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Seeing is Believing!

Haven’t heard about this on the nightly news.  Hm, wonder why not….


ISIS claims car bomb attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

It is estimated that there are three dead, 2 security guards and 1 civilian, following a suicide car detonation and gun attack using rocket propelled grenades. 119 more words

WWII Film Review - Where Eagles Dare (1968)

No real plot spoilers ahead. Here is simply a rollicking classic shoot ‘em up war flick with all the ingredients to make us cheer, groan and howl with delight. 812 more words


Otto Skorzeny - Supervillain Extraordinaire

I spent a decent chunk of November playing Avalon Hill’s the Battle of Bulge (which you can read about at Castalia House). One of the neat little things about the game was that it included pieces and rules for… 751 more words

The Guns of Brannigan's Blackhearts (So Far)

Realized that I could have done this for Fury in the Gulf, but didn’t.  So, with the release of Burmese Crossfire now less than two weeks away, here’s a little gratuitous gun porn covering both of the first two novels in the… 229 more words

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