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How to turn on/off AX VM through Powershell

First, you need to install Azure PowerShell

Go to the Azure Downloads page and click the link to install the Azure PowerShell cmdlets.

Step 1: Get-AzureVM to find out all your VMs hosted on Azure. 116 more words


editing flac files from the command line

specifically truncating flac files, you can trim off the front of the file with

 flac --skip=0:45 file.flac -o file-short.flac 

or trim off the back with… 8 more words

Create a database in command line

If you want to create a database from CMD, first of all you must install XAMPP.

Download XAMPP from here. All you need from this program is the apache server and MySQL server. 116 more words


Weave as a Docker extension

For some time there has been talk of extending Docker. Lately we have been seeing some projects born of this ongoing conversation; for example you may have seen… 681 more words


XenAPP 6.x Servers removed from farm still showing up in Delivery Console

Unable to remove a XenAPP 6.x server from the farm.  The server still shows up in the delivery console.  The elegant way of removing it gracefully was not possible because it was a Citrix Provisioned server. 45 more words


Using Docker Machine with Weave 0.10

In this post I’d like to show how quickly one can get up-and-running using Weave with Docker Machine. This was made possible with our latest… 430 more words

NetScaler Commands - Add a service via CLI

NetScaler web based administration portal is one of the most irritating pieces of UX that I have ever worked on. A lot of the times, Java doesn’t work until you start changing various settings within the Java control panel and your IE advanced tab settings. 194 more words