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Commander Keen Chess

I’ve done these illustrations years ago to help out my brother, who was participating in a competition where you needed to collect a bunch of weird and random objects. 63 more words

Art & Photography

Virge, I choose you!

I finally found a use for the Virge DX. I honestly thought I would never actually use it, outside of benchmarking. But no, there’s a real reason to put it in the PC now: it’s the only graphics card I have which doesn’t create jerky scrolling in Commander Keen. 540 more words

Monster Basher

So, it’s the 80’s, and you envied all those console owners with their fancy smooth scrolling platformers. Well then, Carmack has got you covered. Commander Keen arrived and showed the world that you could do smooth scrolling on PC as well, becoming an instant sensation! 401 more words

My Favourite DOS Games

A few weeks ago I watched a friend of mine play Wonder Boy on a Sega emulator.  He hadn’t set it up to be able to save and since he was getting close to the end and couldn’t save… he had to play the whole thing through in one afternoon.   393 more words


3D Realms is back!

Despite my general preferences for games I grew up with, I like to think I’m relatively capable of separating out the Then and Now for assessing a game’s quality. 533 more words

Video Games

Steam Library Challenge - Reviews

Week 2 (28/04 – 04/05)

Genre: Puzzle/Rhythm – Released: 15th Feb 2008

This is one of the first games to allow you to use your own music, and have a level automatically generated; taking the rhythm based games in a different direction to the popular guitar hero and rock band series. 979 more words


Commander Keen Complete Pack

Commander Keen Complete Pack

Developed by id Software

Let’s go back to a time when id Software wasn’t just a company known for making shooters. Commander Keen was id Software’s first break out series and it was a difficult series of action platformers in the prime of DOS gaming. 873 more words

Steam Challenge