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Working with command line arguments in Crystal

Being a compiled language, Crystal is great for creating command line tools. But what’s a command line tool without options? Well, that’s where command line arguments come in. 606 more words

Dictionary Reader in Node.js

Exciting update: I am currently in the immersive program for Viking Code School!

If has been some months since my last post here. In that time, I continued with the Viking prep work, but decided to hold off on making further posts to save time while I was working and traveling alongside my preparation. 452 more words

Viking Code School

Prevent Apps from Running in the Background on Android [QuickFix]

Android has a hidden setting you didn’t know about.

You can prevent any app from running in the background, but you need to connect your phone to a computer to enable it. 149 more words


Build a Parallel Replicat from #Oracle #GoldenGate #AdminClient

One of the new features that came out with Oracle GoldenGate was the introduction of the Parallel Replicat. This new replicat is designed to help users quickly load data into their envrionments by using multiple parallel mappers and threads. 527 more words

Golden Gate

Panoptes CLI 1.0, a command-line interface for managing projects

Following on from the release of Panoptes Client 1.0 for Python, we’ve just released version 1.0 of the Panoptes CLI. This is a command-line client for managing your projects, because some things are just easier in a terminal! 168 more words


Disable touchpad while typing in Lubuntu 16.04

Program syndaemon monitors keyboard activity and disables the touchpad when the keyboard is used.

syndaemon -i 2 -d 

Where the number after -i is how many seconds the touchpad is disabled after a key is pressed and -d is for syndaemon to continue runnning in background. 12 more words


dls, dgrep, dzip: z/OS and Unix Unite!

A little while back, I talked about mvscmd, which lets me run MVS programs from the z/OS USS environment (the UNIX shell).

I’ve since written a few utilities that make it easier to work with datasets for basic day to day operations. 1,255 more words