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Catching the Gay

Honestly, this post has been a long-time coming.  In a previous post that you can read here, I was hinting at someone that I never thought I would ever catch feelings for, and that person was, well, a woman. 892 more words

A personal coming out story: Friends vs. family

Telling people about my polyamory came in two very different flavors: coming out to friends and coming out to family. Though we are out to many of our close friends, the vast majority of our families think we’re all just good friends. 760 more words


Meatloaf and Tennyson

When I was ten I threw a dinner party for my grandmother and my aunt.  I had been given a cookbook for kids by my mother that year. 918 more words

Asexuality, and How I Discovered It

A long time ago, in a galaxy not that far away (just down the M25 and take a left into Southampton), there existed my child self. 1,382 more words


Been lost … Still not found …

Its been way too long since I have spilled my guts … Other than working my butt off I have been busy courting this guy. Its been a mess, once again he looks great on paper and I really like him it’s just that after a few dates things just seem to be going south pretty fast. 317 more words

Gay Dating

Why I Waited

“If you knew you were like this – transgender – when you were a kid, why’d you wait so long to come out?”

For starters, I’m not transitioning all that late. 1,329 more words


Hello! Hello! HELLO!!!

Welcome my lovely ladles and jelly spoons to the beginning of the journey! Sit back, relax, and have a cup of Mango Tea with Miss Z. 310 more words