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First churchyard butterfly of 2018!

The first Comma butterfly of 2018!

Seen in St George’s churchyard Beckenham on 14 April 2018 as it obligingly posed on a headstone.

Butterflies love churchyards and cemeteries as there’s often plenty of undisturbed wild flowers and long grass for them to feed on. 58 more words

Cemetery Wildlife

18th April 2018

The beautiful and easy to identify Comma butterfly, one of the few UK Butterflies to overwinter as adults, was warming up in today’s sun. The Comma is also… 81 more words

Sheffield Nature

Memories of Squeek

Above we have Squeek practicing to be a comma. She did succeed, and impressed many. She would also sit on command.

And here we have Squeek in one of her many box hideouts. 79 more words


Spring at last?

It finally has begun to feel like Spring is here, possibly even a gallop into almost summer-like temperatures. That means a lot of action in the garden from the birds and the bees. 296 more words


Getting the flutters

Spring came to south Wales on Saturday at approximately 3.30pm and lasted about 4 hours. (It’s supposed to return again next week and stay a few days but, in the constantly changing contemporary climate, it pays not to count your chickens – or, maybe that should be, your rays of sunshine!) Amazingly, as soon as the sun appeared, so too did the butterflies. 69 more words


What is a comma splice, anyway? A quick look at commas, comma splices, and Oxford commas.

Commas are by far my favorite bit of punctuation. They serve so many purposes and can easily fix misunderstandings or be the bane of your existence. 831 more words


Naturelog: 5th April

A bright Sunny day and so a good opportunity to do this week’s invertebrate survey. Finally, there seems to be some movement towards spring and in the garden, I recorded 4 species of Bee including Tree Bumblebee which as far as I can remember I have never seen here before. 206 more words