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A Marriage that Started with a Lie

From the moment they’d said, “I do”…

A marriage that started with a lie, because you may, but I won’t!  And, because both our egos are too strong, neither one of us wanted to be the first, to pull the plugs, and so, we’d, allowed this so-called marriage, to drag on, and on, and on, and on. 140 more words


Tuesday Thoughts - There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

I just watched this documentary about a tragic incident that had been on the edge of my awareness.  I was traveling when the accident occurred saw it on a monitor with news while waiting at an airport gate.   706 more words

Movie Watching

Homosexuality is a sin, damn you!

Okay, so I’m being a little extreme in my title, because I’m sure all of my readers know that I’m bisexual.  But I just got done reading… 839 more words


On a Scavenger Hunt for Love

not my photograph…

Love was somewhere, or so we were told, out there, and, we went on a scavenger hunt for it………

On a scavenger hunt for love, how do we find it?   148 more words


The Air, My Friend


I Want You to, Accompany Me Home First

Then, After I Tell My Mom,

I’ll, Walk Home with You Too

the artwork of Jimi Liao… 92 more words

State Of Mind

Sea Urchin, Dedicated to Tsui


She’d Needed, a Camel-Colored Beret  

Otherwise, that other, Velvet Hat

So Innocent, Just, Hung

In Mid-Air

After She’d Lost Even More

not my photo… 187 more words

State Of Mind

On Love

How their mutual attraction eventually, faded, translated…
There are Always Men, with Interesting Stories to Tell
After I’d only met him a week, he’d already, disclosed a lot about himself. 1,323 more words