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Terminal Command of the Month: Two OSX Calculators

Ever find yourself in need of two OSX calculators at the same time?

First, open an initial Calculator App via spotlight or the Finder window.   Next, fire up the terminal and type: 17 more words


grep bits

1. Explanation of grep “hanging” behavior (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/1149):

"If no files are specified on the command line, grep reads standard input. To further illustrate standard input let's try one more example:

$ grep foo

When you run that, grep appears to “hang” waiting for something. 129 more words

Java Shell

Force Garbage Collection
Since JDK 7 you can use the JDK command tool ‘jcmd’ such as:

jcmd <pid> GC.run

PragmataPro 0.824

More ligatures and compatibility!

  • all weights: Ligatures are now Contextual Alternates OpenType features to obtain more compatibility with the most part of Text Editors

  • all weights: added these important ligatures for Scala programming:

  • 126 more words

What does Brexit mean?

The first thing that Teresa May wanted to make clear on becoming the Prime Minister of the UK, was that “Brexit means Brexit”. (e.g. Link to video… 284 more words


Using netsh WLAN show interfaces to Monitor Association/Roaming

In April, John Cosgrove (@rtr_man) posted the following way to monitor your WLAN association statistics that I have been using and playing with since:

Once you paste from :loop to goto loop into notepad and save as a .bat file, you will see this little icon: 676 more words