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Shortcut for finding out OpenSuse / SUSE Linux version

The command is:

$cat /etc/SuSE-release

Sample output:

openSUSE 11.2 (x86_64)
VERSION = 11.2

Command Line

Part 2: Basics of the Windows Command Line

  • When cmd is opened up, the current directory(folder) in which you are working is displayed followed by a ‘>’ prompt.

  • -> After the ‘>’ prompt, commands can be typed and executed.
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Part 1: Basics of the Windows Command Line

You must have heard of “cmd”, the thing which the people open, type some silly commands and pose themselves as great ethical hackers. 93 more words


A Linux-like shell on Windows

For better or worse, we do lots of text file manipulation in eDiscovery, like Jon’s one-line repeating content detector. A *nix-style shell is frequently the best tool for the job, having been born of a philosophy of many… 509 more words


ASM Create Diskgroup On Commandline..Or.."When The Gui Doesn't GUI..."

One day I needed a new database on a separate diskgroup, but of course something had to bug out on me..This time it was the GUI of ASM (ASM Configuration Assistant a.k.a.: … 274 more words


Is GPG Hanging When Generating a Key?

📅 July 1, 2015
Does GPG or GPG2 seem to hang in your terminal when generating or modifying a key?

GPG used to function perfectly, and it still does in Windows, but there seems to be some form of glitch when generating keys in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Xubuntu that causes GPG to never complete the key generation process because GPG is waiting for entropy. 616 more words