of Wiseau’s chef-d’œuvre, The Room… 98 more words


How to Add Authenticity to Your Period Film

I love period films! They take us back in time, reminding us of our personal past or introducing us to worlds we’ve never experienced. Period films can connect with audiences in a way that contemporary movies can’t. 539 more words

Behind The Scenes

Warning - Changes Ahead

In spring 2013 I began Faith Flix as a way to promote low budget Christian movies. My goal was to help spread the word about films that were largely being ignored by the rest of the world. 362 more words

Coming Attractions

A New Prequel to Blade Runner 2049

Nexus: 2036 is the first of three short prequels to be released in advance of the début of Blade Runner 2049. The shorts will focus on events that shape the world of 2049. 120 more words