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Day 3-4-5: A total success: Finding out the reason and solution!

During three days and a half leaving my own beloved city to head towards the capital, I have discovered the reason why I had trouble falling into sleep at night before. 219 more words

Say No To Staying Up Late

Dear God,

I miss You. I’m sure you’ve seen what happened to me lately. Not just in that particular area of my life, but in everything. I distanced myself from you. 392 more words


Coming back

How do you come back after injury? That’s what I’ve been grappling with for what feels like an eternity. Really, it’s been eleven months. But in terms of cardio, skeletal, muscular and mind, I may as well be back at square one. 581 more words

I left, but not really

The place still felt comfortable and surprisingly familiar.

As I lay on my bed thinking about the day’s highlights, I thought of this. You see, I was in the office of my previous company earlier that day. 780 more words

Coming Back, Starting New

It’s an unspoken rule that the first post of a new blog should explain what to expect on the newly formed site. It should give the perspective reader and/or follower an idea of the type of content that will fill their computer screens.  152 more words



The quiet white hush of the electric fan, the occasional car horn or siren coming in through the window… these are the sounds of the past two nights; the sounds that remind me that, without question, I am *home*. 377 more words


Salmon River - The Conclusion

All in all, Salmon River was a great experience.  It’s always fun being able to camp out in tents, wake up and go catch your own dinner.  37 more words

Salmon River