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Weekly Roundup

Usually on Saturdays I post about my weight journey, but this Saturday I just couldn’t deal with life. Even today was touch and go. This week has been pretty draining and I’m not entirely sure next week is looking any better. 1,011 more words



Auf einem meiner Einschlafsender lief gestern ein Bericht über die Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien. Quasi die offizielle Zensurbehörde der Bundesrepublik. Und was die so alles auf den Index gesetzt haben, und mit welchen abstrusen Begründungen. 377 more words

Keen Dreams

Long heralded as the “lost episode” of classic platformer Commander Keen, Keen Dreams sees Billy Blaze confront his greatest nightmare: the vegetables he didn’t eat for dinner. 25 more words


The Science of Happiness: An Interview with Tom Hall - Part 2 of 2

Tom Hall reveals how Super Mario led him and his friends at Softdisk into the promised land of crafting hit games. 2,871 more words


Bigger in Texas: An Interview with Scott Miller, Part 2

Miller goes into more detail on how he applied the shareware model of software to PC games, how he handled developers who scoffed at the notion that shareware products earned big money, and more. 2,543 more words