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for looping in a folder and concatenate files through terminal

for r in *.txt
> do
> cat “$r” >>bigfile.txt
> done

You need to be in the working folder and the *.txt is to read file from the working folder.

Parmit Kumar Singh


Launch Sublime Text 3 from the Terminal on your Mac

Eureka! I have been searching for a way to launch Sublime Text 3 from the terminal on my Mac (OS X version 10.10.4) for the longest time and finally found a solution today. 157 more words

Sublime Text

How to create cursor in mysql

This Video will show you how to create cursor in MySQL.


Octavia's Brood

Have you read Octavia’s Brood yet? If not, you should. It’s “An anthology of visionary science fiction and speculative fiction written by organizers and activists.” 375 more words

Learn To Code

Searching using the command line 

Something that you may have to do occasionally is find a file on your computer but you don’t know or can’t remember where it is. Lucky there is a command that solves this, actually there are more than one command some have more specific purposes than others but the following command is enough to get you started. 179 more words


Need to learn the command line?

Codecademy.org has a new tutorial to help you do just that! I have not gone through this tutorial, but I went through their Python tutorial, and it helped me out a lot when I first started teaching myself the language. 16 more words

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