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No Longer Feeling the Regrets Over Not Having a Daughter, on Filial Relations


“If a daughter is the father’s lover from a past life, then, who is she, to the mother?” this question would often circle around my mind, and to this day, I still can’t find an answer for. 621 more words


Abandoned, by the Memories of Us

I was abandoned, by the memories of us, and I got ZERO clue how that happened!  Abandoned, by the memories of us, did I do something awful, to us, that I’m getting abandoned, by our memories?   199 more words

The Seasons Of Life

Her Father-in-Law Behaves Like a Two-Year-Old, Throwing His Tantrums, the Hardships of a Daughter-in-Law


As I’d walked into the office, Ling wore a soured face, sitting at her desk.  Ling is around my age, she’s a good friend that I would tell everything to, and so, I’d went up to her, asked her what’s going on? 471 more words


The Words, Lodged, in Her Throat

The words, lodged, in her throat, and, no matter how hard, she’d cleared her throat, the words, they just, won’t roll of her tongues, and, overtime, those words, they’d started to ferment, and, turned sour in her throat, and, before she realized, she’s having ACID REFLUX symptoms (and trust me, you don’t want that, because I’d had it, from back in 2000, and, that year, I became, the BARF QUEEN!!!). 201 more words

State Of Mind

Tired of All This Talking to, and Hearing JUST Myself

It’s an, UNAVOIDED, eventuality, in ALL the marriages out there, because, how can you keep that “freshness” in love? Oh wait, you CAN’T!!!

Tired of all this talking to, and hearing JUST myself, it seems, that every time I’d wanted to talk to you, you’re either way too distracted, way too stressed, way too BUSY about something ELSE in your own life, and, I’m just really, discouraged, beat, working so god DAMN hard, trying, to TALK to you, marriage isn’t supposed to be like this, NOT in my “awareness”, at least… 210 more words

Feelings & Emotions

The Freedom I'd Found, in Falling in Love with You

Bear with me, people!!!

The freedom I’d found, in falling in love with you, wow, where, oh where, do I start???

The freedom I’d found, in falling in love with you, I’d never felt such strong passions (ladies, it must BE your hormones, like around the time when you ladies OVULATE???), and, I just feel oh so warm, and fuzzy (get your stomach checked, as chances are, you’re on your way, to getting an ULCER, if you don’t have that already???) inside. 291 more words

State Of Mind

As Love Slowly Fades Away...

This, IS the SLOW D-E-C-L-I-N-E that we’re currently on right now, you DO realize that, don’t you???

As love slowly fades away, like that last dying ray of that setting sun, the only thing, however, that’s different between love and that last ray of the sun is that, tomorrow, the sun’ll shine, high UP in the skies again, but love is already dead!   210 more words