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Meet the Millennials in Denial.

So I’ve been 18 years old for the past 4 years. It’s taken me a while to accept adulthood as my fate, but as Jake Paulers and dabbing take over society, I feel it’s time for me to bid a farewell to my adolescence, dramatically. 585 more words


In Theaters: Love, Simon (2018)

It’s hard to believe but Love, Simon is the first gay coming-of-age film to be released by a major Hollywood studio.  There has been no shortage of gay coming-of-age films in the last twenty years or so but the fact that Love, Simon is the first one to emerge from Hollywood is cause for celebration. 310 more words


A New Reality

In 7th grade, my Language Arts teacher had us create our own blogs as one of our class assignments where we would have weekly posts. Although I enjoyed those assignments, at the time I didn’t look into it as much being that I was so young and naive. 308 more words

The Stuff Families Are Made Of

Everyday I thank the heavens for my Mom friends. They keep me sane, normalize my behaviour and let me know I’m not losing my mind. When I become frustrated because the television doesn’t seem to be working, and then realize it’s because I’m not pressing the power button, they jump in with handfuls of their own similar stories and remind me Mom Brain is a real thing. 558 more words


March Must-Sees

It’s nearly Easter and that means unwrap the chocolate, drizzle it over some popcorn and get ready to feel happy, sad or both with this list of movies to shake up your March. 856 more words


1. Adulthood - A New Dawn

The word ‘adult’ is enough to influence a wave of exhausted sighs from almost anyone. Several mundane things come to mind immediately: bills, taxes, full-time jobs, and just life organization in general. 585 more words


Blog 7: LGBTQ+ Films Becoming Mainstream?

On March 16, 2018 Love Simon premiered.  This film based on the award winning novel Simon vs. the homo sapiens is a coming of age film centering around Simon, who is gay but in the closet. 351 more words