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My Addiction

It all started when I was 14. I was hanging out with some friends on the block, when one of them ask me if I wanted to try crank. 840 more words


This is Womanhood

My mind screamed today
my 16 year old daughter sat on the couch
doubled over in pain
waiting to leave for her IUD insertion appointment. 182 more words


Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

When a father removes his eight-year-old daughter from society, hides her in the wilderness and tells her the rest of the world has disappeared the girl had no option but to follow him. 129 more words

The River Girl's Song (Texas Women of Spirit #1) by Angela C. Castillo

Zillia’s life had been full of comfort before her father died and when her mother remarried a local man, she thought things would be okay. Zillia’s life changes beyond all recognition when her mother dies in childbirth leaving her to cope with a small baby, her father’s farm, and a step-father and his family who are intent on removing what little she has. 85 more words

"Dear Evan Hansen"

The only bummer about this musical is that the cast album drops in February– far too long from now! Other than that, “Dear Evan Hansen” shines as an incredible, contemporary, coming-of-age tale. 253 more words

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Coming of Age by HollyAnne Weaver

Sophie Duncan should have been at the perfect point in her life:  graduated from university, young, full of energy, and with the desire to take on the world single-handedly.  150 more words

New Release

Coming of Age

My older sister was in Japan when it was her year to attend the Coming of Age Ceremony in Japan. I, on the other hand, was in Fredericton when it was my year. 384 more words