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Seizing Our Authenticity

People have been trying to identify what an authentic existence is, or what an authentic human is, for seemingly all of time. In Western culture, and here in America especially, people have been repeatedly sold the latest guides to self-improvement and personal development. 341 more words

Forever Boys

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century?

What does it mean to be a man?

What is our right of passage? 212 more words

Empathy and Guilt

How does one carry the burden of awareness? Awareness can be a gift or a curse, depending entirely upon the environment of the aware individual. As a burden, awareness can accumulate knowledge of the broader system of things, and thus leave the observer in a dilemma. 788 more words

Accepting Death

How do you know when you have come-to-terms with your own mortality?

Everyone eventually learns that they will someday die, but how do any of us actually come-to-terms with that knowledge? 318 more words

Don't Pretend Like......You Know Me

Don’t pretend like……you know me, ‘cuz you really don’t, because all you see, if what I’m wearing, and, I’m still wearing a multitude of a WIDE variety of my masks, and yes, I can take them off, but, why the HECK even bother!!! 250 more words

The Self

Shhh: my book is about . . .

As a new writer, taking on the task of a first novel with climate change as the protagonist is tantamount to declaring failure before lifting your pen. 361 more words

Climate Change

Cigarettes After Sex

I once read an article published by The Counsel Rock School District stating there are 4 phases of grief alongside the 5 stages of loss. 1,265 more words