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The Ability to Face Our Selves

A lesson of life, learned, in the unlikeliest of all places, in an art class, translated…

With the growth of numbers in the singles population, being single seemed to be the it thing to be, but, having that ability to live on one’s own is, nothing easy at all. 316 more words


Just an Ordinary Person

Being different, and finally, slowly, coming into acceptance, of one’s own physical conditions, translated…

I was, diagnosed with vitiligo, and been in treatment for over three years up to date. 726 more words


The Snow of Ohara

A philosophical encounter from a trip to Japan this person had, translated…

Ohara, located at that spot draped over by the forests in Kyoto. I’d not wanted to visit during the high season, insisted on coming by on a day when snow fell, in order to see the snow, before it was, actually, snow, and if I was blessed to, that would be, incredible. 704 more words

The Self

What Would It Mean...?

Obviously, I am not as settled about my sexuality as I assumed.  I must recognize that I think about it a lot – especially when I am alone. 806 more words


If Only We Can be Strangers Again...

If this life we’d, already shared, had never, occurred, if only, we can be strangers again, then, all would be, well, but, we can’t, ‘cuz, we can turn back that clock, can we??? 162 more words

The Self

Been a while

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been kinda crazy since my last update, so here’s what’s happened so far. My dad paid for a DNA test and it turns out that I was right about it. 173 more words