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Yeah, I know I literally only write to you when I need you and I’m THAT kind of friend; for that, I apologise.
I feel like when life gets too much, I have to write about it. 673 more words

I Look Out My Window...

I look out my windows, saw nothing, but the woods, and, I think about you. It’d been, how long ago, since we were together??? Ages, no, wait, it felt like, EONS! 169 more words


Now, a Short Prose

Getting on with his new life, and what about you? Still hung up on him? Why? Translated…

He didn’t use to like getting his pictures taken, but now, his Facebook pages are filled with the photos of him with his new girlfriend. 161 more words

State Of Mind

Philosophy of Eating at Noon

The lunch hours are here!!! Translated…

For the years past, I’d had my lunches at the station of the hospital ward where I worked, being a fast-eater was a habit I’d picked up back then. 394 more words


T’was many and many a year ago

In our kingdom by the sea

That I, a maiden, by the name Annabel Lee lived with my king… 303 more words


Am I a child or a teen?

Treated the same, yet treated differently

Belittled like a child

With the expectations of a teen

Who could blame me? 375 more words


How long had it been since he had been dead?

Aware that he was dead, really?

He wasn’t all that sure, all that he could remember was in splotches. 692 more words