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The City of Pets

 A short prose, translated…

When Mischief came to live with me, she was only just two months old, with great agility, is the exact embodiment of Hello Kitty.   234 more words

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Birthday, a Poem


Those Who Remembered My Birthday, Must be My Kin

Just like a Song, So Long as They Managed to Squeeze in

They’d Not Forgotten about the Lyrics… 223 more words

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The Sounds of the Nights


There’s only one person in one’s life who’s never going to change, it’s memories

Forever loyal, won’t disappear, fun to be with, and knows to watch one’s facial expressions too… 453 more words

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I Think I Love You, But We Can't Be Together...

not mym picture…

Troubles of love, I suppose, translated…

I loved a guy, once.

We’d met on Facebook, can’t remember who added whom as a friend first though, just knew that we’d, frequented each other’s pages often, and gave out those kudos.  841 more words


In the Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams

This, is a place, where all those forgotten, overlooked dreams go, to wait, their turns, for what?  Nobody really knows!

In the kingdom of forgotten dreams, a little girl was born, and, through her short life of just, no more than a few days, she was, tortured, beaten, all because, her stupid adults had NO clue, that babies communicate through CRYING!   196 more words

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On the Rail Tracks of Time...

Choo-choo, you’d heard, that familiar whistle, sounding off, in the distance…

On the rail tracks of time, you’d ventured out on, although, your mamas’ had, warned you about how dangerous, those tracks can be, especially when you can’t see the trains, coming AT you, at the speed of over EIGHTY miles a minute! 193 more words


Milk Tea, Between a Grandparent and a Grandchild

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The breakfasts at our house are usually made by Mama Chang, homemade breads, fresh milk teas.

One day, Loo Chang had a question, “Daddy, do you know how to make the fresh milk teas the fastest?” 144 more words

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