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High school days

Traditionally, a high school reunion is an opportunity to brag to your former nose-picking, homework-copying friends about how much of a successful adult you’ve become. “Well, as company director it’s a tough life eating caviar on board my private helicopter” “Obviously, all my children learned to speak Chinese before the age of five, can […]

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Boosting your brain power

By Laura Tong on Write to Done site: Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

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5 Podcasts for Millennials

Podcasts saved my life. Seriously. I used to spend hours looking on YouTube trying to find the “perfect video” to put on in the background while I “get things done”. 432 more words

बायको.. तुझा माझ्यावर Love नाय काय..!!

बायको..  तुझा माझ्यावर Love नाय काय.. नाय काय..

डोळे बघ माझे किती गोल गोल.. गोल गोल..

प्रेम बघ त्याच्यात किती खोल खोल.. खोल खोल..

खोलवर एकदा पोहून बघ..  48 more words

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