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What's that meant to be? Harry Allman

Wearing his influences on his sleeve, Harry has spent years mastering skills in sharp, strong and considerate contrast within his images. He’s got the kind of Illustration style that would feel right at home in a 90s comic book- Muscles that look carved from boulders, guns and artillery showing a clear enthusiasm for overkill..  248 more words

Book Review: A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories

A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories by MR Henry P Chamberlain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Seattle indie comic stalwart Henry Chamberlin, has crafted a fiercely original and highly-readable collection of comic tales that weave with delicious ease through the inner and outer lives of their characters. 321 more words

metales pesados

This is a comic about industrial pollution in El Valle (Mexicali, B.C)

by Edén D.


Cómic sobre la contaminación en las zonas rurales de Mexicali, causada por la planta de energÍa geotérmica de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad.