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Giant Monsters, Immense Synergies, and Explosive Combos: An Introduction to Elder Dragon Highlander/Commander.

Playing against one other person in Magic: the Gathering is a lot of fun. Sometimes, however, you just want to get with friends and play casually (or maybe you don’t, I know I do). 2,219 more words

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The Command Tower: Darreti's Scrapyard

Hello again my friends, the universe is about to drop some more knowledge on you. I have here a deck that can produce a hundred tokens, has an infinite damage combo, AND even a fairly sturdy Time Walk combo. 800 more words



Our second event: Commander. I know many people love this format, so I’m hoping for a big turnout. I like that it encourages multiplayer gameplay, it’s easy to get everyone involved. 106 more words

Command and Conquer!

Welcome back to another post on this here blog! Today I thought I’d write a little about probably the most widely known alternate play style of Magic – Commander! 565 more words


The Command Tower: Hapatra's $100 Army

Hello ladies and gents, I am the Kosmos. Yes, yes, I know. It’s a big deal for the universe to bring his blessings upon you. Well today I’m here to bless you all with a brand new, super cheap, super fun commander deck that you can use to beat your friends with. 558 more words


The Command Tower: Mathas, Fiend Seeker

Today I’m starting a new article series calle ‘The Command Tower’ and it will be an ongoing series discussing different decks I’ve built in a unique way. 854 more words


Personality Test - Who Am I?

Picture the scene, the office environment – the sound of buzzing keys bouncing off the keyboard, chatter in every corner and the drone of the phone ringing throughout the halls. 557 more words