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Dear Comma,

It’s because I’m a poet
that my world
is full of comma splices

I find them in the middle
of ordinary sentences.
They haunt me after “one”s… 133 more words



This is a poem.

This is a, poem. This is,

a good poem. This.


Chicago Style: I'm Not Talking Pizza.

I was a comma neurotic.

neu·rot·ic : often or always fearful or worried about something : tending to worry in a way that is not healthy or reasonable.

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Punctuation is important, use a comma and save lives, LOL

This is a good example on why punctuation is important…

Let’s eat kids  or  Let’s eat, kids.   Use a comma, save lives!  LOL

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My Favorite Punctuation—Today at Least

There are those punctuation marks people always confuse, misuse, and therefore try to generally avoid, e.g. the apostrophe. Many of its uses are indeed archaic, though not all. 262 more words


39. Give an example of how Commas can save lives.

(Question 39 on the Communications Cluster Mid-term – to which I received the following response) …

This comma was walking along a bridge on a cold autumn night when suddenly it heard a large SPLASH! 66 more words