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Odd things happen when you code. At first, it’s excessively confusing. When you’ve been working on a specific program for a while, as we have been with the command line (git happens in the command line!), I’ve noticed it takes me a little while to readapt to another language (in this case, Ruby). 496 more words

Command Line

Ubuntu: Upgrade to Normal Release from LTS (Long Term Support)

First make sure you have the latest update manager for your release:

% sudo apt-get install update-manager

Second, change the ‘Prompt’ variable in the following file: 165 more words

Command Line


It is a tool, the use of which must be learned.

Command-line and graphical editor challenging Nano, Pico, and Emacs used mainly for scripting by developers…

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  • Command-line music player
  • Played like a radio by wide variety of genres
  • Registration for likes and playlists

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How to Remove files and directories via Linux command line

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim.. Hi guys, I’m newbie on linux. I use Ubuntu 15.10 now, and today I wanna share a litle knowledge about how to remove files and directories via Linux command line. 61 more words

Search for last command of type...

If you need to find a previous command of a specific type e.g. mount

history | grep -i mount


inxi weather

inxi, very versatile script to get various hardware and software data, have also interesting option -w which display local weather data:
Weather: Conditions: 36 F (2 C) - Clear Time: February 4, 8:15 PM CET… 102 more words