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The Tracks that Led Us to Nowhere...

We’d been, on this track for years on end, and, it’d, led us, to NOWHERE, we’re, RIGHT where we’d started, or even, we’d fallen, farther back! 207 more words

Lost Love

On My Mind

The summer before starting college I started a new job as a maintenance person in one of the dorms. I checked fire extinguishers around the dorm halls and other places on campus. 219 more words


The Unfulfilled Dreams of Youth

There were, so many of these, all the things we’d wanted to be when we grow up??? Astronauts, football stars, cheerleaders, millionaires??? Remember them now??? Good! 236 more words

Personal Developments/Growth Processes/Coming Of Age


Is the tip of the rose more sweet?

Does it heighten the more I crawl up?

Or smell as sour as the salt on my tongue? 71 more words

Coming To Terms

Don't Go Hurrying Loving Yourselves

what the shrink was talking about, the WRONG way to go about, loving yourself…

A lesson in the psychology of the S-E-L-F here, translated…

“I’d finally, put myself in a vacation, to just, disappeared for a while, to sleep until my heart’s content, not only did I go on a shopping spree, I’d also enjoyed a ton of gourmet dining, I am, loving myself enough now, am I not?” Wen, who’d felt so taken at the office had, finally taken the suggestion of a good friend, and, “vanished” for a short while, then, treated herself very well, tried to, get away, from the bad, the awful experiences of her past. 705 more words

State Of Mind

Eating Alone in the Cafeterias

Growing up here, translated…

Since I was growing up, I’d been very independent, as I was put to bed to sleep alone, I’d not cried, and, as I got older, I’d gotten used to, going about any and everything by myself, only, “dining alone in a restaurant” had become this irrational fear of mine. 280 more words

Personal Developments/Growth Processes/Coming Of Age


Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day till Friday and I’m sure we’re all excited. I know I am! This week has been exciting since I’ve been interviewing all this musicians and bands I’ve been listening to for years, but I have more work than I thought. 212 more words