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Comma story – Terisa Folaron

Grammar’s great divide: The Oxford comma – TED-Ed 12 more words

Punctuate with Punch

There are all sorts of strategies for punctuation. While formal writing has consistent standards for punctuation, writers struggle with using comma or avoiding them, and with correct placement of quotation marks. 810 more words

Writerly Housekeeping

A Brief Statement on the Comma

The comma, which gives one pause; the comma which does not give one pause; the comma, at which point one pauses; the comma, a cockroach in the corner of the closet after all the clothes are cleaned out and the conversations are forgotten, hollow and cold; the comma that defies erasure, the comma that sticks; the comma that permits addition but sometimes subtracts; the comma a foot soldier, a drone wearily drove, the first key to fade; the comma a banana peal only a curmudgeonly grammarian with scruples would slip on; the comma a red light where turning right on the red without stopping is ok; the commas lined up like cars waiting for the ferry to return to cross over to the islands:

,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,;   .     .       .         .           .            .            


Get up and dance

Sorry everyone… I really don’t mean to be on a crazy “Ellen Degeneres high,” but some things are simply unavoidable.  Today’s The Ellen Show was a re-run featuring a performance by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.   71 more words


Free parking

Today is not a great day.  Now yesterday… yesterday was actually pretty fantastic. But today, well, let’s just say that things felt wrong from the start.   362 more words