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Upon Her Shoulders

The insistent blaring of the alarm cuts through the suspension of reality that can only be found during the night. The girl squints at the digital clock on her nightstand. 1,446 more words

Coming To Terms

Dreams of, Lost Things...

These, are the dreams of, lost things, some of them, of no importance, while others, they’d, left that mark of pain on you.  Dreams of, lost things, everybody’s had them, at one time or another in life, there’s, no escaping that! 184 more words


World Childless Week Day 3


So i am carrying on the one post a day for world childless week.

The idea behind me doing one every day is to raise as much awareness as possible and show people it’s okay to talk about childlessness when you are ready to do so, sometimes it can be therapeutic to talk about it, and helpful to speak to other people in the same boat as you. 608 more words


Walking Together, Through These Tracks in the Mountains, on the Origins of a Family

like this???  Not my photo…

On the origins of one’s family, on not being able to speak in the same tongues as the forefathers, the regrets of not being able to become fluent in the dialects, translated… 539 more words


Wake Me

Pricks, not unlike the fall of grief,
have no sunshine and wonderment.
Nevertheless, they caress my throat
like the sun – once upon a time. 11 more words


Friday issues

Friday’s here again, everyone! Hope you’re all doing great this week, I’m doing a lot better myself. The power came back on earlier today and I now have my normal internet and laptop back, so I’ve been able to update some stuff around here. 347 more words