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Stand by Me

Stand by Me — I remember the first time I watched this movie and thinking to myself, “Nothing can beat that”. I was right, and I still am. 743 more words

Dawn of Darkness: The Beginning

Illustration by: http://zauberlich.deviantart.com/

Dark clouds blocked out the sun. Thunder rolled and boomed, as lightning lit up the skies. Below, the salty waves tossed and tumbled, growing larger as the wind whipped and raged from the north.  977 more words


Making Friends

My God…is an awesome God. I can not tell you how great he is because the work he does is so great it leaves me speechless. 220 more words

So I Can Leave

In a box downstairs is my new bedspread. My old Tweetie Bird sheets are in the attic.

Outside in the driveway is my new car. My old Toyota is loaded down with moving boxes and furniture. 267 more words


The Siren's Realm (The Tethering Series Book 2) by Megan O'Russell


Jacob loves Emilia Gray, but things aren’t always that simple in the world of Magickind…

The war has begun.

The Dragons are gaining power, and the Gray Clan stands alone. 331 more words


Favorite Toy As A Child

As a child I did not have one favorite toy, I had many. The only problem with my favorite toys was that they were not my toys. 200 more words