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I don’t punch walls no more

For your love it ain’t worth fighting for

And that’s why I loved you so

Loving you was peaceful, not a war… 10 more words


First blog. Will this even work?! How my life changed one sunny Tuesday.

I remember everything about Tuesday 12th July 2016. Life changed. Before this day I loved my life & I had been living it massively. But now I feel like that was the last day I could & was me. 695 more words

Coming To Terms

A Face Book Post 9/16

Bob Schembre

19 hrs ·

I am sitting here at lunch putting my fork down after every bite so that I do not eat fast, after remarks by certain people (Laurine Dennis, my father) that I eat too fast (like a pig…its disgusting…I can’t even watch)..lol. 222 more words

There Will Come a Day, When You’d Finally Stopped Missing the Ones You’d Loved & Lost

There will come a day, when you’d finally stopped missing the ones you’d loved and lost, and, maybe, it’s still, a long ways away, like an unreachable dream? 217 more words

State Of Mind

Anxiety - My schizophrenic sister

The butterflies in my stomach persist, for hours, days, weeks and months turning into years at a stretch. I may appear unreliably moody to you, or just simply confounding. 1,742 more words

Finding Yourself

Coming to Terms (Post-mortem)

About four years ago, on the nose, Coming to Terms was wrapping up – the shooting, and, since it was done as we went along, most of the editing. 901 more words

The Time Bore Witness

The time bore witness, to everything that’s happened, is happening, and will happen in the future.  It bore witness to the beginnings of men, to their downfalls, their ends, and, just acted, like some unrelated, unconcerning, innocent bystander. 162 more words