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3 Situations You'll Likely Face as a Walker + How to Handle Them

This is worth reading as a city slicker, a campus cutie, or any other scenario in which you may be passing direction with another human. I think you will find it useful and most importantly, entertaining! 765 more words


Stupid News – 06/02/15

Starting off today with California and the trouble they are having out there SELLINGS POOLS. Since the state is facing the biggest drought in recent history, the pool industry had to get creative with how to sell them. 500 more words


Motivation City With Shia LaBeouf

All you young kids out there watch and learn. Shia LaBeouf is in the building throwing inspirational haymakers at your FACE.

Real talk. If this doesn’t get you up and at ’em, nothing will. 15 more words


Stupid News – 05/28/15

Kicking things off today with 2 ladies and a fight over a LAST RIB. As a fat man, I get it. You got your eye on the last bit of goodness and someone takes it? 509 more words


Stupid News – 05/19/15

This morning, let’s start off with a stupid news fun fact! Apparently, going straight up Godzilla and driving your truck through your own LIVING ROOM? Not a crime. 717 more words


It's Harder to Be the Straight Man

I would hate to be:

•  Harvey Korman playing opposite Tim Conway;
•  Bud Abbott playing opposite Lou Costello;
•  Dean Martin playing opposite… 49 more words

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