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RETRO REVIEW 2/3: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (Soviet)

Okay, part two of this three-part review for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, this time with the Soviet Union. As the game’s intro showed, Anatoly Cherdenko (played by Tim Curry) used a time machine to erase [ 432 more words


RETRO REVIEW 1/3: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (Allied)

I’ll have to keep this one rather brief, as I have two more campaigns to get through before laying down a final assessment.

Last week I was finally able to finish the Allied campaign for… 585 more words


Steam Summer Sale Ends...Time For Moar Gaems!

So the Steam Summer Sale has ended this past weekend and I got a sweet deal on several games that I bought all for under twenty green. 229 more words


How many mechanics would you like with that, dear player?

The scene is a scruffy bedroom back in 1999 or so and I’m trying to play Final Fantasy VII. The game’s been fair enough so far but a major character died a plot-death and all of a sudden I’m snowboarding. 513 more words


Preview: Act of Aggression Alpha

Disclaimer: This preview is from an Early Access Beta and not representative of the final game. Everything is subject to change.

Real-Time Strategy games are perhaps one of the staples of PC gaming. 861 more words



Some video games are not entirely for entertainments sake. Believe it or not, most games really do help people solve their real-life problems such as financial, family planning, proper education, and even business. 834 more words


Play Command and Conquer in HTML 5 right now!

We came across this while surfing the interwebs and thought you would really enjoy this. Those of you who¬†have spent some time gaming in the mid-1990’s will dig this. 182 more words