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From the Battlefield to the Oval Office: Honoring Our Commanders-in-Chief

The United States of America have been governed by 45 presidents, with the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump this past January. Our presidents come from a variety of backgrounds with some being governors, vice presidents, and others with no previous elected office experience. 835 more words

The South Asian Divergence

Wilkinson, Steven. Army and Nation: The Military and Indian Democracy Since Independence. Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2015. 295 pp.

It is not often that a senior government official publicly recommends a book by an academic, especially if the former is in the Pakistani military and the latter at an American university. 1,641 more words


If My Dog Were President...

If my dog were President…

He would require mandatory naps between 10am and 5pm.

He would require his chief of staff to put a blanket in every room in the Oval Office. 472 more words

Al Qaeda Agrees with the World: Trump is a Fool

For those of you who may not be aware, one week and two days ago, American special forces executed a raid on an Al Qaeda compound in Yemen. 387 more words


Under the radar of the rattle
flying below
no warning; no bite
slithering against the law
ass low; live rounds
marine on his belly… 46 more words


Where Were You When?

It is said that individuals recollect certain historical events by recalling what they were undertaking on hearing of or witnessing that particular event. For instance, it is said that everyone can remember what they were doing when news was broadcast of US President John F Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. 743 more words


Will The True Commander in Chief Stand Up?

Today is a historical day. Today in our Nation’s Capital a new President will be inaugurated. I don’t care who you vote for if you are an American citizen the pomp and circumstance is amazing. 1,063 more words