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Never Knowing the Man I'd, Become...

This, is what you are, you are, never knowing the man I’d, become, because you were, NEVER there, watching me grow every step of the way, and, as I was younger, I’d, felt awful, that you weren’t around, to bear witness of my transformations, and now I realized, that I have, NOTHING to regret! 173 more words


Regrets, Over Moments that Have, Come, to Pass...

I took the lessons you taught to heart, but only after you were gone did I turn it into action. You’re the least expensive habit I ever developed, and maybe that’s why I got addicted so quickly, and why, even after all the cigarettes and whiskey, I’m still trying to replicate the high.

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Since last posting here more or less a year ago, Coming to Terms has screened a few places, as usual, to almost no one.  To my observation – and that of others – this kind of cinema is more or less dead.  856 more words

Missing the Afternoon Rain...

Can’t believe I’m actually saying this: I’m actually, missing the afternoon rain, as the weather’s getting hotter and hotter, I’m finding it hard, to keep my body cooled down, and, oh, how I prayed for that, afternoon rain that would pour down on the roof of this house from awhile ago, so long as it doesn’t rain for the entire afternoon, just right before I get off work, for half to an hour’s time, and that, would suffice… 227 more words


How to 'Face the Past'

This is a phrase that we like to throw around a lot but I question wether the people saying it actually know how to. I mean you can’t exactly go back, look it dead in the eye and say, ‘I don’t care about you anymore,’ right? 354 more words


Hypothyroidism: Living with Chronic Illness...

I should, perhaps, have anticipated this: As a family, we are somewhat prone to diseases relating to the immune system, and were – as one of my siblings once commented –  not short of the old… 1,144 more words

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Washed Away by the Rain

Drip, drip, drip, it’d, turned, into a total DOWNPOR! We were, washed away by the rain, and, it didn’t seem that big (the rain???), that we’d, bothered, to take an umbrella with us as we headed out… 165 more words