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Command Line: how to update ubuntu, check disk free, free ram, linux, etc.

how to update ubuntu and install stuff using APT – advanced package tool
how to upgrade:

sudo apt-get update

how to install:
apt-get install programName… 109 more words

Command Line

Command Line. Tar, Sed, Awk, Grep, Find,

today i learnt how to
use tar to compress into an archive:
tar -caf nameOfArchive.tar file1 file2 fileN

to extract:
tar -xf nameOfArchive.tar -C folder… 137 more words

Command Line

Web Development Basics

This is an overview of the Web Development Basics mini-course of Viking Code School’s prep work. This first mini-course started with a series of introductory lessons that went over what a web developer is and what they do. 4,404 more words

Viking Code School

Bandit Level 1 -> Level 3

Level 1 -> Level 2

Level 1 -> Level 2 is much the same as Level 0 -> Level 1 but this time the file containing the password is simply named ‘-‘, if you try to cat the file now nothing happens… 181 more words


Bandit Level 0 -> Level 1

The first level of Bandit, Level 0, is incredibly simple. You use the ssh command to connect to the game server. ssh stands for ‘secure shell’ and allows a user to connect securely to an ssh server. 336 more words


Over The Wire - Bandit

In my quest for computing knowledge I stumbled across a recommendation, probably on /r/howtohack, to check out Over the Wire’s Wargames. Wargames being a set of challenges that require you to complete various computing and security tasks to then progress to the next level. 96 more words


[DevOps] - How to solve DNS issues? How to use Google Public DNS?

Your default DNS is that of the access provider, but you can change this if there is a problem in the DNS of the provider and use a public DNS. 48 more words

Command Line