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One Day, Your Lies Will Have NO Effect on Me

Still waiting here, but, I know, that it’s coming!

One day, your lies will have NO effect on me, because I would’ve ENDURED through ALL those years of lies you’d fed me, and, as the poisons from your lies killed me on the inside slowly, I will in turn, becomes poison myself (like how the fishes ate those poisonous algae or whatever, to make themselves poisonous too???). 150 more words

State Of Mind

The Shadows, Lurking in the Trees

Do you not see it?  The shadows, lurking in the trees, I mean, you can’t tell me, that as you, trekked through these woods time and time again, you’d never even, noticed them. 215 more words

State Of Mind

An Easy Life...

This, is from a “third person” perspective, from the perspectives, of an UNINVOLVED third party, that don’t know SHIT!

An easy life, that, is what I seemingly have no?   298 more words

State Of Mind

Getting Treated by a Psychotherapist, Finding the Ability to Heal Oneself Again

Written by a clinical psychologist, translated…

She dresses fashionably, every time she came to see me, she’d always scratched her hair.  She’s extremely agile, won numerous champions in the sports competitions, is involved in professional basketball. 553 more words

Feelings & Emotions

... the paper

The paper was a invitation to a ‘lunch and learn’ sponsored by a drug company and hosted by my doctor.

The drug company and my doctor’s presentation aren’t important, it was the other people in attendance that affected my life! 392 more words


A Wall of Ice

Note: this photo i’d found online, and therefore, I take NO credit for it!!!

This, is what’s between you and me now, ain’t NO doubt ‘bout it! 272 more words

Feelings & Emotions

An Ordinary Day for a Housewife, a Poem


One day,

Started from the tug-of-war with fantasies

 Pulled back the shiny, glittering doors and windows

Couldn’t manage to brush away that rainbow-colored spider web… 195 more words