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 FR7407 to Luton

I’m packing homemade flower remedies from mum, chocolates, artist brushes, glitter, herbal tea, 6 menthol lip balms.

For the road my friend equips me with a tinfoil wrapped bread roll, an organic apple, a tiny box of raisins and November’s issue of Eurowoman with an article about being from a beautiful place but not feeling at ease there, and making home elsewhere. 132 more words


What In The World Made You Come Here? - a question frequently posed

“You’re crazy.”

My clubbing buddy from Germany was sitting across from me at the food court when she declared this. And followed it up with, “why?” … 696 more words

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Coming Back

I can easily imagine myself sitting at the airport in June wondering where the time has gone. I can still see myself last July, packing for the year. 1,327 more words

I Hate That I Still Think You're A Good Person

I hate that I still think you’re a good person.

I hate that I still think about seeing you again. In the street, at a cafe, in a crowded room. 358 more words

Coming Back...

Goodness does everything look different. …  It’ll take a bit of time to get back in the swing of it. … I’ll terrible, simply awful at the start, but hopefully get better with practice… or get comfortable in my mediocrity … Well, OK… I’ll get started…

My Own Private Train Wreck

I Told You So...

It’s been a few weeks, but you were warned. The spark that made me start this blog died down when I fell back into the routines of life; work, home, socialising. 284 more words