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Grammar police

Slice 171 of 365

My friend Dena is attempting to teach me better grammar for writing my next book. I know, what I would consider, basic grammar. 307 more words

The PERFECT POWERPOINT Presentation for ESL students

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I’m keeping this short and sweet because I know students just want simple answers for their questions. So the question is: 174 more words


Week One

It turns out that butterflies are fussy insects that only really show themselves when the prevailing weather conditions are just right: –

  • They don’t like cold weather – As cold-blooded creatures, they are unable to self-regulate their body temperature, meaning they are rendered flightless if the temperature falls below about 12˚
  • 737 more words

The Oxford Comma: Fight to the Death

Before we can be friends, I need to know one thing…

How do you feel about the Oxford comma? Are you pro-OC or anti-OC?

The answer to this question will put you with me or against me in the ever-consistent Battle of the Oxford Comma, so I really, really have to know. 168 more words