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This attractive butterfly is common in England and Wales and is one of the few species which is expanding its range over recent years.

The colouring and shaping of the wings provide excellent camouflage giving it the appearance of a withered brown leaf, particularly when hibernating on tree trunks.

Natural History

The pen IS the sword!

I am a self-confessed “word geek” and am accused by my friends of frequent “grammar nazism”. It’s true. I frequently, shamefully, make judgments about people based on a stray comma, poor syntax, a misspelling. 810 more words

How to Identify and Fix Comma Splices Using FANBOYS

The FANBOYS Comma Rule

When I say “FANBOYS,” I don’t mean the ones who geek out about cult TV shows; I mean the acronym. 346 more words

Stop! It's Grammar Time

Missing comma

Our local paper had a headline: “4 dead identified as cause of California bus crash probed“.  I couldn’t help but wonder how they were identified as the cause of the crash, and what they were probed with.

3rd August 2016

Comma ButterflyPerfectly camouflaged with wings closed, its ragged edge and colouring looking like a dead leaf, this large Butterfly is a gorgeous orange-toffee colour… 85 more words

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Грамматика – смешнее некуда! Или шуточки для запоминания английской грамматики.

Я не люблю сравнивать языки. Есть множество причин, по которым я считаю языковое сравнение абсолютно не релевантным, так как сложность того или иного языка является абсолютно субъективным понятием.