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Mastering Bash and Terminal

@tachyeonz : If there is one tool that every developer uses regardless of language, platform, or framework it’s the terminal.

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[Git] - How to remove the remote and local branch by commands line?

The following is the command to remove the remote branch

$ git push origin –delete <branch_name>

The following is the command to remove the local branch…

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Command Line

At The Command Line

So I worked on this initially as something for my technical presentation/communications class, one of three I did last semester.

The primary focus in those classes is building up a rough sense of how to do what gets called “business writing,” such as proposals, business blogs, letters, presentations, formal emails, and other similar work. 1,229 more words


Set static IP Ubuntu 16.04

Changing Ubuntu Server from DHCP to Static IP Address (Ubuntu Server 16.04 TLS)

Recently, created a couple of LAMP stacks with Ubuntu 16.04 and needed to issue a Static IP so that it could be NAT’d as a web server. 154 more words

Command Line

Kill screen identified by name

Linux (Debian). Kill all instances of the screen identified by the screen_name using the following command:

sudo screen -X thttp quit | grep screen_name | awk '{print $1}' | cut -d. 7 more words

Command Line

Open Windows Explorer from Command Prompt

In order to open the current working directory of command prompt, in Windows Explorer, just type

start .

Similarly, if you directly want to open the previous/parent directory then, just hit the following: –

start ..


Getting Started with vSphere's Datacenter Command-Line Interface

Getting Started with vSphere’s Datacenter Command-Line Interface

Getting Started with vSphere’s Datacenter…

Datacenter Command-Line Interface (DCLI) is one of vSphere’s newest CLIs. DCLI works exclusively with the vSphere Automation API (REST API for vSphere) to provide both an interactive and scriptable mode to monitor and manage all features made available to the REST based API.

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