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Problem fixed: Red Alert 2 on Windows 10

It’s finally Christmas break! You probably wanted to play classic games like Red Alert 2. However, you encounter problems with your current operating system. You probably see a black screen when you open Red Alert 2, or the game hangs after a few minutes of playing, or your base explodes before building your third structure… Been there! 192 more words

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Level designer popcorn

Rejoice, children of Nod! Small excursion into level design for an RTS game, in this case Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars / Kane’s Wrath. An old game by now, but still has a few tricks up its sleeve such as the rather gorgeous volumetric light ray effect that lends the game world a feeling of depth and mystery. 112 more words

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Fantasy Tanks Analysed: Mammoth Tank MkI

Red Alert is another one of those cult game series that I have never played or experienced. Much like Pokemon or Zelda, it seems that Red Alert in many ways defined the RTS genre. 1,726 more words