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Loving Self

You look perplexed

at this sudden silence

at this total blank out.

I understand.

Perhaps you never noticed

the silence that blotted our living

the smile that strained the lips… 75 more words

Running, and Losing This Race Against Time

I am, running, and losing this race against time, every time I thought I’d, gotten caught up with time, well, time proved, me wrong again, and I’d gotten stuck, in this vicious cycle of chasing after time endlessly. 208 more words

State Of Mind

Keeping Up with These Memories...

It’d become, real hard, keeping up with these memories, I’d, forgotten, most of them, they’d all happened, what seemed, like a lifetime ago…

Keeping up with these memories, it’s hard, I tell ya, especially when you’d forgotten, but they just, keep on coming back, like those waves that comes in to the shorelines.   222 more words

State Of Mind

Just Water

12:44 AM.

Late night or early morning? I always thought that the words we use to define time and the words we use to define the parts of the day were a bit incompatible. 2,028 more words

Coming To Terms

Coming to terms with who I am
Not who I’ve been.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2016


Comfortable in One's Own Skin


That was a period of time, when we drifted from the young, the fresh, into the more experienced versions of, ourselves.  We’d fought over the swings to sit on, and from time to time, we’d frowned, like the adults, who were, troubled by life, and yet, we can’t come up with anything. 271 more words


A Never-Completed Dream

Because you didn’t follow through with your dreams in your younger years, and now, those waves of regrets are, hitting at you, translated…

When I was in university, I’d gotten involved with a guitar club, with my childhood experiences with the piano, I’d quickly, become quite popular among the members.  406 more words

State Of Mind