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Both sides of the story: Seven Milestones you reach with your sister. - By Gina and her sister

Gina and I have been sisters our whole lives, and during that time we’ve hit all the bigtime milestones while slowly becoming excellent pals. From the first time she saw me get drunk (awful), to the first time we had a proper fight and one of us got punched in the face by a Spanish woman, here are the crucial stages we’ve been through to get to where we are now. 2,536 more words


Old School TV Shows #movingonup

Top 10 Television Shows of the 70s and 80s

  1. Gimme A Break (1981-1987)

The gist: Housekeeper moves in with lonely widower and his kids.

This show wasn’t typical. 682 more words

Sleeping In

“Sleeping In” by Robbie Freece

Denise is tired of a lot of things–presumptuous young men, her job at a pizzeria, and the uncertainty of the summer between high school and college. 21 more words

Oregon Writers

Sounds Of Cicadas

This is a short story I made for my CW10- Creative Writing For Beginners final output. I just wanted to share this little milieu story. Enjoy~ 4,570 more words


Flying Colors [RATING: 4.5/10]

Hi everyone~ Welcome to my first blog post hahaha. I went to China recently and flew Singapore Airlines, and of course, there were plenty of movies to watch.   1,344 more words


My Debut

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! This is my first ever blog and I am excited to be sharing it with all of you. I decided to call this post “My Debut” due to the fact that it is my first post and a part of me always wanted to be a star. 318 more words


8 of my Favourite Coming-of-Age Novels

I’m not sure what it is about teenage angst and romance that cheers me up on a dreary day but boy does it! I guess the main appeal is that they are so relatable and more often than none, have a happy ending. 850 more words