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The inevitable acceptance of oneself.

18, brown hair, hazel/green brownish eyes and unhappy. Almost everyone says your teenage years are some of the best years of your life. I however disagree, so far for me they have been years of anxiety and insecurities. 303 more words


Novi romani / Januar & Februar 2015

Pretpostavimo da, ukoliko ljudi čitaju, to mahom rade tokom zime, a to u poslednjih nekoliko godina nije u novembru ili decembru, nego u januaru, februaru i martu. 1,043 more words


A Start

I’ve been meaning to start a blog a while back. One day I wish to publish my own novel and make it big on the big screen, so I guess this is a start. 196 more words


“There is still so much to be explored and accomplished in order to fulfill my dreams. This is just the beginning…” 126 more words


Me, Mostly

The creature stares back at me in the mirror, and wistfully I imagine in its eyes some kind of pity, some kind of drive to be better. 320 more words


When Do I Become a Woman?

I think we all wonder when it will happen. Will be it be over a long period of time and the realization suddenly sneaks up on us? 1,058 more words


Two- Emotions


One of the biggest changes a child faces as she grows up is all the new things she feels. Emotions become complex. A slight drop in percentage of how happy you are suddenly means something else all together. 280 more words