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Don't You Dare Ask Me To Come Back If You're Not Ready For Me

Don’t ask me to come back now.

As if silence didn’t consume us.

As if I wasn’t torn apart from the inside-out.

As if you didn’t set me on fire; slowly burning me to the ground. 48 more words

Where does the love go?

When it’s over, where does the love go?

Does it hide under the trees,
buried in the green moss there?
Or does it cover itself with sand… 163 more words


I'm still here

Apologies, life has been a little….nuts

I’m still writing, even though I’m up to five unfinished projects now. I’m doing what I can to get back on track. 17 more words

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You know. Right before she left. She told me something. Something I actually knew since long time ago.. But somehow, I pressed it all.. For one thing called ego.. 376 more words


My Poems Know

words by: mandy tu

my poems do not believe
that we have ended.
they will not mourn
our parting, – i cannot bleed
where once i bled… 58 more words

Natasha Mosley- Comin Back (Official Video)|@NatashaMosley

Natasha Mosley is back with the visual to her latest Zaytoven produced single “Comin Back”.

#48 #SecretLetter

#48 #SecretLetter


I don’t know how you do it…you put up with all my tears, blame, and anxiety, yet you take me back every time. I know I’m not worth it, but your forgiveness is what keeps me coming back even when I should have given up a long ago.