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Part 14B- Young Adult

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You Don't Have To Be Beautiful, To Turn Me On

“By implication we orphans were idiots of connectivity, overly impressed by any trace of the familial in the world. We should doubt ourselves any time we imagined a network in operation.

1,065 more words

Staten Island Summer (2015): Summer

Holy shit this movie sucks.With so many SNL alums working on this you’d think it would be mildly original or funny, sadly this movie is neither. 140 more words


Disco Pigs, Trafalgar Studios

by guest critic Simona Negretto

In 1997 Edna Walsh’s Disco Pigs hit the world with the story of an intoxicating and obsessive friendship between two teenagers, Runt and Pig, and their crazy, oneiric, visionary night out. 394 more words

Fringe Theatre

Back to School: Thoughts on Assassination Classroom (Season 1 & 2)

Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室, Ansatsu Kyōshitsu)

(Anime 2015-2016)

Studio: Lerche

Created By Yūsei Matsui

I watched this anime out of a whim, but I heard great things about this show from fellow bloggers. 568 more words


LUNNAH ☾Excerpt #9☽

Lunnah picked herself up, turned on the squeaky faucet, and splashed her face with cool water. The vanity mirror became a canvas, containing the portrait of a fragmented girl with puffy red eyes—puffier than the one time she had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin. 173 more words


Join The Comic Book Liberation Army

Teenagers From Mars by Rick Spears and Rob G. Gigantic Graphic Novels, 2005. 0976303809.  Collects Teenagers From Mars #1 – #8. 268pp.

I remember how much I loved this graphic novel when I first read it over ten years ago, and it’s just as good now. 325 more words

Book Review