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How To Obtain System Information On Windows 10 Pro

  • Right click on start menu and select Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • While PowerShell is opened, create a folder in Documents, name it something like WinInfo
  • Back to PowerShell; type:
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Keyboarding and the Command Line

My first experience with computers was with the TRS-80 Model I, when I was in junior high, in 1984. Back in those days, familiarity with the keyboard was a must, when GUIs were an unknown beast, and knowing the commands to make your computer do what you want it to do was considered elitist. 586 more words


A Primer on TCPDump

tcpdump is a great utility for debugging network applications and profiling them. It’s near universal – some tcpdump variant exists on every platform. You can even run tcpdump on some higher end switches and routers. 759 more words


Linux Command - sudo apt-get

As a newbie to Linux, I do need to search in the Internet for the command lines to be executed whenever I wanted to do something in the Ubuntu’s environment. 385 more words

Experience Sharing

Tutorial series: How to issue, import, enroll certificates, with or without private key

The procedure for issuing certificates differs depending on the following factors:

  • Is an approval needed?
  • Is the private key needed?
  • Will the certificate be enrolled locally or on another computer?
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So, you set an environmental variable called PATH in your .bashrc.

This gives you goodies like tab completion of the name and not needing to type in the full path for a program. 35 more words

How to remove ESXi coredump files

Hello people,

After long time a small guide but really useful for this operation. I had a thought to make an article for this because mostly I wanted to share it with my colleagues but if other people find it useful will be perfect :) 158 more words