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Bugs and Bees

My allotment plot and garden welcome many species of beneficial wildlife, such as hoverflies, lacewings, bees, ladybirds, butterflies (yes, butterflies are very welcome on my plot!) and lovely little mason bees. 249 more words


Butterfly #32

A Comma Butterfly enjoying a drink of water from a small stream bed. I love the butterfly’s shadow in the images and how it works with the butterfly’s coloration in relationship too its soundings.


Butterflies! & Faery Realms Party!

These butterflies love to eat rotting fruit. I have pears that they are enjoying. And here is the underside of the Tawny Emperor Butterfly!  They say they’re very jumpy, so it’s hard to get close and take pictures, but it was cool out when the one was resting on my brick work. 467 more words

Big Butterfly Count Results

You may remember a previous post mentioned the UK’s Big Butterfly Count, this one here in fact.

The 2014 results are in. The sad news is that after a promising year in 2013, this year most species have declined. 83 more words


New (Red)start At Lake Farm

Without planning it, Saturday turned into a five hour marathon of birding at Cranford Park and a return to Lake Farm. I blame Sue and, to a lesser extent Wendy, for keeping me out later than planned but I have to confess it was well worth it. 684 more words