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The end of WWII for 3 Commando Brigade

On the 6th of August 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and three days later another was dropped on Nagasaki. 629 more words


Donovan's Devils

Title:                      Donovan’s Devils

Author:                 Albert Lulushi

Lulushi, Albert (2016). Donovan’s Devils: OSS Commandos Behind Enemy Lines: Europe, World War II. New York: Arcade Publishing… 237 more words

World War II

한미연합 특공대 / US and Korean Commandos

2017년 1월 9일 월요일

한미연합 특공대

한국과 미국의 특수부대가 연합한다. 그들의 계획은 한국 전쟁이 발생될 시 북한을 저지하는 것이다. 미국의 그들의 전면적 군사력을 동원해 북한의 도발로부터 한국을 방어할 것이다.

They Call Me "Mouse"

I sit in a room without windows in front of a computer connected to a satellite and the things I see you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes I can’t believe. 545 more words


Raid on St. Nazaire

This solitaire wargame by Avalon Hill has been on my radar and ‘wants’ list for some time.

Throughout autumn, I had another overhaul of the games collection – a serious ‘purge’ of the stuff I’ve never really played to full potential, and/or are unlikely to ever change that. 102 more words

Tomgram | Nick Turse, Special Ops, Shadow Wars, and the Golden Age of the Gray Zone

Thanks to that permanent war across the Greater Middle East and later Africa, a secretive second military of startling proportions would essentially be fostered inside the existing U.S. 874 more words


Arachnicide (2014)


What we’ve got here is your basic soldiers vs. giant spiders movie, with lots and lots and lots of digital spiders, plenty of splattering blood and bug guts, and ammo that only runs out when the plot needs it. 169 more words

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