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Dave McKean's MirrorMask

Today I watched Dave McKean’s MirrorMask (2004)

While most kids dream of running away to join the circus, Helena, our main character, wants to run away from the circus.   694 more words

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Wes Anderson Week Day 3: Moonrise Kingdom

Today I watched Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom continues Wes Anderson’s love of story artifice and mimics an old timey boy’s adventure book.  Taking place on a small island community in the Sixties, the film follows Sam and Suzy, two disenfranchised yet precocious children who run away together.   354 more words

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I just watched this lovely little film with my daughter. An ‘easy to be with’ film.


AAAFF 2015: “Seoul Searching:” fun, nostalgic, and hopeful

Warning: minor spoilers ahead

Nostalgic for the ‘80s? Love foreign films? Want to reminisce on teen fun and angst? Korean-American writer/director Benson Lee’s coming-of-age romantic comedy… 547 more words

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Looking and talking back – desire and agency in The Diary of a Teenage Girl

“The first feminist gesture is to say, well, okay, they may be looking at me, but I’m looking too. The act of deciding to look and deciding that the world is not defined by how they look at me but how I look at them.”

1,722 more words
New Encounters

Diary of a Teenage Girl is refreshingly honest

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~

The Sundance Film Festival has been the origin of many great independent films, giving new filmmakers an outlet for their unique studio-secular projects. 377 more words

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DOPE is back in theaters today!!! Seriously it’s a great film and you should watch it today if you didn’t see it the first time around. 349 more words