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H&M oversized tee

H&M Twill Zip Joggers (Fear of God style)

CDG X Converse high tops

Tateossian Bracelet


A Fornasetti Moment

Dior’s autumn/winter 2016 window at ION Orchard. Photo: Galerie Gombak

Lips are in. Rows and columns of them. Redden, scarlet with a hint of sensuality, non-speaking, they’re here. 741 more words


Comme des Garçons by Comme des Garçons

It’s remarkably difficult as a reviewer to not only find new and worthy scents, but also approaching new angles within these reviews. It is easy to report to blog readers and offer a running commentary of how a perfume smells at each stage, but it is a newfound difficulty when the non-perfumed elements of a perfume are to be discussed: the philosophical and waxy artistic underpinnings of a carefully constructed fragrance that makes it worthy of study in its own right. 609 more words


Comme des Garcons „Black”

Perfumers need guidance. They need someone who would objectively verify their work, verify their following tries and who would get them on the right track by doing so. 741 more words



Unisex perfumes are having a moment. They may never catch on in mainstream fragrance, but over in the niche market (i.e. generally more adventurous perfume with limited distribution) unisex is the de facto marketing strategy. 554 more words

By Vince