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Time travel doesn't make any sense. But it's fun. So fun.

The Named by Marianne Curley

The copy of this book that I read is a prime example of why you should always put a blurb at the back cover, because I read the prologue and was terrified, thinking I’d accidentally picked up a horror novel, despite it coming to me very highly recommended. 574 more words

Viva Cuba! Part 3

After four days in the posh Nacional with its broad verandas and Cuban music, its view of  El Morro across the bay, overlooking the Malecón and around the corner from the Coppelia Ice Cream Park, we loaded up Coach #425  and headed east  to Matanzas and Varadero for a look at not-Havana. 918 more words

Coming Of Age

He SAID: Dope

Scott F. Evans

Dope might just have one of the most appropriate titles in cinema history. Similar to narcotics, writer/director Rick Famuyiwa’s latest offering gives you an immediate high as it seems to present us with a new breed of young African-American protagonists. 978 more words


L.S. Murphy's YA contemporary romance, Pixelated, blurred some lines in the name of love, but ultimately left me disatisfied

I gave this book three stars, but other readers may not judge it as harshly if they aren’t looking too closely at the messages it does or does not send. 642 more words

Love In A Time Of Really?

30 Day Challenge Day 8: Going Against the Crowd

Hey Bookworms! I hope you’re not too upset with me that this post is technically a day late. I had a really fun Tuesday though and I needed a day like that! 400 more words

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DOG BONE SOUP is the long-awaited “rest of the story”of Shawn Daniels from the original short story, “Pure Trash.” It’s particularly long-awaited for me because as soon as I read the short story, I wanted to read this book. 521 more words


Reactions to "Baby X" and further reflections

With a name like Saunder, I’ve surprised people with my gender many a time. 671 more words