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Music helps you to get through the morning commute. It keeps you from getting bored and hopefully even motivate you. It is also therapeutic and influence you emotionally. 162 more words

What are the Rules in Using Punctuation Marks?

Punctuation is the system of symbols that guides the readers while reading any content. In brief, it helps the readers to read the texts in a right manner. 585 more words

English Grammar

Grammar: The comma

Let’s take a moment to talk about that bugger of punctuation, the comma.

Want to look like amateur writer? Misuse commas. Or, like some beginning writers, don’t use them at all. 597 more words

Writing Advice

Lessons Learned #36

This is the last time I’ll be rambling on about commas! I hope I have made things a bit clearer about the comma and you won’t haveĀ a problem conveying what you want properly in a sentence now :) . 712 more words


Lessons Learned #35

So sorry, everyone. I got caught up in filming on Saturday and totally forgot to post my Lessons Learned #35! But here it is :) 728 more words



today’s sky
if not punctuated
by a moon-shaped comma,
would be
a run-on sentence
written in blue ink


NaBloPoMo Day 5


Lessons Learned #34

That crucial comma

Even though the comma is such a tiny thing, it holds enormous power, able to completely change a sentence.

Just before I put my novel ‘Living Like A Vampire’ online on Amazon, I threw it through Grammarly. 637 more words