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Title : My Protectively, Oppa!!
Author : @Ddiena_layna / Jung Nana
Main Cast : Lee Seyeon (Oc), Lee Donghae (Suju)
Other Cast : Oh Sehun (Exo), Zhang Yixing as Lay (Exo), Jung Nana (Oc), Lee Gikwang (Beast) 8,269 more words


Kenyan comedian tells Nigerian Musicians to stop using Kikuyu's names in their songs (Video)

Kenya Musician and now a comedian Nelmo tell off Nigerians from using Kikuyu’s names in their songs, watch the video below to get the hilarious message to Nigerians.

[Drable] Like Crazy

Cast: Kwon Yuri, Choi Siwon, Choi Sooyoung
Genre: Drama, Family, Commedy
Length: Drable
Rating: G

Sebuah daun pintu dibanting keras-keras oleh lelaki tampan yang sangat terkenal di kalangan anak kuda. 17 more words


Two ways of shooting aTV series

As I was looking at last year’s Emmy Awards I became aware of this important difference – so much so that the awards for cinematography, editing and other sides of TV series come in two categories: the cheaper, more theatre-like multi camera series and the more expensive, polished, cinema-like single camera ones. 14 more words

Film And TV

Destroying Stereotypes Joke by Joke

As i have mentioned in the previous article, in recent years Indian origin people are entering in to diverse sectors. They are now many prominent financial experts, lawyers, politicians, media persons, doctors, entrepreneurs etc. 2,060 more words