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You’ll get my Oxford Comma when you pry it from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

Writing Better: Commas are cool, too


The comma is a necessary instrument in the writer’s toolbox, and allows one to hive off various things in the sentence which are not part of the main, or independent, clause. 1,169 more words


When is a comma not a comma

  • Found this pun by accident.
  • Sharing this pun on purpose.

Eat Grandma

Today matters more than you think and especially when you’re penning words to paper. You may not notice as much when you speak even though it is subconsciously present.  78 more words


Shaped like a fallen leaf

In Fauna Britannica, Stefan Buczacki describes this butterfly’s ragged outline as being the ‘shape of a fallen leaf’ and its colours, too, are quite autumnal. 99 more words


Continuing Commas

NOTE: All these articles are based on British grammar and the techniques I used to help myself, they are by no means definitive.

Our final collection of instances with commas are between adjectives, repeated words, and when characters address other characters in dialogue. 788 more words