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I guess this is growing up.

Coming to terms,

means accepting the cards you’ve been dealt.

Owning your mistakes and shortcomings.

Appreciating others for who they are, just as they are. 82 more words

Friend of a Rapist

How did it come to this…

We are in the same circle, he and I, his girlfriend, my boyfriend. He has my number, he knows where I live. 455 more words


Thought For the Day: To See Truthfully Takes Effort

“To see what is in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle.” – George Orwell 6 more words

Thought For The Day

Sick & Tired, of ALL the What-If's...

I’m sick, sick and tired, of ALL the what-if’s, what if, we’d met earlier, than, I would NOT be STUCK in this state of mind, this way of life I’m currently in, and you, I really don’t know, nor would I, wish to give a SHIT, what happens to you! 217 more words


In Denial

One of these days
I’ll look out the window
and not see you.
That’s when I’ll know
You went away forever ago.

Featured Image Credits: Sharon Franke


Upon Her Shoulders

The insistent blaring of the alarm cuts through the suspension of reality that can only be found during the night. The girl squints at the digital clock on her nightstand. 1,446 more words


Dreams of, Lost Things...

These, are the dreams of, lost things, some of them, of no importance, while others, they’d, left that mark of pain on you.  Dreams of, lost things, everybody’s had them, at one time or another in life, there’s, no escaping that! 184 more words