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Feeling Lost

There’s a saying about our generation, I don’t think that it’s well known, as I only heard it in passing. However, I find it to be quite on point with who many people that are considered “Millenials” believe. 1,697 more words

Making Changes

What do you think would be the biggest event that could occur on the world scene? Another world war? The discovery of a cure for some dread disease? 666 more words


No You F-ing Don't



I will not let you into my life again! What the hell do you think you are doing? Being all nice, reverting back to your old self after ignoring me for 7 months? 372 more words

On Being Back.

Hi. It’s been a while since the last time we’ve talked. Almost two months. Oops. I guess I’m not that great of a blogger. I don’t know. 379 more words


Dave Chappelle Is Returning To Your TV!

The unthinkable is about to happen. Yes! Dave Chappelle will be returning to our television screens. Following up after his SNL appearance a week ago, Netflix has made an official announcement. 28 more words

Just Ash

Coming Back Soon

Segera kembali dengan topik baru yang lebih komperhensif dan membuka cakrawala baru pembaca setia semua. Ditunggu ya!


Coming Back

I am back after a hiatus, and happily so. Last four months had  been nothing short of turbulent and bumpy for me. Being the introvert that I am and the over-thinker going to college is distressing. 228 more words