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When Prince Charming Became Bold

and no, not my photo...

Let’s FACE it now, ladies, NOBODY can, defeat the YEARS here!

One day, maybe it’d, already happened to you, how the HELL should I know!   205 more words


Lunar Eclipse


Half of Your Eyes

Still Shone on Me

But Your Heart Had

Derailed Already

Becoming the Shadows Casted by the Straight Lines

And so, although she still has her eyes on you, but her heart is no longer concentrated on you, so, WHAT does that mean?  33 more words

State Of Mind

The Changes in Verb~~~Passing Through Parc de Léopold Bruxelles

Turns Out, the You Now

Standing on the Edge of the World Alone Can Only

Smile on, Like an Observing Bystander

This World is the Same as Yesterday… 179 more words

State Of Mind

The Nothing We Shared

and no, not my picture…

This, is what happened at the very end, we’d shared everything from before, and, with the passing of each and every day, everything we’d come to share got strained, rubbed off, little, by little, until now, we’d found, that we shared, nothing at all! 149 more words


The Only Light that Remained...

The only light that remained, it’s from that old and aged, lighthouse by the shorelines, to guide those, wandering, lost ship to safe harbor…

The only light that remained, it’d become, a dying flicker now, and, if you don’t look closely enough, then, you can, easily, miss it.   152 more words


The Rootless Family Tree

and no, didn’t DRAW it either…

Our family tree does NOT have ANY roots, I know, I know, it’s really, really, really, B-I-Z-A-R-R-E!

The rootless family tree, ours, and, because neither one of us had ANY family we can count on, and besides, we were, uprooted, from when we were very young, drifted free, in this big ol’ world, we found, NO need, to map out our family trees and combine them into a brand new family unit… 137 more words


Hey You, Your Biphobia is Showing

I couldn’t help but share this will all of my readers.  I’m not one to wave my bi-pride flag, as many of you already know, but I also think there are so many misunderstandings about bisexuality that sharing this seems to help me support pride in myself – something I am obviously lacking. 111 more words