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Installing DMG package from CLI

Today, I’m going to show you some tips and tricks on using the command line interface to install software.

Before we begin, I’m assuming you have hundreds and thousands of computers you manage at work and assuming you have SSH enabled on the clients. 245 more words

Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian: Running Python from the command line

In this tutorial we will check how to print a very simple “Hello World” message with Python running on the command line, on the Raspberry Pi.  446 more words


Stop asking your students to write command line UIs

How often have you used a UI like this?

| 1. List files            |
| 2. Show the current time |
| 3. Show Top              |
| 4. 302 more words

Renaming remote Windows computer using the command line

Whether you need to rename a local or remote Windows computer, you can perform that task in multiple ways. We all know how to do that using the GUI. 327 more words


To convert several png files to 1-bit bitmap

When there are several PNG files in a directory, then you can use the following command to convert to 1-bit bitmap files.

for pngfile in *.png 
convert $pngfile -resize x16 -flip -depth 1 -type bilevel BMP3:${pngfile%%png}bmp 
done… 7 more words

Setting Up a JMeter Test

Configuring the number of users

When a Thread Group is selected, the right panel will give you user configuration options. These options are:


Launch servers in separate windows with powershell


Recently I have been spending my free time building an Angular5, node.js web application. While I have enjoyed working with these tools, spinning up the node.js server and the angular cli server in seperate windows usually involves a few mintues of copy pasting. 148 more words