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Hujan bulan Juni

True love has a habit of coming back.



The Lost Cat


I woke up

She said, “it’s gone”

Confused I replied, “what ‘IT’ is gone?”

Your cat she said



The IT whom I used to be cold with… 152 more words


You’re The One Person Who I Can’t Let Go Of

You’re that person from my past who I can’t let go of. You’ve never broken my heart, per se, you just disappear and when you feel like coming back, I always let you back in. 690 more words

Dealing With Injuries

It was possibly the worst moment of my life.

In the middle of a crowded gymnasium, almost exactly 4 years ago, I had taken off after a shanked volleyball pass and stopped going for it when I realized that there was no point in chasing it down. 858 more words


The Fun Begins...soon (Kicking, day 0)

No ceremony, no ritual. Little more than a momentary pause as I looked at the small white pills in my hand this morning, but in that pause I thought of the nine years gone to the past, and the days or weeks of torture & agony immediately coming as I took my last dose of morphine. 528 more words


The First Week of School From An 8th Grader's Perspective

By Jubilee Lettieri

The day has come, the first day as an eighth grader. I had been dreading this day for months, but in reality being an eighth grader is actually, exciting. 281 more words

Condor Press

And so we're back , from outer space !

We’re back , me and my Otter Sister and we’re crazier than ever ;)

It looks like our brains don’t appreciate being put under anesthesia and especially not when they were given only one month and a half to try to bounce back after the first one . 506 more words