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My Bad...

So as per usual I have managed to procrastinate on something that I chose to do. *Collective eye roll please…*

I knew this would happen, a few consistent posts and then random bursts of short meaninglessness. 468 more words


A New Enterprise


If you are reading this then you have found this incredibly new and incredibly interesting blog. Take a good lungful and just savour that smell of impending fun. 192 more words


It's not you, it's me... Miranda July, Jeff Lemire, and Kazuo Ishiguro

I have read three books in the past week, but none of them have really hit home.  The problem is that I feel like I  1,013 more words

Moving out - random thoughts 

Ever since puberty struck and my mind Could naively comprehend what life is about all I wanted to do was move out and live on my own . 386 more words


Sick... That's all, just sick.

I’m so f*cking sick of being sick.

You probably could care less about me being sick and why would you? You don’t know me, you’re probably having way more fun than I am (scratch that, you’re definitely having more fun,) and hearing someone whine is not something I imagine would be on your top list of things to do.) Nonetheless, I feel like crap and therefore I will share with you the sh*ttyness that has been my Sunday. 176 more words


What's in a Nickname?

You can call me Gee, or Georgie, or George or babe. Actually… just call me whatever you want.

Hellooo weekend! Thanks for returning, how I have missed your presence! 328 more words


Friday Morning Musings...

Good morning/afternoon (depending on your place in the world.)

So my morning has been pretty eventful so far. Woke up later than I would have liked due to a late night (damn insomnia!) Felt like a tiny chainsaw was being waved around my throat so took 2 Panadol and crossed all my extremities for a quick recovery. 270 more words