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Batman: The Animated Series Pilot - Season 1, episode 1 - On Leather Wings - If Dr. Jekyll turned into a Bat

“On Leather Wings,” is the pilot to “Batman: The Animated Series,” and it does a good job at establishing the different relationships…what defines Batman’s baddies (usually have some issue going on), his relationship to the police (they hate him) and his identity as Bruce Wayne. 456 more words

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Batman Eternal #1 Review (aka, The Art of the Flash Forward)

Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and a host of other DC Comics regulars tackle DC’s first weekly series of the New 52, but Batman Eternal… 741 more words


Fox's Gotham Will Basically Be Smallville But With Batman?


This past September, Fox won a bidding war with the other networks over Gotham, an origin story about Commissioner James Gordon from the Batman comics.   811 more words

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The Great Christopher Nolan Film Re-Watch! Day 6: The Dark Knight

In honor of the release of the new Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie, we’ve decided to examine all eight of Nolan’s films as a director, from  1,378 more words

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I'm Confuesd - Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robin?

‘Before I begin, I want to congratulate Christian Bale, who, when writing this, visited the victims of the massacre at a midnight Batman screening in America (picture below). 1,504 more words

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An Evolution of Batman, Bane, And Other Characters Through Seventy Years [PHOTO]

Courtesy of redditor and film buff Blair Erickson, you’re now able to see an amazing evolution of what many Batman characters have looked like throughout the years. 76 more words