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White Oleander by Janet Fitch with Lavender Tea

White Oleander by Janet Fitch is a uniquely powerful story that shows how circumstances can ruin the chances of even those with the most potential. Janet Fitch weaves the tale of a young girl who idolizes her mother until her mother is arrested and the young girl is bounced from foster home to foster home. 267 more words


Rainbows and Raindrops by Kelley Lynn and Jenny S. Morris

Before… They are the Musketeers–one for all and all for Rain, or however that saying goes.

Now that Rain’s sixteen, freedom is at her fingertips. 862 more words


blood poisons

oh brother raccoon
can’t you smell it –
stagnant time lingers
in the trash awaiting
not disposal, rather

composting all ills
returning back
to mother, promising… 26 more words


Book Review: Bascomville

“Bascomville: A Story of Love,”

by Mark A. Calde

Publisher: Tuscany Arts and Entertainment, Inc.;

August 11, 2016

Synopsis: Welcome to Bascomville, the singular domain of Max Bascom, the universe he has spun for himself from the raw materials of his surroundings.   671 more words


The Land (2016): Cleveland-Based Drama About Youth Culture

Growing up in Cleveland, Cisco (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) and his friends, Junior (Moises Arias), Boobie (Ezri Walker) and Patty Cake (Rafi Gavron), dream of becoming professional skateboarders. 553 more words

Film Review

The Diary of Chloe Cheng

Hey Diary,

I haven’t written since that Thing happened last Fall, but Oscar did the funniest thing and I just need to write it down so I won’t forget it when I grow up. 336 more words

Coming Of Age


Of truths we don’t tell each other
Findings that could cause a stir
The silence entrenches the pain
The pain embitters the soul

We would rather play it safe… 124 more words