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Smile with clenched jaw

The last few months have felt like a chaotic whirldwind.

Numerous life events happening all within close proximity to each other.

Well, closer proximity than I prefer. 198 more words


The Age of Our Regrets...

This is, a brand NEW E-R-A of our lives: the Age of Our Regrets…

The age of our regrets, comprised, of ALL of our broken dreams, all of those, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been’s, they’d, finally, gotten, caught UP with us through the years which had, flown past too quickly. 164 more words


Still coming to terms

I’m still coming to terms with it all
it ain’t fun and games
It’s tough, it’s real tough
The future I imagined has had to change… 100 more words


Break-Up: a Blessing

At the end of love’s line, when love just, faded to gray, and it’s still, nobody’s fault, translated…

We’d chosen to break up suddenly, because we’d not wanted to drag this love of ours, into the brand new year, when love became like the ribs of chicken, rather than the two of us, guarding our separate loneliness, why not start to, embrace the freedoms of one. 352 more words

The Self

Forgotten, in Three

How goodbye, gets, “finalized”, bit by bit, and eventually, you will, let go! Translated…


Like a Fallen Teardrop

Wandering Between the Distance of Longings… 91 more words


on to my fifth heartbreaker

i had heartbreaker #4 and heartbreaker #5 hold my heart in their palms and leave it behind in their pockets to wash. but heartbreaker #4 is a story for another day. 494 more words

Free Verse

Are All Taiwanese Girls Like You?

Love’s boundary being, blurred here, and, she still has no way of knowing, if this younger guy liked her, translated…

How Do I Tell Him, that When He’d Asked Me Out, He Looked So Serious, Like a “Man”? 895 more words

Properties Of Love