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The Look You Had for Me, Before We Said Goodbye

The look you had for me, before we said goodbye, it’d been, ETCHED, into my mind, and I can’t erase it, NO matter how hard I’d tried to… 258 more words

Properties Of Love

Being the Owner of One's Own Body

Not letting the outside noises influence one’s own views of the self here, translated…

Every time when my colleague saw my white head of hair, she’d be tempted, to pull me into the hair salons for a dye.   480 more words

State Of Mind

No One Ever Said This Was Easy...

The first time I thought I might be gay…and I mean really really thought it…was my freshman year of college. I remember sitting alone on my bed in my dorm room thinking about one of the girls I was partnered with in one of my classes for the semester. 749 more words

Ten More Days, Until You Were Born, Exactly Thirty-Three Years Ago

To myself, FOR myself…

Ten more days, until you were born, exactly thirty-three years ago, and, I know you’d been through hell, in these a little UNDER thirty years of life, because I already DIED, back in 2008??? 159 more words


Class, Thurs, 4/16/2015


Share your 500-word piece for today with the person next to you. After you read your partner’s essay, jot down some thoughts in response to these three questions: 195 more words


The Place We Go, to Gaze Out at the Ocean, a Poem


No Matter How

Twisting & Winding that Small Pass is

 It Just Can’t Manage to

Erode, Destroy, or Wash Away

The Thing that’s Happened Past… 55 more words

State Of Mind

Health Matters. I matter.

I’m not writing this for anyone specific to read it. Just to write it. For some reason writing helps me. And recently, I’ve been wanting to write this pretty badly. 831 more words

Coming To Terms