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Upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update via command line automation

Windows version 1703, known as the Creators Update, has been out since March of this year (that’s how they number the release by the way, year/month). 679 more words


Amiga Shell Hacks

Thomas Richter, big Amiga.org forum contributor, has a good thread over at amiga.org about using the Amiga Shell.  His posts are sprinkled about the thread, surrounded by comments. 25 more words



The first day of class was great!  Class started with introductions from the team and instructors and then all of the students.  Everyone on the team seems to genuinely care about our success and that’s a great feeling.   221 more words

Remote tail

You might have wondered why I felt the urge to specify “local” in the title of last post. Well, fast forward a few days since then, for a similar set of tests I also needed to check a log file on a remote Linux machine – that is, I needed some kind of remote tail. 411 more words


Wild Conjecture: long-term robotics and immortality in general

I’ve been problem solving since I was little. That’s what I called it, for lack of a better word. Dreaming up some weird new thing in my head and then figuring out how it would actually work, allowing for this or that complication, what materials it would be constructed from, how much it would weigh and how the design would impact or hamper movement, various construction complexities, so on and so forth. 3,423 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

Tools Used for Windows Registry Analysis

An assortment of third-party utilities come in handy when analyzing registry contents, many of which provide unique kinds of functionality. Reg Ripper, an open source tool developed in Perl, allows the FE to parse registry information at a granular level. 256 more words