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The Oxford comma scandal

There’s been outrage in the US that a teacher used the image below to illustrate the importance of using the so-called Oxford comma.

What is an Oxford comma? 250 more words

Commas: Introductory Clauses

A comma is used after an introductory clause or phrase.

So first, you’ll need to know the difference between clauses and phrases. If you don’t know, don’t worry–it’s actually quite easy. 421 more words

Cathleen Townsend

Commas and Independent Clauses

It’s time for more fascinating punctuation. That subtle little comma is possibly the most misused punctuation mark in the English language. That’s really saying something, since English also has  715 more words

Cathleen Townsend

The Comma

This is my piece, Comma, which was published with The Noctua Review


It’s the little hours I like best. In between moments of rest and wake, eyes parch like paper. 76 more words

Flash Fiction

Katrina Robinson reblogged this on Calliope Writing and commented:

Incredible poem about a comma, written by one of my favorite bloggers! Be sure to check out her other stuff.

Early autumn butterflies

After a late spring in 2013 then an early spring in 2014, this more average summer has slipped into autumn without any major surprises. The good year for Holly Blue continues, but I have only seen one male and one female Chalkhill at Bloody Oaks. 113 more words

Rutland Butterfly Atlas


I had have a friend who was an amazing friend. She was my best friend, ok I know I call a lot of people my best friend but this friend was above them all. 953 more words


Thorny Caterpillars

Question mark butterflies lay their eggs in hackberry and elm trees.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to spot these caterpillars on the underside of an elm leaf. 104 more words