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From 2005-2006 Chinese artist Po Shu Wang created this shapely seven foot sphere. Located between the Texas Tech Student Union building, and the library the piece titled “Comma” contains two knobs that when rung ignite tiny bronze bells within the sculpture. 102 more words

Your punctuation will be your legacy

If truthful when asked, most of us would say we would like to leave our mark on the world somehow. And, why not? Everyone wants to feel who they are and what they do was important enough to be celebrated and remembered. 440 more words

Enigmatic Desires

The gap between deciding to pen down something and actually doing it is often longer than we imagine. How often have you felt like writing but that feeling alone was just not enough to cover the distance between you and your diary? 768 more words


Punctuation is the Best!

Is not a sentence that you will hear many times in your life, if ever again. Most haven’t considered punctuation since grade school when students were instructed about the proper use of a comma and all the rules for quotations and which sorts of things should set apart ideas and when to use a comma and… 217 more words


your average blog

Despite the incredibly original blog name, this shall be your stereotypical blog. I promise to fill it with just as many opinions to disregard, just as many rants to ignore, heck, even just as many cheesy pictures and intros as any other blog on this site. 28 more words

Invitation to Yeonnamdong

If you want to adventure to the new place, but feel like enjoying this bright and breezy day, visit Yeonnamdong (연남동) for a day out. This place, Yeonnamdong, has been popular lately among young students and a pair of couples due to the relatively close location to the Hongdae (홍대). 746 more words