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Your good old days are over? Your life knows no more happiness? Worry no more, those days will come back, years repeat history and seasons roll on the years. 43 more words

Life & Motivation

The Fine Art of Walking Away

I often wonder what folks who aren’t writers think about what writers do, how they create, what are the nuts and bolts of doing this as your main occupation. 1,597 more words



My new computer is due today and I have so much to tell you!

Apart from The Word(Press) Amazing Race, my anniversary & my holiday I have been very busy: 36 more words



You thought I was coming back

But you thought wrong

I’m never coming back

To the place I don’t belong


Just stay there.

I’ll get back to you.

You’ll stay there, right?

Quiet and well,
ready and smiling,
engaged and giving.

But don’t be too.

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I'm Sorry You're Miserable Now But You're The One Who Ended It, Remember?

You broke her heart. You completely shattered her heart, her strength, her trust, her mind and who she is as a whole. You broke her down when you decided it was best to go your separate way, without her. 677 more words


I know that time is a thing,

But does it have to be?

Nothing else devides the days,

We created it.

I’ve been gone,

And that is sad, 11 more words