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STEVE COLL: Warren Weinstein and the Long Drone War

New Yorker: As President and Commander-in-Chief, I take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations,” President Obama said in a press conference at the White House on Thursday. 167 more words


"Leading Around The Campfire": Walker Points To Boy Scouts As Preparation For The White House

Just a month ago, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was asked how he’d confront terrorist threats as president. The Republican governor quickly turned to his political fights against union members in his home state. 675 more words


Republicans Make Clowns of Themselves...Again

Obama: ‘I’m Embarrassed’ For Republicans Who Sent Letter To Iran

I really enjoyed Obama’s response to the Republicans who decided to put their names on a letter to Iran.   185 more words


Charles C.W. Cooke: Progressives, Its Time to Start Panicking: THERE IS NO PLAN B

Once we take Hillary out of the equation, the game looks rather different. As potent as it might be on paper, the Democratic party’s present edge within the Electoral College is by no means infinite, and it does not obtain in a personality vacuum… 612 more words

Gov. Bobby Jindal at CPAC: Obama 'has disqualified himself' from being commander in chief

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took the stage at CPAC Thursday afternoon with a three-point speech, the first two being Obamacare and Common Core State Standards, both of which he said should be repealed. 458 more words

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