Signature Items.

I once read somewhere that your signature item is a gift you give yourself and I whole heartedly agree. Such pieces are the manifestations of an individuals personal style and everyday customs. 566 more words

Fashion's Beloved Wallet, Made A Bit More Exclusive

With thirty-two different lines and multiple concept stores across the globe, Japanese label Comme des Garçons is more akin to an empire than a brand. As well as their avant-garde runway collections, their affordable line of wallets have garnered an obsessively devoted following and especially when they’re part of limited edition collaborations like this 100% cowhide one. 60 more words


Burberry's Former Flagship Headquarters New Temporary Home For Squatters

Fifteen squatters set up living quarters in the ornate Grade II commercial property, the former headquarters of British luxury fashion house Burberry at 18-21 Haymarket. The millennials claim the government is neglecting the country’s “fit and able” workers, … 648 more words


Most (un)suitable perfume for summer

We all know that creating a perfume is not an easy job. First you have to come up with an idea that would appeal to a potential customer. 588 more words

Perfume Review