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Some video games are not entirely for entertainments sake. Believe it or not, most games really do help people solve their real-life problems such as financial, family planning, proper education, and even business. 834 more words


Play Command and Conquer in HTML 5 right now!

We came across this while surfing the interwebs and thought you would really enjoy this. Those of you who have spent some time gaming in the mid-1990’s will dig this. 182 more words


Ex-'C&C' developer's 'Grey Goo' Gets a Release Date

Developer Pretroglyph – composed of veterans whom have previously worked on the famous Command and Conquer franchise or Star Wars: Empire at Warhas just announced… 162 more words


Warcraft: Orcs and Humans - DABU!

1994 was a different time for the now mega-developer Blizzard Entertainment, a simpler time, before Activition exploded onto the scene, taking Blizzard’s soul with it. As the developer’s first outing into the strategy genre, … 575 more words


GDI Research Priority

Assume that you already know how to farm for research points and such, but still not sure which research you should go for first. Here’s what I do for my account. 1,529 more words

Game Guide

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliance

The title of the game sound familiar. It’s the web browser based version of the famous franchise Command and Conquer. The story take settings of the lately released CnC PC games, as the title suggest, it revolves around Tiberium; an alien substance that ‘infect’ the earth. 441 more words


Vladimir Putin: What game is he playing?

“Is Putin Going for a Civ style Conquest Victory?” Or “International Politics is a Strategy game played by noobs.”

The question has raged in my mind lately, and as a gamer I think its fair to ask: What is Vladimir Putin’s goals with Ukraine? 272 more words