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What If I Fail?

I always have this nagging what-if feeling. It accompanies me throughout my life. In the back of my head, what if I fail? Then the chaos ensues and the floodgates of worries fall on me again. 448 more words


Man of My Dreams Turned Out to be Man of My Nightmares

God has a sense of humor. This was my first attempt at a relationship. I met this guy who attended my church in undergrad every now and then. 627 more words


The Story of Life and Death

Disclaimer: This story is purely a figment of my imagination. Any similarities to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Did you know that Life and Death were sisters? 1,531 more words


On Success and Failure


I don’t think success is one moment in time but rather many different moments of achievement throughout time. Success is not a static thing. It is constantly moving. 705 more words