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Ultimate 80s Blogathon: Stand By Me

The older I get, the more I find myself loving the 80s. I guess it’s normal for everyone to look back at the decade when they were growing up and reflect on it with such immense feelings of nostalgia. 376 more words


Oh How I wish

All i’m left with at this time
are my thoughts
and oh if only you knew what they do to me
a battle that i’m constantly losing… 172 more words

Playing a Part

Wilke, Daria. 2015. Playing a Part (translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz). New York: Scholastic. 400 more words


Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera

Juliet Takes a Breath is Gabby Rivera’s debut YA novel that tells the story of Juliet Palante, a Puerto Rican baby dyke from the Bronx. On a whim, Juliet sends a letter to Harlowe Brisbane, the author of her favorite book “Raging Flower: Empowering Your Pussy by Empowering Your Mind” (I know, so cringeworthy). 529 more words

When I Grow Up...


I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
When I was little, I wanted to be a vet. I think everybody wants to be a vet at some point in their life. 1,160 more words

❖Review: Wrong Side Girl by Julia Goda❖

Cole has been Lizzy’s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday. Growing up without a father, Lizzy was raised by her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother. 1,085 more words


From the archives: On Couples' Yoga

From the archives: This Valentine’s Day, I will be in Moab, running an excruciatingly long race with my perma-Valentine (more on that next week). I anticipate a romantic dinner at Milt’s, where Bix will find it endearing when I finish my double bacon cheeseburger and start in on his onion rings, and not just because he is now legally bound to think everything I do is cute. 963 more words