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I’m still in the jeans
I wore last night
Her and I
And our abilities
She stopped me
From reading her
In her bedroom… 14 more words


"Parking Lot! Make Out! Suboxone!"

“Parking Lot! Make Out! Suboxone!”

we were kids
we ARE kids
laying low
hanging out with the stars
we were ghosts to anything routine



Evil Radiator is Manuela Sagaj. A highly talented special effects makeup artist. And you can find her work at: evilradiator.blogspot.com


Little Red, my darling… 38 more words


The Clearing

I have forty-three drawers, twenty-three cupboards, nine closets, three chests, four bookcases and one garage, and I’m on a mission to clear out all of them. 626 more words

Coming Of Age

Kara McArthur's Excellent Adventure Shoes 

My black Converse have been with me since I was 15 years old. I got them my sophomore year of high school. They were not my first pair of Chuck Taylor’s and they were certainly not my last, but these shoes are special. 943 more words

Amer (2009)

It’s been said many times before, mostly because it’s true: either you give a shit about Giallo or you don’t. I’m hardly an expert on the genre, but in my dabbling I think I’ve sampled enough to know this much about myself: I wish I liked them more. 686 more words


Northern Soul (2014)

Alienated and despondent Northerners Matt (Josh Whitehouse) and John (Elliot James Langridge) meet at a sad youth centre and bond over a track of Northern Soul. 396 more words