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This is History: Comiskey Park Opens, Chicago Proposes Secession from Illinois in 1925, Superman Debuts in DC Comics' Action Comics Series issue #1, First Television Commercial, The 1st Pride March

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk about the first US Zoo, President Garfield is hot, Chicago’s Comiskey Park opens. the City of Chicago propose to secede from the State of Illinois in 1925, Popeye debuts, Johnny Carson hits the airwaves, the first Gay Pride Parade and more. 18 more words

Dave Plier

Remembered Dreams: A Historical Tribute to Jews and Baseball

Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American is a pop-up exhibit currently on tour from the National Museum of American Jewish History. Recently, it came to the Sherman Miller Museum of Jewish Art in Tulsa, and I leisurely enjoyed a walk in the field of dreams. 667 more words


I Predict A Riot – Part Twenty One

The Disco Demolition Riot – July 1979

As an Englishman I find the attractions of baseball mystifying. It is a glorified game of rounders that is tedious in the extreme, punctuated only by the cheesy seventh innings stretch. 545 more words


Chicago - August 2008 - A Perfect Doubleheader

A trip to Chicago in August, 2008 provided the chance for a perfect baseball doubleheader, a White Sox game in the afternoon and a Cubs game the same night… 73 more words


Sports Data: Barry Bonds Home Runs & White Sox Attendance

By Maura Biedron

This interactive graphic shows the number of home runs made by Barry Bonds each year from 1986-2007.

Throughout Barry’s career, he played for two major league teams. 383 more words

Other Stadiums in my Baseball World

There aren’t many other ballparks in my past other than the three in the Minnesota Twins history, so this won’t be long, but maybe you’ll like it. 564 more words

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"It Was Teenage Rebellion" Dave Hoekstra and Nick D On Disco Demolition Night

Back on July 12th, 1979 our own Nick Digilio and Dave Hoekstra both traveled to Comiskey Park to attend Disco Demolition Night.

37 years and a few months later Dave joins Nick D to reminisce about that fateful evening and discuss his new book… 136 more words

Nick Digilio