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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column - The Populist Solution and the Oxford Comma

It should be clear maybe even to the proverbial blind (or rather visually impaired) man on a trotting horse that what we choose, in our quaint way of using expressions to mean precisely what we want them to mean despite their traditional usage elsewhere, to call the “silly season”, has begun in Barbados. 1,102 more words


A(nother) million-dollar comma case

A few days ago a decision was handed down in a case which was all about the Oxford comma. The New York Times reports on the class action between three truck drivers and Oakhurst Dairy in an article entitled “ 184 more words


CSI: Comma Scene Investigation - Curious Case Of The Oxford Serial Killer Comma

Chalk outlines are likely being drawn around this blog as you read this.

A team of CSI’s – Comma Scene Investigators – has surely initiated a forensic review of each line from each post and outlining where commas are considered missing. 667 more words



a comma flutters
among words, changing meaning,
butterfly syntax

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image of Comma Butterfly found on Pinterest


Life: A Fragile and Beautiful Gift

By: Johanna Marano March 19, 2017

If you have ever lost a loved one, there are certain times of the year that are just harder than others. 1,827 more words


What Commas Can Tell You

My sister, Jane, and I went to the museum.

It is just the two of them, no other sisters. While it is great that we now know the sister’s name, the meaning of the sentence does not change. 74 more words

Comma Rules

Commas, Essential or Non-Essential Personnel

Commas are called to duty to surround non-restrictive clauses. A non-restrictive clause adds  non-essential information to the sentence, i.e. the meaning of the sentence remains clear if the non-restictive clause is deleted. 66 more words

Comma Rules