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The Comma

A Comma Butterfly sitting on the flowering head of some Ivy with its wings closed, showing off the camouflaged underside pattern. The small white mark that can be seen within the brown hues is the reason why this Butterfly gained its unusual name: because the marking looks just like a comma! 42 more words

Creepy Crawlies

Punctuating the Christian Life

Christians, out of all the punctuation in the English language, which is the most exciting?  The exclamation point!  That’s right, and one thing that we look forward to in our lives is EXCITEMENT.   587 more words

Intimacy With God

Last Read Through... maybe.

Up early and on with the final read through of book 3 (Yes, yes I know… the title? I’m getting there). It’s lovely to get to this stage, I get to start thinking about cover designs and release dates. 61 more words


Wild parsnip

There are several sturdy plants of wild parsnip in Ivybridge station carpark. I haven’t seen it on any of my other regular walks.

There were also lots of butterflies enjoying the ragwort, … 67 more words

Bittaford Road

The Butterfly bush

Buddleja davidii is not called the Butterfly bush for nothing.

Running through the town where I live there’s a rail trail – the path of a former railway line that was closed to rail traffic back in the 60s and is now a wonderful walking and cycling trail, lined with trees, shrubs and wildflowers. 74 more words


Dots and Commas

Feeding or resting, a comma butterfly is a convincing imitation of a tatty, autumn leaf…

unless the light happens to be behind its delicate wings. 42 more words