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You're dangerous.

Openness. Honesty. Communication. This is what I need in any kind of relationship. (Yes, even if you’re just another person I’m fucking.) I have been nothing but open with you. 336 more words


You're a Drug

I pick up the phone, pull up my messages, tap your name in the list, and tap to type. My heart beats fast. I get butterflies and my hands threaten to drop the phone. 493 more words


About Six Months Left

It has taken me a few days to write this update on my dad.  We, his children, understand it is inevitable that he will pass but the reality is you are never prepared for the news.   294 more words


In The Details, Unlocked Too Late....

I’m feeling a tornado of emotion right now and since this is the only diary I have I feel like i need to just spill it all out. 339 more words


A message to the Wolf.

A Message to the Wolf in my life. The poor fella is going to see it next break. He’s got a novella waiting in his inbox. 836 more words


I saw it coming a mile away.

It doesn’t make it hurt any less.

My husband and I are in an open/Polyamorous relationship. The two words mean two different things, but for us, for our version of things, they are almost synonymous.  729 more words


Don't Cry for Me Argentina

I found I couldn’t face doing this ‘blog of what I am experiencing’ at the time … August 2014 seems a life time ago.  As much as the words burned within me, as cathartic as it may have been, when it came to it I didn’t want to think about it at the time. 238 more words