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Mencari file

Cara cepat mencari file dan folder di Linux menggunakan command line.

Mencari semua file yang namanya mengandung kata buku:

find . | grep -i "buku"
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Menghitung jumlah file dan folder

Dengan kombinasi tertentu, perintah ls di Linux bisa digunakan untuk menampilkan nama file dan folder dengan pola tertentu serta menghitung jumlahnya. Begini caranya.

Menampilkan file dan folder yang mengandung kata tertentu… 172 more words


How to install Genymotion on Arch Linux

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog last since I’ve been quite busy on a project I’ve been working on so yes expect this blog to be inconsistent. 136 more words


What is Android Debug Bridge or ADB ?

An ADB is a command line tool which can be used to communicate with Emulator or Android Devices.

When your development machine needs to communicate with an Android Device it does so using ADB. 67 more words

Android App Development

Parsing Arrays From The Command Line in Go

I’ve been working through some exercises on HackerRank using Go to get some practice. One of the things I frequently find myself doing in these challenges is parsing a list of things from the command line, formatted like this: 387 more words


5 useful Linux shell applications you may have never seen

Few weeks ago I’ve posted Linux command line utilities list trying to make shell jobs faster. But also there is a vast choice of entertainment applications. 282 more words