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Why I'm here...

So last month I came to Wales to visit my nieces as I needed a break from the drama that comes from living in a small town (Glastonbury, Somerset) for over 5 years, which is a record for me actually but you’ll learn more about that later, so I decided to put my future in the hands of fate and look for work in the area deciding that if I could find a job I would stay here. 132 more words

What Makes Me An Adult?

I have been asking myself this question for a very long time. My mom was always telling me I need to grow up. And everyone around me that was older than me made me feel like I was still a child. 590 more words


The inevitable acceptance of oneself.

18, brown hair, hazel/green brownish eyes and unhappy. Almost everyone says your teenage years are some of the best years of your life. I however disagree, so far for me they have been years of anxiety and insecurities. 303 more words


Novi romani / Januar & Februar 2015

Pretpostavimo da, ukoliko ljudi čitaju, to mahom rade tokom zime, a to u poslednjih nekoliko godina nije u novembru ili decembru, nego u januaru, februaru i martu. 1,043 more words


A Start

I’ve been meaning to start a blog a while back. One day I wish to publish my own novel and make it big on the big screen, so I guess this is a start. 196 more words


“There is still so much to be explored and accomplished in order to fulfill my dreams. This is just the beginning…” 126 more words