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That time when I (accidentally) realized that I was proud of myself

There was nothing different about that day, nothing at all. I woke up as sleepy as any other day, dealt with misbehaving kids at work like always, and sat at home to write in an common cold afternoon in the middle of winter. 441 more words

Human Nature

odds and ends.

Knitting makes me break out into hives and flushing, apparently. No, not really. That’s just what I happened to be doing when my body decided to throw a fit. 483 more words


Came with a photograph, of two small boats, sailing across the waters, translated…

As the time slowly got lost I will wait for your return… 54 more words

State Of Mind

Every Inch of This Town that Our Memories Hadn't Touched

There isn’t, an inch of this town, that our memories hadn’t touched…

Every inch of this town that our memories hadn’t touched, can you find one?   197 more words

Coming To Terms

Stumped, on Creativity

I am, stumped, on creativity here, I don’t know where that muse of mine went, perhaps, she needed a break, from working way too hard?  And yeah, maybe, just maybe, I’d stressed HER out too… 127 more words


Delusions, a Short Prose


A house-full of dreams

All of a sudden became wide awake

So, either that the narrator is still in a daze, or, s/he is completely, awake, into her/his reality here…


Class, Thurs, 2/19

Thinking about YouTube Ads

Many people were interested in YouTube advertising through the comments. So let’s talk about it.

How I think about ads:

Other sources, however, take a bit of a more holistic look at YouTube advertising. 176 more words