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#OTD in 1971 – Death of Richard Mulcahy.

Richard James Mulcahy was born on the 10th May 1886 and died on 16th December 1971.

An iconic figure in Irish History, he was an Irish politician, army general and commander in chief, leader of Fine Gael and Cabinet Minister. 380 more words

Irish History

game day!

Cuppycake and I  are proud supporters of College football.

Long ago it was a common interest  we discovered we shared.  It is proven that, statistically, married couples who share a past-time together or engage in common interests have a higher probability of maintaining a healthy, long-standing union. 465 more words


New Commander In Chief?!

The current Commander in Chief is SomeMan1. Sadly he has reached his time and must be executed to maintain secrecy. By order of SomeMan1, the new Commander in Chief will be ClumsyG. 30 more words


Trump Card

A lot of men are in the news because of their indiscretions.  And what do they have in common?  They’re all powerful white men.  They’ve allowed their penises and their bloated egos to govern their actions and now it seems that bill is due!  245 more words

I Did Not "Specifically Authorize" Donald Trump To Be My Commander-In-Chief, And Yet...

So Trump says he did not “specifically authorize” the mission in Niger in which four U.S. soldiers were recently killed.

That’s swell.  Our dear leader will not be questioned, or blamed, for anything.  76 more words

From the Mind of a Progressive: It's Time to be Frightened

by Gary Thompson

Are you frightened yet? I am. And, I know things are going to get even more frightening before they get better.

If you aren’t frightened, you certainly should be. 581 more words


The Dangerous Sophistry of Steve Bannon

W.J. Astore

After Republican Bob Corker had the guts to criticize President Trump for his bellicose rhetoric and incompetent management of U.S. foreign policy, Steve Bannon issued the following… 229 more words

US Politics